Astro Zindagi: Weekly Horoscope

(MENAFN- IANS) New Delhi, June 23 (IANS) Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. This is your forecast for June 24-30.


This is a good time to open your horizons and look for new opportunities to take you to the next level. Welcome change and exposure to other cultures. Be ready to learn and be willing to accept the knowledge that is out there. As you go through this process, remain positive in your capacity to address any hurdles that come your way. For the job seekers, this week is about challenging the conventional methods of finding a job. Think about jobs that might require you to step outside your comfort zone or that might require travel. Interacting with people from different fields of work could provide potentially fruitful contacts the committed, it would be wise to think about a vacation that will help to strengthen the relations.

Tip of the week: Look for new opportunities


This week challenges you to look into your soul and discover what lies deep within you regarding desire and incentive. Change and transformation are positive chances that bring about newness and growth. Be attentive to your inner voice and follow your heart, especially when facing crucial decisions. This is a time to reflect on the self and the world around us. Employees should be careful not to fall prey to conflicts of power or unspoken motives in the workplace. It is recommended that trustful relationships with colleagues be paid attention to. Use this period to nurture intimacy with your partner. Confide your biggest fears and dreams with each other, and you will come out of it as a much stronger couple.

Tip of the week: Attend to your inner voice


Be aware of your communication process this week and aim to achieve a middle ground in all communications. Be willing to negotiate and compromise because cooperating with other people will be more effective. At this stage, it is also important to look for help and direction from close friends or elders. Do not engage in conflicts; try to keep the work environment as peaceful as possible. Try to find a way to work together on projects or to be the one to take charge of a team. For single people, this week is about being ready to start a new relationship and thinking about what kind of person you would like to date. Choose a partner with similar personality traits and with whom you share things regarding beliefs and hobbies.

Tip of the week: Be open to negotiate


This week, pay attention to your health and your mental state. Make the necessary adjustments to your health behaviour. This is also the right time to dedicate effort towards your job and other professional aspirations. Remain organised and disciplined at work, and success will be yours. Find opportunities to develop your abilities and learn more about your subject. For single people, this week is a reminder that one needs to look after oneself before one is ready for a relationship. Work on your self-esteem and confidence; the right person will appear in your life at the right time. Do not neglect to call your loved ones and see if they need your assistance.

Tip of the week: Remain organised and disciplined


This week, let your creativity flow and remember that play is a part of life. Spend time on things that you enjoy and make your imagination run wild. It is also a good time to spend with children, other family members, and loved ones, as they will help bring joy and contentment. Working professionals should have fun and be creative while working. Try to find out how to make your job interesting by including things you love to do in your work, and you will be more content. Do not overemphasise the importance of the results, and have fun while doing so. If committed, introduce more passion into the relationship. Planning a fun date night or surprising your partner with a special gesture is always a good idea.

Tip of the week: Let your creativity flow


This week, ensure that the home environment is comfortable and safe. Remember to take care of your emotional self and those you love and care for. It is also good to look at your past and reconcile with anything left unsaid or undone. Be brave, listen to your instincts, and be open searching for a new job, think about positions that require you to care and pay attention to details. For singles, this week reminds you that one needs to create a solid base to start from before finding a relationship. Spend some time taking care of yourself and developing a feeling of safety. Committed Virgo should strive to offer their partner a warm and nurturing home where they can be comfortable.

Tip of the week: Reconcile with your past


This week, be clear and transparent with those around you. Spend some time listening to others and being willing to be honest about your feelings. This is also a good time to learn new skills or engage in activities that will help you expand your knowledge and challenge your brain. People who search for a job can consider employment in occupations that involve communication, for instance, writing, teaching, or public relations. Think about positions that enable you to apply your diplomatic skills and your ability to find common ground with people. Students might see that communication and learning new skills could be helpful in their studying process.

Tip of the week: Be clear and transparent


This week, your financial lesson is about money and its worth. Ensure you evaluate your financial needs and goals and adjust your budget or spending habits accordingly. It is also a good time to take stock of what you stand for and believe in and ensure that your behaviour reflects this. Employees should act to enhance their financial literacy and look for ways to advance within their career level. Try to find a method to earn more money or spend less, and try to eliminate all the expenses that are not necessary. For singles, this week should make you understand that before you can think of getting into a relationship, you need to build yourself up. It is important to spend time on self-care to gain more insight about yourself.

Tip of the week: Evaluate your financial needs


This week, be self-centred. Spend some time thinking about what you want to achieve and what you want to do, then adjust your behaviour to your dreams. It also means that this is the right time to pay attention to your physical health and fitness. People looking for a job can consider applying for positions connected to personal growth, life coaching, counselling, or self-improvement. Employees should be trained to enhance their capabilities and increase their awareness. Seek ways to advance in your current position, and do not avoid changes in responsibilities. Do not be content with mediocrity; aim to do your best in everything you undertake.

Tip of the week: Pay attention to health


This week, make sure you take some time out to relax and clear your mind. Listening to your dreams and inner voice is also important, as they may contain useful information. It is also the right time to release any form of negative or negative energy that one may be harbouring. Do not overload yourself with tasks and work, and do not forget the necessity of taking care of yourself. Try to find ways to introduce more meaningful and purposeful activities into your work. If committed, ensure that you give your partner the attention they need, listen to them, and meet all their needs.

Tip of the week: Clear your mind


This week, make sure to spend time with friends and the community. Do not miss out on social functions. It is also important to concentrate on his or her goals and achievements and seek support from the community. Employees should aim to develop friendly and professional relationships with other workers and develop their network. Try to find people interested in your ideas and find common ground to cooperate. Do not defy superiors, and try to keep a friendly atmosphere in the workplace. Do not forget to contact your family and friends and tell them about your adventures. It is time to nurture relationships with your siblings and friends.

Tip of the week: Spend time with friends


This week, concentrate on your work and how people in your working environment think about you. It is important to take time and set goals for your career and make some kind of a plan for the future. Taking up leadership responsibilities and demonstrating your abilities and potential is also advisable. For single people, this week offers you the chance to concentrate on your career before even considering getting into a relationship. Career-oriented Pisces need to learn how to better manage their work-life balance. Discuss your dreams and plans with your loved ones. Enrolling in a class or workshop that will help develop your professional capacity is advisable.

Tip of the week: Take up leadership responsibilities

(Neeraj Dhankher is an Astrologer with proficiency in Vedic, KP and Nadi Astrology. He is the Founder and CEO of Astro Zindagi. The observations are made by the writer based on his analysis)



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