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Adventure Travel in Mongolia for 2019

(MENAFN - EIN) Riding horses through flowered filled mountain valleys or exploring the vast Gobi desert, Mongolia should be your adventure travel destination for 2019.

ULAANBAATAR, ULAANBAATAR, MONGOLIA, February 28, 2019 / / -- If you're looking for a different place for an adventure travel experience, Mongolia is where you want to head for 2019. The opportunities are endless on the vast open steppes, forested mountains and the great expanses of the Gobi desert. One such outfit offers a variety of back country horse trips, Gobi desert excursions and hiking tours through the cultural and wilderness settings of some of Mongolia's most iconic parks.

'We often see wildlife, like brown bear, moose, roe deer and wild boar on our horse riding treks', says Keith Swenson, owner/operator of Stone Horse Expeditions. 'Where we travel is some of the finest wilderness Mongolia has to offer'. Swenson has been running this awarding winning outfit for the past 10 years, after spending more than a decade helping with the development of national park management systems and park ranger training.

Stone Horse Expeditions riding adventures take place throughout the Khentii Mountains, one of Mongolia's biodiversity 'hotspots' where, during the summer month's mountain valleys are filled with a mosaic of wildflowers of endless variety and the autumn colors rival those of North America. "Our horse trips are for the novice to expert rider", says Swenson. "We have horses that can accommodate most levels of experience. We do encourage guests to get a little horse riding in before coming on a trip though".

As a destination, Mongolia is easy to get to, flying into it's capital city, Ulaanbaatar, or taking the Trans Siberian Railway from Beijing or Moscow, an adventure in itself. Mongolians as a people, are open and heartily welcome visitors to their country, where international tourists are still few in number compared to other destinations.

For the non-rider, and to compliment the horse riding in the northern forests and mountains, Stone Horse Expeditions also has their vehicle based Gobi excursions , with one being the "Gobi Crossing", a 10 day trip right across the south Gobi and into some of the more remote desert settings, where Siberian Ibex, Argali (the biggest Bighorn sheep), white and black tail gazelle and a variety of birds of prey can be spotted. If one is lucky, an elusive snow leopard might even make an appearance. Along the way guests ride camels and visit ancient petroglyphs made by civilizations past.

During the autumn season with its pleasant sunny days and crisp nights, hiking by foot through the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park offers the non-horse rider an opportunity to experience the bright display of reds, golds, rusts and yellows of September. These trips are yak cart supported, where the hiker just carry's a light day pack, and the yak cart carries the rest of the gear, meeting in camp each night.

Many travelers using the Trans Siberian Railway can stop in Mongolia for a few days and enjoy it's unique culture and experience countryside life with the herder family ger stay that Stone Horse Expeditions offer. This is a very pleasant way to meet with local people, eat some delicious countryside food and sleep in a traditional ger (yurt) for a few nights before continuing on their train journey.

Mongolia is changing rapidly since it became a democracy in 1990. Mining, with its vast financial input has brought wealth to the country, where it is mostly seen in the capital city, Ulaanbaatar. But not everyone has benefited from these developments with the impact mining can make on local communities and the environment.

"Come to Mongolia now", Swenson says, "before it changes too much". For the adventurous traveler, a horse ride through the wilds of Mongolia, moving daily, camping or sleeping in a traditional ger, sounds a great way to spend a bit of time away from the hustle and bustle of most of our lives. A great way to experience nature and another culture. Mongolia...adventure travel for 2019.Keith Swenson
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Adventure Travel in Mongolia for 2019

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