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Iman Kasem: art breaks through the UAE



Iman Kasem: art breaks through the UAE
Art Director of Zimzy Gallery Iman Kasem, a young Jordanian painter in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is bringing a whole new meaning to the beauty and depth of art with visual and exquisite pieces.
Iman started as a small painter through school and university, escalating to reach success as a result of huge demand on brilliant minds and state-of-the-art ideas. With a demonstrated history in teaching arts for adults and kids, Iman believes everyone can be an artist and its a one right to all that is not less than language or math! Only passion will take us places and only by passion we can spread the joy of art, as teachers, learners and painters.
While assuming a managerial position, the spectacular painter was magnificently able to introduce innovative concepts as she significantly improved activity through art, proving essential to the new age.
For Iman, mastering oil painting, water color painting, acrylic painting and glass painting among many others was not only hard work, but also thrilling to make her embrace effort with passion.
According to the artist: "painting reveals the true mind and soul of each, It allows people to speak in colors instead of words! Using a one universal language that equals people and allows them to unleash emotions freely." 
The 25-year-old artist scored several achievements, including participating in major galleries, and is set to appear in Majid Kids TV. 
By: Iman Kasem
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Iman Kasem: art breaks through the UAE

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