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Africities 8 Summit Marrakech, November 20-24, 2018: The Highlights

(MENAFN - African Press Organization) RABAT, Morocco, November 26, 2018/APO Group/ --

An unprecedented participation of 8300 participants represented more than 77 countries, including 53 African countriesandnearly 3,000 local elected representatives, mayors and other leaders of local and subnational governments. TheAfricitiesSummit2018 (www.Africities.org) in Marrakech has proven itself to be the most important democratic gatheringinAfrica.

Download Summary of Sessions Here https://bit.ly/2Aqgz0o

"TheAfricitiesSummitgave a voice to localauthorities.Thanks to thatrecognition, the ideathat local Africa willchangeAfrica is making headway', said Jean-PierreElongMbassi, Secretary General of United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (UCLG Africa) (www.UCLG.org).

20 years of the Africities Summit was celebrated and highlighted with the presentationof the UCLG Africaanthem, composed by David André, Mayor of the City of Victoria, Seychelles,and Vice President of UCLG Africa.

Theclosing ceremony of theAfricities8Summit was marked bythe reading of theRoyal Messageby Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Meryem,who, on this occasion,officially launchedthe pan-African campaign,"Africancities without street children."

The initiative from theNetwork of Locally Elected Womenin Africa,(REFELA), UCLG Africa's Gender Equality Commission, issupported by the National Observatory for the Rights of Children (ONDE)of Morocco.20 cities in Africahave already subscribed to this campaign, including thecityofRabat, which will serve as the pilot city for the campaign in Morocco.For the implementation of this campaign, three memoranda of understanding have been signed between ONDE and UNICEF in support of this international campaign between ONDE and UCLG Africa. The campaign will be implemented across the continent by UCLG Africa; and between ONDE, the City of Rabat and four ministerial departments of the government for the nationalcampaign in Morocco.

(Attached - ONDE press release, photos and footageavailablewith the MAP press agency - contact:0021 2661114798)

The political segment of the Summit started on November 23 with a round table on city diplomacyintroduced by Denis Coderre, former Mayor of Montreal, Canada,with the participationof panelists including, Her Excellency CatherineSamba-Pandza, former Head of State of the Central African Republic and former Mayor of the city of Bangui.

Severalrecommendations and proposals emerged from the 160 sessions held across the 5 days under the general theme"The transition to sustainable cities and territories: the role of local and sub-national governments of Africa". All of the recommendations and proposalsweresubmittedto ministers, mayors and leaders of local governments and development partnersfor consideration and adoptionatthemeeting of ministers,thegeneral meeting of UCLG Africa,andthe meeting of developmentpartners, which were organized in parallel during the afternoon of November 23.The political segmentended on the morning of November 24, with atripartitedialogue meetingbetween ministers,mayors and development partners.

UCLG Africa's Executive Committee held its elections at which TheCity of Libreville, represented by its Mayor,Mrs.Rose ChristianeOssouka-Rapondawas elected as the new President of UCLG Africafor a term of 3 years, which will end at the next general assembly scheduled for 2021. In addition, the city of Bagangte, Cameroon,represented by its Mayor,Celestine Ketcha-Courtès,was re-elected as President of REFELA.

Amongst thespecial events of the Summit, it is worth mentioning the meetings held between themayors and locally elected officials of Africa and their counterparts in Asia-Pacific, mainly from China and Japan; and the meeting between the mayors and leaders of local and regional governments in Africa and their AfricanAmericancounterparts. The African American network of mayors announced that, '400 years after crossingthe Door of No Return, where the first boatleft the shores of Africa bound for the Americas carryingchildren of Africa, it is now time to considerstarting the opposite wave, by opening, at the initiative of the mayors and leadersof the local and regional governments of Africa, the "Door of Return" to the AfricanAmericans of the United States, the Caribbean and LatinAmerica anddeclaring that Africities is the right place to launch this mobilization for the Road of Return.

The summary of the sessions and recommendations of the Africities 2018 Summit can be seen on the Summit website: www.Africities.org

Three special days were organized during the Summit: Migration Day on November 21;Climate Day on November 22and Urban Planning Day on November 23.

The Migration Day recalled the crucial role of local and subnational governments in managing migration;and the urgent need to make them stakeholders in the negotiation of the Global Compact on Migration, which must be concluded at theUnitedNationsConferenceon Migration, due to take place between December 8-11, in Marrakesh.

Climate Day emphasized the urgency of involving local and subnational governments in the implementation of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, and even considering Locally Determined Contributions (LDC's) if, as is desirable, local and subnational governments plan to participate in the Paris Agreement ambitions to limit global warming to 1.5degreesby the end of thecenturywith respect to the pre-industrial period.In this context, thelocalizationof NDCs is essential and UCLG Africa is asked to develop and implement a capacity-building program for its members, so that they have a climate plan and are able to prepare applications that are eligible for the Green Climate Fund (GCF).UCLG Africa is also asked to broadenthe scope of its Climate Task Force to spearhead the climate action of African local governments.A Declaration was adopted at the end of the proceedings of the Climate Day.

The Urban Planning Dayfocused on urban planning as a basic tool for transitioning to sustainable cities and territories. It reiterated the importance ofsettingupurban agencies to monitor the dynamics of urbanization and to put in place a framework for dialogue between all actors to define the allocation and policies around the use of urban space in respect of ecological constraints.The dayresulted inthe signing ofeightpartnership agreements between 14 African cities in Morocco and their sisters inCote d'Ivoire, Benin, Senegal, Uganda, Tunisia and Cameroon, with the technical support of the Association of Urban Agencies of Morocco, the Moroccan 'Al Omrane Holding,the United Cities and Local GovernmentsofAfrica (UCLG Africa),and the United Nations Program for Human Settlements(UN-Habitat).

Partnershipagreementsfor urban planning and the establishment of urban agencies have been entered into between: the cities of Dakar (Senegal) and Rabat (Morocco);Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire) and Casablanca (Morocco);Yaoundé (Cameroon)and Marrakech;Jinja (Uganda) andEssaouira (Morocco);Sousse (Tunisia) and El Jadida;Rufisque (Senegal) andDakhla; and Abomey (Benin) and Al Hoceima.

The Summit highlighted two key players, without whom the transition to sustainable cities and territories cannot be envisioned in Africa: they are women and youth. 25 percent of Summit sessions were dedicated to gender issues, including thefight againstviolenceagainstwomen;and the economic empowerment of women.

The Youth Forum - Twenty young people aged 16 to 35 were selected onthe basis ofacall for ideas to participate in a CreativeLabon the theme, "Imagine your city and imagine Africa in 2030 and 2063".These young people were invited to submit their projects to the delegates of the Summit, using the Africities new innovative voting platform, of which three projects would be awarded. The following three projects were the successful recipients of the Creative Lab awards:

First prize: YvetteIshinwe, from Rwanda, for her projecton the use ofnew technologies foroptimal useof drinking water at standpipes (Iribatapand drink innovation);

Second Prize:Zaheer Allam, from Mauritius,for his smart urban regenerationproject;

Third Prize:OulimataSourang, from Senegal, for her E-Learning Assistant project.

Climate Initiatives Trophies - A furthercompetitionwasorganized and also decided by the voting of delegates at the Summit: the Climate InitiativesTrophiescelebratingcities and territories that have implemented the most remarkable actions in the fight against climate change.These were awarded to three categories of cities and territories.

For the small towns category (less than 20,000 inhabitants), thewinnerwas the Municipality ofNdiob(Senegal) forthe implementation ofits "green andresilient commune project;

For the category of cities and territories of intermediate size (between 20,000 and 200,000 inhabitants), thelaureateis the City of Chefchaouen in Morocco, for the realization of its"Energy Info Center".

For the category of cities and large territories, thelaureateistheTivaouane Departmental Council(Senegal) forthe implementation ofits project "Preserving a sustainable agricultural environment".

The Africities Exhibition, which was organized simultaneously, saw the participation of 84exhibitors, coming from Morocco (39 exhibitors), other regionsof Africa(29 exhibitors from 11 countries), Europe (14 exhibitors from 6 countries), from Asia (1 exhibitor from South Korea), and from America (1 exhibitorfrom Canada).

The Projects and Partnership Exchange Forum - The Africities Exhibition gave the opportunity toeffectivelyorganize 150 B2Bappointmentsout of the 512 requestedby thedelegates, who came from 44 countries. These B2B appointmentsledto129 requests for partnerships, 40 proposed solutions toproblems that delegatesdeemedurgent,and 39 projectsidentified as needing immediateimplementation.

Best Exhibition Stand - As part of the Exhibition, a competition was also organized concerning the best booth.The results of this competition were:

Stands presenting the most innovative offer:

-RagniSAS - Street lighting (France)

-AnemoiMagnova- Fansfor largepublic spaces(Spain)

Stands with the bestdesign:

- City of Marrakech (Morocco)

- United Cities and Local Governments(Barcelona)


-National Initiative for Human Development, INDH(Morocco)

-Special Fund for Intermunicipal Interventionand Equipment, FEICOM(Cameroon)

These awards were announced at the awards ceremony during the closing Gala Dinner held on November 24, 2018 at 20:00in theMenaraGardensin Marrakech.

Delegates paid tribute to King MohammedVIof Morocco foragreeing to grant his High Patronage to the eighth edition of the Africities Summitand thanked theGovernment of Morocco, the Moroccan Association of Presidents of Communal Councils, and the City and administrative authorities of Marrakech who made every effort to ensure that the Africities Summit took place in excellent conditions.

The call was made for the ninth edition of the Africities Summit, scheduled for 2021, to be hosted by Kisumu, Kenya.

See you in Kisumu Kenya forAfricities9 in 2021!

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (UCLG Africa).

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    Africities 8 Summit Marrakech, November 20-24, 2018: The Highlights

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