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Morocco- Ramadan 2018: Mio's Ad about Equality is Exactly What We Needed

(MENAFN - Morocco World News) Rabat - It's time to kick sexism out of advertising, and Mio's strong commercial campaign is doing just that. For Ramadan, the Moroccan detergent brand has released a television ad with a powerful message about gender equality. Through the ad, produced by the agency Rapp, Mio illustrates how domestic tasks can be shared by men and woman, showing men doing the dishes, cleaning the house, and carrying groceries. The message, disruptive in Morocco's conservative society, subtly blends gender equality with the culture of respect that a man owes to his mother, wife, daughter, and women in general. On social media, people were thrilled, commenting positively about the ad. 'Thank you Mio, you have sent a great message,' 'I can't believe it's real,' 'This is the first time that I like an advertisement,' 'This should serve as an example for the other brands,' are just a few among hundreds of positive comments. Mio has set an example for other Moroccan brands, which usually portrays a sexist image of the feminine gender, such as Nestlé, which recently sparked controversy on social media for its #BghitNtezewaj (I want to get married) ad. The ad showed a mother looking for a wife for her son. To find the best match, the mother tests a group of girls in cooking and house management skills. There is nothing particularly new about advertising that plays on gender stereotypes. Many ads have a sexist and offensive tone that are hidden by a semblance of subtlety. Last year, Moroccan soap brand El Kef went completely wrong with an ad showing women dressed up as they did laundry and wiped floors, while dancing, smiling, and singing lines like 'That's what you learned when you were little,' and 'Your husband says my wife rocks at home.' Moreover, the company posted the video with the statement: 'No one likes to do the housework, but El Kef will make it more effective. Women use their voices to denounce the misconceived ideas about house work in our society.'"


Morocco-  Ramadan 2018: Mio's Ad about Equality is Exactly What We Needed


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