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Friday, 09 December 2022 05:37 GMT

All Achievements Of Azerbaijani Border Guards Are Result Of Highest Attention And Care Of President Ilham Aliyev - Deputy Head Of State Border Service

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Deputy Head for Logistics at the State Border Service (SBS) of Azerbaijan, Lieutenant-General Javid Abdullayev gave an interview to .

- The personnel of the State Border Service (SBS) of Azerbaijan, along with other formations of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, demonstrated great professionalism, heroism and high combat capability during the 2020 Second Karabakh War. It can be said with full confidence that our servicemen adequately coped with the tasks set by the Victorious Supreme Commander-in-Chief, President Ilham Aliyev. On the second anniversary of the 2020 Second Karabakh War's outbreak, please share your opinion on the military path gone by the State Border Service of Azerbaijan.

- In September 2020, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, President Ilham Aliyev, ordered to launch of counter-offensive operations to suppress the combat activity of the Armenian Armed Forces and ensure the safety of the civilian population. Having received the order to start the combat operations, the State Border Service immediately mobilized all its forces and means.

From the first day of the war, Azerbaijani border guards, participating in the combat operations, liberated a large territory from the occupation beginning from the line of contact of troops in the territory of the Fuzuli district to the border with Armenia. During the day, with a lightning attack at a distance of 105 kilometers, they inflicted crushing blows on the Armenian Armed Forces, destroying hundreds of their manpower, raised our state flag on the ancient Khudafarin bridge, in Aghband village of the Zangilan district and in Zangilan city, liberated the Bartaz and Shukurataz strategic heights on the border with Armenia.

The combat missions set by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief to the State Border Service were successfully completed. Azerbaijani border guards showed heroism and courage during the liberation of the Fuzuli, Jabrayil, Zangilan and Gubadli districts, Hadrut settlement and Shusha city.

Using the most modern military technologies, reconnaissance and attack unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the Second Karabakh War, methods of warfare unexpected for the Armenian Armed Forces, Azerbaijani Armed Forces demonstrated to the world over the years that they are significantly ahead of the Armenian Armed Forces in combat training.

This war went down in Western history as the first large-scale war in which UAVs were actively used. As a result of the professional use of the 'Harop', 'Guzgun' and 'Hermes' drones by the State Border Service of Azerbaijan, the strategically important military equipment, anti-aircraft missile systems, including eight S-300 missile systems, tanks, armored fighting vehicles, command posts of Armenian armed forces (totally 290 Armenian military targets).

Thanks to UAVs, military equipment, which was used by Armenia for years, turned into scrap iron. During the Second Karabakh War, a unique military experience was formed in the joint combat use of the Israeli-made Harop and the Turkish-made Bayraktar-TB2 UAVs.

Another innovation applied by the State Border Service of Azerbaijan in the Second Karabakh War is among those studied in the military schools of the world. So, An-2 aircraft, which completed their service life, were modernized and added to a number of modern combat weapons, such as UAVs. As a result of the special use of these aircraft, Armenian air defense systems and other strategic facilities were detected and neutralized.

The Armenian occupation of 20 percent of the territory of Azerbaijan, including 132 kilometers of the border with Iran and up to 500 kilometers of the border with Armenia, was put to an end. The selfless struggle of the greatest commander in the history of Azerbaijan, the victorious Supreme Commander Ilham Aliyev in the military, political and diplomatic arena, the consolidation of our people around the Supreme Commander-in-Chief in 'Iron Fist' [motto under which Azerbaijan liberated its lands from the occupation], the military tactical and strategic superiority of our Armed Forces, the invincible fighting spirit of our soldiers ensured a brilliant victory over Armenia in the Second Karabakh War.

- After our historic victory, the State Border Service of Azerbaijan continues to serve in the territories liberated from occupation, and decisive and crushing answers are given to any military provocations of Armenia. What can you say about the activities of the State Border Service of Azerbaijan at present in the liberated territories and the border with Armenia?

- Azerbaijani border guards serving with great zeal and pride are protecting the interests of our state under the tricolor national flag on the Azerbaijani-Armenian border.

By instructions of our Victorious Supreme Commander in the liberated territories, complex measures are rapidly continuing to create the necessary border infrastructure, improve the conditions of service and social security for military personnel.

On the liberated Iranian-Azerbaijani border, the activity of border outposts was restored in a short time, 19 new complexes of military units responsible for organizing the protection of the border with Armenia, 110 border-combat points, 'Eyvazli' and 'Gazanchi' checkpoints were built, border control was organized at the Fuzuli International Airport. I'm proud to announce that measures are currently being taken at Zangilan Airport to prepare for the implementation of border control.

In the liberated territories, 1,556 hectares were cleared of mines and unexploded ordnances, 1,530 anti-personnel and 1,762 anti-tank mines, as well as 245 unexploded ordnances were found and neutralized, new roads were laid on a 106-kilometer section, and major and current road repairs were carried out on 225 kilometers.

The operational conditions along the entire line of the state border, including the border with Armenia, are under our control, and any threats which may be directed against our border security will continue to be resolutely suppressed.

- Today, along with other types of troops, the State Border Service is also steadily increasing its combat capability, and the supply of the latest ammunition is increasing. At the same time, the professionalism of the personnel is being raised, and the patriotic spirit is being further strengthened. What can you say about it?

- Of course, the combat effectiveness of the State Fire Service, as well as other types of troops, is steadily growing, and the supply of weapons, ammunition, and military equipment that meets the most modern standards is increasing. Many issues which were once considered difficult to solve have already been successfully resolved.

These resolved issues include the creation of a modern infrastructure for the border guard on the northern and northwestern borders, border aviation, coast guard, the introduction of satellite technologies for protecting the state border, the use of radar systems, mobile and stationary surveillance equipment and electro-optical equipment at border points.

The above issues also include the creation of service and internal digital information system, meeting modern requirements, at the center of shipbuilding and repair of the coast guard of the State Border Service, the construction of Tufan and Shahdagh border patrol ships, capable of performing service and combat missions in difficult conditions in the Caspian Sea, and the creation of special air operations forces as part of the State Border Service.

Besides, the experience of Azerbaijani border guards in the effective combat use of UAVs was recognized as exemplary by the armies of most foreign states, and a perfect system of military training in the State Border Service was formed through the creation of the Academy and a special school of the State Border Service, an example of which is the training of cadets of border structures of foreign states at the Academy of the State Border Service and the receipt of requests from foreign colleagues in connection with this, measures were taken to improve the social and living conditions, including housing conditions, of border guards.

Each of these achievements is a result of the highest attention and care of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Victorious Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Ilham Aliyev on the border guards. The level of border security directly depends on the level of professionalism of the border guards.

Border guards, continuously organizing service along the borders of our country with various types of military weapons, equipment and means, must have high moral, psychological, physical and tactical training, as well as to fully master military equipment and weapons, other specific devices and means, to be able to successfully apply them in daily activities. Therefore, the provision of highly qualified personnel is important. We try to adequately fulfill all our obligations.

- Can you please provide information on the future directions of the State Border Service, and the tasks set for improving combat and service activities?

- As a result of the measures taken to improve the protection of the state border, strengthen the material and technical base of the State Border Service units, and improve the social and living conditions of the military servicemen, today a powerful border security infrastructure meeting modern requirements has been created in Azerbaijan.

Today, the State Border Service is a structure capable of performing its tasks at the highest level, provided with professional personnel, modern weapons and equipment. We can proudly note that the material and technical base of the State Border Service units is being strengthened, and new weapons, military equipment, special equipment, highly maneuverable vehicles, equipment and protective means are being acquired.

Conditions are being created for the personnel to fully master the new weapons and equipment they have received, and the skills of the perfect practical application of theoretical knowledge are being trained. The effectiveness of consistently implemented reforms in all spheres of service is reflected, first of all, in the final indicators.

The level of protection of our borders is increasing. Operational conditions along the entire line of the state border, including on the border with Armenia, are under our complete control. Any threat or provocation which may be directed against our border security is being suppressed and will continue to be resolutely suppressed.

The above mentioned processes of construction, improvement and development under the leadership of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev will continue successfully in the future. Our goal is to ensure the inviolability of the borders of the Motherland, faithfully serving the state interests.


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