MHP Leader Bahçeli Says VAT Issues Need Be Addressed For Local Farmers

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"With the Public Savings Package announced yesterday, ourfarmers will also benefit. Settlements and agricultural lands inmany regions of the world have suffered damage from excessiverainfall.

Our concern is our farmers' concern, and their joy is our joy have dedicated hearts. Whatever we give to our farmers,whatever we do, is insufficient. The increase in input prices isthe main complaint of our villagers and farmers.

The excise tax and VAT issues should be addressed for ourfarmers. We wish for the fertiliser and diesel support given to ourfarmers to be increased within budgetary means.

We will not allow anyone to oppress our farmers. I express thatwe will stand behind our farmer brothers under any circumstances,and I congratulate our farmers on Farmers' Day," MHP leadersaid.

"The vampires who drink blood should come to theirsenses"

There is a conspiracy going on with the suspension of a fewpolice chiefs. Nowadays, those nestled within the police andjudiciary are plotting against Turkiye again. The vampires whodrink blood should come to their senses. Crypto gangs are makingcalculations. They should look at the night of July 15th for theirfate.

We are monitoring all of them. We are aware of all illegalconnections and networks. There is a conspiracy going on with thesuspension of a few police chiefs. We are aware of illegalrelationships. The target is the AK Party, the MHP, and thePeople's Alliance, it is Turkey. We are following those who usepawns. Whoever supports defaming honourable names with secretwitness statements is a traitor, an assassin.

They must be dealt with. Let's see how the clean hands operationgoes. Those who are uncomfortable with the regulation regardingespionage in the 9th Judicial Package should be investigated. Theso-called journalists will soon pay the price."

The emergence of a third type between man and woman hasbeen a warning sign.

MHP Chairman Devlet Bahçeli made important statements at hisparty's group meeting. Bahçeli pointed out the genocide committedby Netanyahu in Gaza, stating, "Genocide cannot be an excuse. Themurder of 35 thousand people cannot be covered up."

Additionally, Bahçeli reacted to the displays at Eurovisionshowcasing LGBT deviation, stating, "The Eurovision song contesthas once again revealed the threat humanity faces. The moraldecline of a competition that has turned more into a political showthan an art event, and the emergence of a third type between manand woman, is a warning sign. If this is called modernity, thendown with such an understanding of modernity."

MHP Leader Devlet Bahçeli made important statements at hisparty's group meeting. Here are some highlights from Bahçeli'sstatements:

"The international community must take concrete steps.
If Netanyahu wants to see terrorists, he should look in themirror.
The democratisation of the UN should be urgently addressed withinan action plan.
Those who support Israel while babies are being slaughtered inGaza, and those who resort to the veto weapon in the UN SecurityCouncil, will not be able to account for it.
Genocide cannot be an excuse. The murder of 35 thousand peoplecannot be covered up.
No one should turn Gaza into a political tool.
Trade with Israel was erased in one stroke.

Defending Gaza means defending Gaziantep."

Reaction to Eurovision: Down with such an understanding ofmodernity

"The Eurovision song contest has shown what kind of threathumanity faces.
The moral decline of a competition that has turned more into apolitical show than an art event, and the emergence of a third typebetween man and woman, is a warning sign.
The dosage of marginality is at terrifying levels. The victory ofthe male artist appearing in the contest with a furry jacket and apink satin skirt is confirmation of shameful corruption. If this iscalled modernity, then down with such an understanding ofmodernity.

I want to state with determination that we will seek modernityand modernism in our essence and our own value judgements."



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