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What Happens When Some of the World's Best Photographers Visit the Galapagos

(MENAFN Editorial) Quito, Ecuador - Sep 15, 2018 - Andando Tours, a premier cruise company, is proud to share the breathtaking results of a group of world-class photographers that traveled to the Galapagos on one of its elite cruises.

Among the group of acclaimed photographers were Daniel Allen, whose work has featured in numerous publications including Nat Geo, the Guardian, and the Discovery Channel and Kurt Soderling, the director of aerial photography for films including Titanic, The Hunger Games, and Spider-Man. Over the three days of the project, the keen eyes and hard work of these renowned photographers and explorers resulted in a magnificent collection of photographs.

Along with the astounding images collected during the tour, Andando is pleased to present a short documentary detailing the experience of the trip participants providing a singular vantage to the resplendent sights of the Galapagos. The video showcases the grandeur of the varied landscapes of the Islands, from the spectacular white sands and crashing waves to the mysterious cavernous lava tunnels.

The short video also showcases the ubiquitous and varied wildlife present on the Galapagos. The islands have an extensive variety of birds, insects, mammals, reptiles, and fish. From droll blue-footed booby birds, playful sea lions, giant tortoises soaking up the sunshine, and majestic soaring hawks, the photography and video documentary provide a taste of the rich wildlife you can see on a Galapagos cruise. All of these images have been taken in 3 days while the conventional vacation package in Galapagos is 8 days.

The Galapagos are among the most unique places on earth. Through the effort and teamwork of this teach of highly experienced photographers, Andando Tours was able to present the Islands in all their splendor. Andando Tours would like to extend gratitude to Daniel Allen, Kurt Soderling, Johan Ernst Nilson, Ana María Chediak, László Károlyi, Melinda Soderling, juan Alberto Sevilla, and Göran Thulin. This documentary would not have been possible without your exceptional talents and the caliber of your hearts.

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What Happens When Some of the World's Best Photographers Visit the Galapagos

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