Military and commercial logistics using drones is now a new reality

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HEAVY VTOL UAV 150H is a high-speed compact gasoline-powered helicopter with extended flight endurance and payload capacity

ALBATROSS is based on Pipistrel Sinus Aircraft and designed for long-term flights in conditions of high turbulence and overload.

New FV 550 ALBATROSS and HEAVY VTOL UAV 150H for military and commercial purposes.

SOFIA, BULGARIA, March 8, 2021 / / -- In today's environment, the market for unmanned systems is changing rapidly and showing significant growth. Government customers' interest in UAVs has grown significantly over the past five years, which has attracted hundreds of suppliers offering off-the-shelf platforms, software products, sensors and communications solutions to this market.

ResearchAndMarkets has updated its forecast for the global unmanned systems market: the average annual growth rate in for 2020 is expected to be 20.1%. The global market for on-board drone data delivery equipment will grow by $3.07 billion between 2020 and 2024.

The evolution of drones is intense: the first vehicles that were used as reconnaissance vehicles have been replaced by modern, complex devices that can observe, escort and destroy ground and air targets, as well as deliver supplies to hard-to-reach regions. In addition to numerous military tasks, drones can also perform a variety of civilian missions.

Forecast International predicts that Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (TUAV) UAVs (40.7%) will lead in terms of sales among different types of UAVs. MALE (Medium-Altitude, Long-Endurance) vehicles will account for 34.6%, HALE (High-Altitude, Long-Endurance) and UCAV (Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle) strike vehicles - 21.4%. The market volume of portable drones will be 1.7%, while civilian vehicles will account for 1.6%.

The most expensive and valuable thing in aviation is not the plane or helicopter, but the pilot. Even the most complex machine can be assembled in a few months, while it takes years and considerable material and technical resources to train a great pilot. The results of drone use that we are now seeing around the world are comparable to those of manned vehicles. With a significant difference - no losses among the pilots.

In this regard, the most in-demand in military aviation are heavy vehicles with high payloads and extended flight times, such as FV550 Albatross and HEAVY VTOL UAV 150H . These units have been specifically designed to combine a high-performance feature set with an affordable price and economical maintenance.

FV550 Albatross is based on the Pipistrel Sinus Aircraft and is designed for long flights in high turbulence and overload conditions. The reinforced fuselage and landing gear are suitable even for hard landings on unpaved airfields. This UAV can carry up to 200 kg of payload. Flight time up to 24 hours depending on altitude and operating conditions.

In the market, this model is represented by Freshvale LTD , working in the market of drones for more than 10 years.

HEAVY VTOL UAV 150H is a high-speed compact gasoline-powered helicopter.Freshvale LTD introduced the UAV model in November 2020. The vehicle is based on "Manned-to-Unmanned" technology, based on the commercial "combat-ready" CH-7 helicopter and the military's proprietary AP.X autopilot. The new UAV has a high payload of up to 150 kg and longer than analogous autonomous flight time - up to 8 hours and autonomous takeoff and landing on unprepared sites. This platform for military, law enforcement, intelligence and emergency end users. One of the applications is bringing payload with visual line of sight limitations to altitudes that increases VLOS to hundreds of km and keep it there for up to 8 hours at very affordable CapEx and OpEx without risking the pilot's life, will change the concepts of operations of artillery, air defense, intelligence, special operations.

Currently, there are more than 50 types of life-threatening tasks that modern UAVs perform. This is how drones help in disaster management, both in observing, monitoring and coordinating the actions of rescuers, and directly using them to deploy mobile networks, extinguish fires, and perform other missions in places where it is difficult for special vehicles to approach. Useful and humanitarian goods are delivered to areas in distress. UAVs are effectively used to deliver cargo for military, rescue, humanitarian and industrial purposes. UAVs are also widely used in geodesy and mapping, telecommunications, ecology, energy, and the oil and gas sector.

The work with the use of special UAVs is notable for its cost-effectiveness and lack of risk to human life.

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