Terrorism, Sectarian Conflict, And Insurgencies Have Destabilized Pakistan And Its Seized Territories.

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The People's Democratic Party of Jammu and Kashmir is gathering signatures to declare February 5th 'Fraud Day' to highlight Pakistan's double standards. (Photo Tima Miroshnichenko)

A government that cannot respect minorities, wrongfully occupies land, defrauds and enslaves its own people, and traps its citizens in a debt trap of over $100 billion should not remark on justice and human rights. (Photo Sora Shimazaki)

Andy Vermaut: 'I want to highlight that I adore the Pakistani people, but it pains my heart so much to watch the leaders of such a lovely country trying so hard to throw fingers at others for avoiding having to deal with their own issues.' (Photo Anete Lusina)

'It's too unfortunate that those who wish to live in peace with their neighbors don't make it into politics in Pakistan,' says Andy Vermaut. 'That encapsulates Pakistan's present political culture. Nonetheless, I never want to give up hope.' (Photo Sora Shimazaki)

Forced disappearances, extrajudicial executions, and press and speech restrictions have been alleged. Andy Vermaut says these factors have made Pakistan seem like a failed state. (Pnw-photo)

Meanwhile, people are being indoctrinated about the issue. I was once a participant, but in my role as a human rights activist for the world, I am grateful that I was able to see the error of my ways.” - Andy Vermaut, World Council for Public Diplomacy and Community Dialogue

BRUSSELS, BELGIë, February 4, 2023 /einpresswire.com / -- The current situation in the Pakistan Occupied part of jammu and kashmir , is dire. Locals are demanding freedom from Pakistani occupation and basic necessities such as food, water, and job opportunities. The area has been plagued by power outages, a lack of gas, and interference from the Pakistani army. The President of the area has embarked on a foreign trip. The local population has expressed discontent with this decision. Pakistan's actions in the region, including demographic changes and resource exploitation, have drawn criticism.

Kashmir solidarity?

Human rights defender Andy Vermaut, president of the World Council for Public Diplomacy and Community Dialogue, member of the European Press Federation and the Fundamental Rights Movement Postversa declares:”The People's Democratic Party of Jammu and Kashmir is now collecting support to designate February 5th as 'Fraud Day,' drawing attention to Pakistan's double standards towards the region. Protests are being held in cities across the area and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation has distanced itself from Pakistan's actions. The current J&K Union Territory is seeing growth on both the economic and social fronts, and is receiving support from other countries. Meanwhile, Pakistan is facing its own issues such as flooding and poverty among its citizens. The government is promoting an anti-India message while ignoring its own citizens' suffering. Some have called for international recognition of Pakistan's struggles as a failed state and alleged human rights violations in Kashmir. Andy Vermaut has stated that the upcoming 'Kashmir Solidarity Day' will be observed in silence while people in Jammu-Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan endure hardship.

The Veil Is Still Being Worn in Jammu and Kashmir, Which Is Currently Occupied by Pakistan (PoJK)

Andy Vermaut continues:”'There are reports of individuals in 'Azad' Jammu-Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan protesting against Pakistani rule. Meanwhile, Pakistan is preparing its media efforts in advance of the self-proclaimed 'Kashmir Solidarity Day,' which will occur on February 5th. Demonstrators are making demands, including access to wheat, pulses, a reliable water supply, job opportunities, and control over their resources. Since its unlawful takeover, PoJK has descended into a bottomless pit of unending torment. Intruders not only broke into Pakistani area, but they also took natural resources including as water, minerals, and forest cover in order to bejewel their palaces in Islamabad and offer material assistance to CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor). This was done in order to benefit from both projects. The populace has been rendered helpless for a number of months now as a result of power outages and a lack of gas. In 2022, the provinces of PoJK and Gilgit-Baltistan did not get an electrical supply for more than two hours every day. The Pakistan Army has an iron grip on the area and governs it with an iron fist. They make life difficult for the already vulnerable folks. The migratory non-natives from other regions of Pakistan who were brought in to alter the demographics of PoJK go about robbing from, murdering, and torturing the locals. They were brought in to make PoJK more like the rest of Pakistan. In the face of such challenges, when Sultan Mehmood Chaudhry, the president of the PoJK, should have stood as a wall between his awam and the Pakistani establishment, he left for a two-week visit to Turkey, the United Kingdom, and Belgium to address and inform parliamentarians about the happenings in the Indian Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. The treachery and act of cowardice committed by him has infuriated the people of his native country. In spite of the fact that the problems at home have not been handled, he has managed to find the time to stir up trouble in another nation. While Pakistan is making these flimsy efforts to keep the Kashmir 'issue' alive globally, the People's Democratic Party of Jammu and Kashmir (PoJK) is collecting support at home to designate February 5 as 'Fraud Day,' shedding attention on Pakistan's double standards towards Kashmir. Protests are being held against the government in the cities of Muzaffarabad, Rawalkot, and Mirpur by individuals from civil society as well as students. The present-day J&K Union Territory is an area that is seeing rapid growth on both the economic and social fronts. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which has 57 member states and describes itself as the 'collective voice of the Muslim world to safeguard and protect Muslims globally,' has distanced itself from Pakistan's childish attempts at J&K UT. The OIC is made up of states that are the 'collective voice of the Muslim world to safeguard and protect Muslims globally.' The fact that the Gulf, which is the de facto Caliphate of the Muslim Ummah, has spent $2.5 billion in the Union Territory demonstrates that the Gulf believes India and J&K will become the next emerging force. Those affected by the flooding in pakistan are submerged in contaminated water. 10 million young people need immediate medical attention, 15 million are on the verge of passing out due to famine, and 9 million have been forced into poverty as a result of losing their houses and croplands. And the administration of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif is using this occasion to propagate an anti-India narrative by publishing a circular urging schools to mark the 'Kashmir Solidarity Day.' Speaking engagements on the subject of 'Jannat kisi kafir no na mili hai na milegi' are scheduled to take place at various institutions (Paradise has never been granted to a non-Muslim, and neither will it ever be.)


'Pakistan, like any other nation, has faced challenges in protecting its minorities and maintaining stability in some of its territories. However, it is important to recognize that not enough efforts were made by the government and military in addressing these issues and supporting the well-being of its citizens.
The fifth of February is a day of remembrance for those affected by the floods and for the people of PoJK and Gilgit-Baltistan who continue to endure difficult circumstances. As a show of respect, this day will be observed with a moment of silence and annually repeated victimization, in line with previous years. The Pakistani Army is not dedicated enough to serve the people of the country and to promote peace and is not doing enough to find a real solution to the Kashmir conflict. While the international community continues to closely monitor the situation in Pakistan, it is important to acknowledge the complex historical and geopolitical factors that have shaped the region. As a result, the future of the country is uncertain and will depend on the actions and decisions made in the coming years. Nevertheless, the Kashmir issue remains a concern for the international community and efforts towards finding a peaceful solution should be continued. According to Andy Vermaut: 'A nation whose government does not protect its minorities and herefor I want to link to the latest report of human rights watch, that you can find here , illegally occupies territory, defrauds and enslaves its own people with still forced child labour ( ) , and whose citizens are mired in a debt trap of over a hundred billion dollars has no business commenting on issues of justice and human rights violations. Next to historic debts Pakistan owes 30% of its foreign debt to China, the latest report from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) indicated, which includes state-owned commercial banks. The Chinese support to Pakistan is three times bigger than IMF debt and surpasses both World Bank and Asian Development Bank funding combined, it claimed. This article serves as proof of the difficult situation in Pakistan: . It explains the impact of Pakistan's economic alliance with China. In remembrance of the flood victims and the people of PoJK and Gilgit-Baltistan who continue to suffer in silence, the fifth of February will be a holiday and, as in previous years, will be celebrated in silence. During the next holiday season, the Pakistani Army will spend their time snuggled next to a radiator, tweeting, playing war games, and using WhatsApp to promote the message, 'Free Kashmir.' The moment has come for the international community to put Pakistan on the spot over the Kashmir conflict. While Pakistan is now categorized as a failed state, this status may change in the next years depending on how things continue to develop there. Once a hot item, Kashmir has now lost its appeal to buyers and consumers worldwilde. Another evidence of the decline of Pakistan and increased longevity can be found in this article: , instead of dwelling on ongoing crises. Is it not sometimes better to solve existential crises at home, rather than shouting loudly about a free Kashmir, which is in a military power grab. No, Feb. 5 is not a holiday and should not be a holiday, there is nothing to celebrate right now,' explains human rights defender Andy Vermaut.

Invasion by military forces: a historical perspective

Until then, as Andy Vermaut put it, people will continue to be 'indoctrinated' on the subject. As a former member of this group, I am now eternally thankful to my work as a worldwide champion for human rights for having opened my eyes to the wrong of my ways. The leadership of Pakistan is driven by animosity, and that serves to mask the country's basic concerns. The Pakistani government can only be held in check by a good dose of hatred. It's unbearable. There is no agreed-upon definition of a failed state, but common themes include human rights violations, political instability, security concerns, economic collapse, and a breakdown in government authority and governance. For the reasons listed below, many people use Pakistan as an example of a failing state: Pakistan's present political instability may be traced back to the country's history of military coups and periods of martial rule, which have weakened the democratic process there. Because to ongoing terrorism, insurgency, and sectarian violence, many people's safety is at risk all around the nation. High poverty, high unemployment, and a big trade imbalance have wrecked Pakistan's economy. Corruption, inefficiency, and a weak legal system have led to a continuous decline in public confidence in the government and its ability to uphold the law. There have been reports of human rights breaches including forced disappearances, extrajudicial murders, and censorship of the media and other forms of expression. According to Andy Vermaut, these facts reinforce the idea that Pakistan is a failing state.

Peaceful relationships?

Andy Vermaut continues:'In this following link you will read about the way how people think now. ' Pakistan is sometimes seen as the global champion in promoting animosity against its neighbors. Why does a nation act in this manner? Andy Vermaut explains:”Spreading animosity towards one's neighbors is not a good feature for any nation and may have negative effects on Pakistan as well as regional and international ties. There are several reasons why a nation may participate in such conduct, including: spreading animosity towards a neighboring nation may be used as a political weapon to divert attention from internal concerns, galvanize nationalist sentiment, and solidify power. We see this clearly in Pakistan. I want to stress that I love the Pakistani people, but it hurts my heart so much to see the leaders of such a beautiful people trying so hard to point fingers at others for not having to deal with their own problems. Spreading enmity against neighbors, regardless of the motivation, may have severe effects for the region's peace, stability, and economy. It is essential that Pakistani leaders and individuals strive for cooperative and peaceful relationships with their neighbors. I hope one day a leader will rise in Pakistan who wants peace with its neighbors. That would be an incredible international relief. Everyone tells me: that I will have to keep dreaming. Too bad, that people who want to live in peace with their neighbors don't make it into politics in Pakistan. That says everything about Pakistan's current political culture. Still, I never want to give up hope. Perhaps precisely because of the great economic crisis and many challenges in Pakistan, people are going to learn that enmity only brings more misery. In that sense, I try to see another ray of positive hope.” concludes human rights defender Andy Vermaut.

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