Jordan- Harebrained Trump!By Mohammad Aburumman| MENAFN.COM

Tuesday, 04 October 2022 01:30 GMT

Jordan- Harebrained Trump!By Mohammad Aburumman

(MENAFN- Alghad Newspaper)

As expected of him, despite the King's warnings and the outcry of Arab and Muslim leaders around the world, US President Donald Trump recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Subsequently, the president ordered preparations for the relocation of the US embassy to Jerusalem, leaving out the geographic details and area to the final negotiations.

Among Arabs, Muslims, and all around the world, Trump's announcements were condemned.

Still the president give into his harebrained urges to put his own personal interests to win the favour of the Zionist lobby in America above all else.

He cared not for the consequences of his decision and its effects on the region, let alone the threat it poses to global security. A peril we will all soon face.

Undoubtedly, this will further radicalise the region and corner the pan-Arab apparatus, with so little left, in the face of consecutive Iranian victories and growing regional rivalry.

With the Russo-Iranian axis on the rise, the Arab apparatus faces yet another slope with Trump's declarations.

The Arabs, of course, protested Trump's decision, to varying extents, obviously.

Some were less decisive and forthcoming with their denunciations than others who came out touch with decisive diplomatic positions.

Most definitely, this half-witted decision will have consequences.

The entirety of the Arab premise for alliance with the US, post-Obama, is based on deprioritising Palestine in favour of the 'Iranian threat.

If the Arab regimes spearheading this endeavour to face up to Iran, with the US on their side; hence the massive deals under the table, do not put their dealings with the US, they will be putting themselves on a new collision course with the brewing reality.

Arab proponents for this reckless president should ask themselves this question: is what he is doing really hurting Iran's influence in the region or serving its interests, and those of ISIS and Qaeda? Does it help or hurt the interests of Arab countries?

Think well about this.

Who exactly will benefit of Trump's declarations?

Obviously, Iran is the one who stands to win out of this.

The regime there has always declared its opposition and hostility towards Israel, using the Palestinian cause to enforce its influence and agendas, like ISIS and Qaeda. Even if they do not prioritise, in practise, it will propagate its popularity on it, feeding off the people's desperation and frustration, in the face of growing US and Israeli indifference to Arab interests.

Iran is going to capitalise on this to grow its recruitment and polarisation efforts.

What is done is done; the Arab system is at a real crossroads. What is left for the Arab apparatus to do is to turn this into an advantage, by deepening its roots and legitimacy, facing up to Trump and reprioritising the Palestinian cause.

Otherwise, the Arab regimes are driving themselves to the ground.

The catastrophic outcome of this is unfathomable, and it is highly escalated by Trump's declarations.

In truth, King Abdullah has fought the declaration with everything He has. It is likely that He has already done massive damage to His relationship with the US President, endangering Jordan's interests and the Palestinian Cause alike.

The US is Jordan's most important strategic partner and its biggest supporter, that what Trump did places the entire region on the course to chaos and collapse. Still, His Majesty stated clearly to Trump, that his adventures would put the entire region on the course of chaos and collapse.

This article is an edited translation of the Arabic version, published by AlGhad.


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