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Sunday, 16 January 2022 09:26 GMT

Jordan- What Would You Suggest?By Mohammad Aburumman

(MENAFN- Alghad Newspaper)

One Jordanian politician, with insight on the current debate in Jordan, on the Kingdom's regressing regional role, and asks what other regional roles can Jordan play? What is required of us?

Are we required to intervene militarily in the framing Armageddon surrounding us? Or are we suppose to pick a side in this overwhelmingly intense regional polarisation? Must we side, decisively and intensely with one side over the other?!

He argues that those claiming Jordan's role has regressed regional do not really know what Jordan's role is, let alone our realistic option. Without such basic knowledge, how can there be a discussion?

Civil conflict and dispute is the area's most defining characteristic nowadays, as polarisation intensifies and the entire regional order falls into a void of chaos. In the meantime, there is an underway regional transmutation that is catalysed primarily by rivalry and competition among regional and international players, reshaping our parts of the world!

It is wrong to compare our situation today, so generically and out of context, with our situation decades ago, when the regional order had a clear, defining characteristic, restrained by rules and limitations. There are endless proxy wars unfolding in the region as we speak, bringing upon us such grave identity crises that have broken states in whole down to shreds.

Partaking in any aspect of this, regionally, is as dangerous as it is destabilising to Jordan's foreign relations dynamic.

Those who claim Jordan's role has regressed, he says, forget —maybe— that Jordan has made it safely through two devastating regional storms in just six years because of Jordan's wise approach to the regional situation. Starting with the tsunami of the Arab Spring all through the breakouts of civil wars and disputes in neighbouring states.

It is thanks to Jordan's wisdom and balanced, calculated approach that we have made it through the fire unscathed.

Jordan's regional stand is precisely calibrated so that the Kingdom will neither be dragged into the regional rivalry nor be hurt by it.

We were able to avoid another Syria, Iraq or Yemen scenario in Jordan because of it, not despite of it!

So, whoever thinks they have a better suggestion for Jordan's foreign relations approach should come forth with it to the Jordanian public opinion and let's discuss it!

Against all regional odds, we were able to secure our primary and strategic interests in the Syrian South, despite the regional polarisation.

In fact, it is our balanced position that has helped us establish common grounds between the Russians and the Americans to further the ceasefire and put the De-Escalation plan into effect!

Thanks to Jordan's approach, we were able to halt the influx of refugees, stop the bloodshed in Daraa and protect our northern borders, without getting militarily involved!

Another battle the Jordanians seem to be oblivious to is the Rukban camp issue.

Rumours among Western diplomats and members of the UN community were that there were ongoing efforts to get humanitarian aid to displaced and war-struck Syrians through Jordan.

Notably, that would have placed Jordan in charge of the Rukban camp, directly.

Had it not been for Jordan's approach and steadfast refusal of that, we would have gotten ourselves stuck with the Rukban refugees on our hands, on top of all the refugees we're hosting in Jordan.

In regards to the Palestinian Cause, the Jordanian diplomatic device ranked it first on its agenda of priorities. We are engaged in a tireless battle for Jerusalem every single day, to help protect the sacred city against Israel's relentless efforts to change its identity.

Despite the pressures, Jordan refused to stand down on its position regarding the relocation of the embassy, and was able to weaken the Israeli stand on it!

All of this was in spite of the Israeli malicious call to form a regional coalition against Iran.

None of this would have been accomplished had it not been for Jordan's approach. In fact, all of it was accomplished in spite of the fact that Jordan stands alone in the face of the world, contrary to all and any claims of the opposite!

Still, Jordan remains adamant in its stand against Israeli aspirations and in support of the Palestinian Cause; Jordan's number one priority!

Within the boundaries of such conditions and limitations, Jordan managed to deliver us thus far, through the hell of it all.

If anything, according to our politician friend, Jordan's diplomacy is the reason why we made it so far, above all else.

This article is an edited translation of the Arabic version, published by AlGhad.


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