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Aspiring Hip-hop Artist Jayoh's Tracks have Inspirational Beats

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Bronx, May 16, 2019 ( )-Hip-hop and rap music is a kind of music which includes rhythmic and rhyming speech. Jayoh is one of the popular artists in the world of hip-hop music. He is an eminent hip-hop star from Bronx, New York. His new album 'UNIDENTIFIED' has some outstanding tracks which are driving the listeners crazy. The developing passion in the lyrics and vocal performance enhances at every moment by the surrounding instrumentation. The vocal rhythm section features the imagery and self-reflective statement which really strikes the chord.

The intensity and energy inJayoh 's track' 3 am ' keeps on rising as the track progresses. The track is musically satisfying and has honest storytelling. The track maintains a fine balance between all the elements which shines brightly. The vocal rhythm subsequently moves through and creates a great impact on the listeners. The performance in the song '3 am' is intense, attention-grabbing and manic. From the starting moment, the track sets the mood and which later on continues till the end.

The energy in Jayoh's track ' All Night ' is fairly mellow and there are touches of classic hip-hop music. The vocal performance in the track shines brightly among all other. There is a perfect balance of all the elements. The flow in the track 'All Night' is superb and the rhythm is flawless as well as captivating. Some of his other tracks that you may love to listen to are 'True Colors', Letter to My Dwag' If you are looking for Jayoh's other tracks then visit Spotify. Find him on Instagram and Twitter for updates. Also, you can listen to his tracks on .

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Aspiring Hip-hop Artist Jayoh's Tracks have Inspirational Beats

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