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RSS  (Really Simple Syndication) Services

What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an XML-based format for distributing and aggregating Web content (such as news headlines). offers RSS feeds with headlines and descriptions and links back to for the full story.

RSS Feeds

News HeadLines    XML
Regional Business Headlines [Middle East North Africa] XML
Global Business Headlines XML
Most Popular Stories [Global] XML
Most Popular Stories [Regional] XML
Social Media RSS FEED [English] XML
Arab & Global Market Reports XML

RSS By Country

  Business News    XML
Americas XML
Europe XML
Asia XML
Africa XML
Arab World XML
Australia & New Zealand XML
Algeria XML
Bahrain XML
Egypt XML
Iraq XML
Jordan XML
Kuwait XML
Lebanon XML
Morocco XML
Oman XML
Palestine XML
Qatar XML
Saudi Arabia XML
Syria XML
Tunisia XML
Turkey XML
Yemen XML

RSS By Sector

  News By Sector    XML
Media XML
Agriculture XML
Transportation XML
Business Finance XML
Economics XML
Education XML
Entertainment XML
Hospitality Tourism XML
Manufacturing XML
Oil Energy utilities XML
Pharmaceuticals Health XML
Politics XML
Real Estate XML
Sports XML
Telecommunications XML
FX Commodities XML
Conferences Seminars XML

  RSS Research

RSS Research    XML
Premium Rsearch XML

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