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Kuwait - Mr Khamenei shed misguidance, enter Makkah repentantly, in peace

(MENAFN - Arab Times)
Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

FORMER Iranian president Mohammad
Khatami said he does not expect the current regime to continue until the next
parliamentary election, which will be held in 10 months, due to the internal

This statement is about reality,
not a dream or illusion, considering his opposition to the incumbent authority.
Based on this, we the Khaleejis, being close neighbors of Iran, ought to
frankly speak and disclose everything we feel to its leadership.

O supreme leader Ali Khamenei, I
am a citizen of the Gulf region who supported your revolution in 1979, assuming
it was a populist revolution on the oppressive regime or as the matter was
portrayed to the world by Iranians.

We saw a new start which could be
built on rhetoric you adopted on the brotherhood in Islam and principles of
good neighborhood. At the time, no country in the region doubted good relations
based on peace and stability between us.

However, the first surprise came
in your constitution which incorporated the principle of 'Imamate' Islamic
State that starts with the occupation of Gulf countries under the theme
'Imamate' and the guardianship of Islamic jurist commonly known as 'exporting

The second surprise was through
the State creed under the tag of a single creed. Perhaps, it is an internal
issue and no one from outside should interfere, but not when it transforms to
instigate creedal and sectarian tensions in the Arab and Muslim world.

It was necessary to pause for a
long time on this matter, especially when such creedal position started
interfering in Bahrain, the eastern part of Saudi Arabia and Iraq. As per your
creedal perspective, such areas are occupied and must be liberated.

Before the Khomeni revolution,
there was no division in the Muslim world between a Sunni and a Shia. In fact,
these creeds do not exist in the frame of worshipping. If this view existed
among Muslims, they would have exploited it in standing up to the regime of
Shah which was a Shia. They would have also created major hostility towards it.

Nonetheless, the concept of
Muslim unity as per the nature of diversity and tolerance embedded in Islam
would have been the strongest, albeit secondary, of such contradictions. It
would have been nonsensical which could lead to social destruction.

The third surprise, or rather
shock, started with war bells sounded through terrorist operations against
civilians in Iraq. This paved way for a fierce war that continued for eight
years with a toll of about four million people from both sides – the dead,
injured and crippled; in addition to the displaced and the migrants as well as
losses of about $600 billion.

At the time, the regime was
completely unmasked when it exploited the war to carry out more terrorist
operations in the region – whether in Kuwait or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;
especially in the sanctuary of Kaaba, and the explosions took a toll on
pilgrims. This includes the launching of sectarian militias in the Arab world
titled 'Hezbollah' that bleached itself with the blood of innocent people in
the region and the world.

Within the period you attracted
foreign forces into the region and fought a war which had no victor – neither
you nor Saddam Hussein's Iraq, you urged Saddam to invade Kuwait in order to
flee from his internal crisis.

On your part, you resorted to the
threat of occupying Bahrain. You continued with your expansionism scheme based
on the illusionary concept that Persian ethnicity is superior. You embarked on
restoring the glory of the empire brought down by the light of Islam when it
entered Persia.

O guardianship of the Islamic

The term 'guardianship' entails
guidance in direction, logic, stance and wise view on matters. This is
associated with spreading peace between nations, not division and war. Perhaps,
you should return to your constitution which stipulates this matter in various
articles, especially in what is categorized as general principles.

Unfortunately, what the region
endured due to the behavior of your leaders in the past four decades – during
the reign of the late Imam Khomeni or your reign – was not more than incitement
of sedition and striving towards war. It was as if you were implementing the
nonsensical statement of your former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Your former president saw the
importance of expediting the spread of injustice, corruption and wars in order
to speed up the emergence of the awaited savior (Mahdi). We, the Muslim world,
the Shia before Sunnis, know that the emergence of the awaited savior will not
happen in this form; instead, it is a promise of redemption for Muslims on
Judgment Day.

In the past four decades, your
hands were extended to Lebanon, when you splashed yourself with the blood of
its children. In this beautiful country, which is almost in ruin today, you
prompted about four million of its people to migrate. You desecrated this
country, the lungs from which the Arab world breathed through civilization and
freedom. You transformed it into a police State where the laws of the jungle
prevail. Hassan Nasrallah and his gang 'Hezbollah' are thriving and blossoming
in such chaos.

You extended your hands to Iraq
and messed up with it to destroy the best example of national coexistence among
Muslims. You liberated blood-thirsty monsters that helped form 'DAESH'. You
gave way for them to take over a huge chunk of land in Iraq in order to create
the ground for sectarian and creedal conflicts, the fire of which will perhaps
be extinguished after a hundred years.

You went to Syria where you
claimed to defend its people whom you made into wood to fuel the expansionism war
under the rhetoric of reaching Mediterranean shores.

In Yemen, you hijacked the
Yemenis' grievances and demands through the Houthis and ignited war which has
been going on for the past four years.

All this is due to the desire to
infiltrate the Arabian Peninsula and control Islamic holy sites in a bid to
religiously cover your Persian scheme. Despite the ongoing war and your
missiles which the Houthis are launching towards Saudi Arabia, your scheme
keeps on failing in front of the coalition army and the Yemeni resistance

O guardian of the Islamic jurist

Long is the list of shocks and
surprises which prompted us to take hostile position from the destructive
behavior you have been exhibiting in the past 40 years.

Almighty Allah says: 'O people of
the Scripture, come to a word that is just between us and you, that we worship
none but Allah, and that we associate no partners with Him, and that none of us
shall take others as lords besides Allah. Then, if they turn away, say: 'Bear
witness that we are Muslims.'

If Almighty Allah called upon the
people of the Scriptures to a word that is just between us and them, should it
not be a priority between Muslims themselves, or is it that, to you, the claim
of being an Islamic republic is devoid of reality when it is associated with
ambitions of people who are ruling with the mentality of the dark ages; who are
moved by expansionism ideology, control and dominance?

In the past 40 years, the region
lost about $3 trillion due to wars you caused, sanctions you brought upon your
people and the terrorism you nurtured.

Would it not have been better if
this money was spent for the wellbeing of the people, especially the Iranians –
56 percent of whom are living below the poverty line? Do you not see that any future war,
irrespective of its intensity, will lead to total collapse in the
infrastructure of your country, wave of immigration and displacement of millions
of your people to neighboring countries?

Do you not see that you will
never win such war because the entire world is against you?

Supreme leader Khamenei

A conference will take place in
Makkah in the coming days. It is a precious opportunity for letting go of your
ego and pride, coming to your Muslim brothers by letting go of every
nonsensical war, and saving your people and the regional people … Is this not
the word that is just between us and you?

It is a very important occasion
during this blessed month in which instigation of hatred and sedition is worst
in terms of sins. It is a very important occasion where action should be louder
than words; as long as you claim to uphold the principles of good neighborhood,
brotherhood of Muslims and strive towards joint development.

This can be achieved through a
clear statement at the Muslim conference in Makkah through which you disown,
with one word, the terrorist gangs and dissolve them, and refrain from
interfering in the affairs of other countries. There is no better place for you
to declare this than in the next conference at the holy city of Makkah if you
truly want good neighborhood.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

the Arab Times


Kuwait - Mr Khamenei shed misguidance, enter Makkah repentantly, in peace

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