The World's Most Lucrative Sports

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As a lot of people know, some of the best-paid people in the world are in the sports industry and this is because of the amount of money that is pumped into sport. One of the biggest things about sports is the contracts, contracts in sports like basketball and Baseball are usually fairly public and a lot of the biggest stars in the world negotiate contracts and this information is usually leaked to the press.

Every single day a contract will be being spoken about or negotiated inside of big sports giants. A prominent one in recent memory, Jose Mourinho joined Fenerbahce. With all the sports making a lot of money, what sports are the most lucrative?




I think a lot of people think of soccer when they think about the most lucrative sports and I am one of those people. This is because football is the biggest sport in the world and has the most eyes on it at all times. The amount of views alone would make it earn the most money and then you add on all the sponsorships and other things that affect the financial side of the sport and you can see why soccer makes so much. As well as this, soccer players make a lot of money and get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars every week!

Soccer is also one of the biggest sports in the world for betting audiences, with only horse race betting and horse racing odds being as deep into the culture of the sport, as soccer and soccer betting is ingrained into the sport.




Basketball and the NBA in particular are looked at as the kings of sports money-making with every team in a 30-team league having an average team wealth of $2 billion, which is an astonishing achievement and is helped by the league’s system of making money through sponsorships, television, merchandising and tickets etc. The players in the NBA are known for making a great and healthy sum of money with the average salary in the league being around $7 Million per player, which I would personally love right now. The best players in the league make a considerable amount more with Lebron James making an estimated $88.2 Million including all of his endorsements and sponsorships.




Over the last few years, the overall viewership of Baseball has declined as more and more people are becoming less interested in the sport with other sports like the aforementioned soccer and basketball slowly taking over the sporting world. However, even with the drop in viewership declines, baseball still has a massive average for the players and how much they are paid. The average MLB player makes an average of $4.3 million and this is because of the rules of the sport. Unlike other sports, baseball doesn't have a salary cap, which means teams can pay players as much as they see fit.


American Football


Football is an interesting one because the sport itself has some of the most expensive and wealthiest sports teams in the world, with a recent study showing that 9 out of the top 15 most valuable teams in the world are from the NFL; the most valuable being the Dallas Cowboys. However, the players and the average salaries are lower than the NBA despite being the most lucrative sport in the world. On average the NFL pays an average of $4.5 million a year which is still a fantastic amount of money and still money I would love to have.


Who Are The Most Valuable?


As we mentioned the Dallas Cowboys, it only feels fair to mention who else is close to making as much as they do as an institution. The closest team to the Cowboys are the New York Yankees and as much as baseball doesn't get the most money for viewers and television deals anymore, the merchandise side for the New York Yankees carries this a lot. I remember as a kid thinking that the Yankees were a brand before I watched baseball because their logo was all over clothes, especially hats, that my dad forbade me from wearing as Red Sox fans.



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