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SALONEER: A New Best Beauty Software Release

(MENAFN - ForPressRelease) Introducing, Saloneer, a software that provides all the benefits to beauty specialists in a salon, hair stylists, massage, tanning, is looking for something that will ensure that you provide high-quality services to your customers both effectively and efficiently. There are a couple of benefits that are associated with this software. These may include;

it ensures that your website experiences free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and, social
media marketing.

It also provides you with a support team that will ensure that your website is among the
top 3 most sought on Google.

It will ensure that your website is professional with Saloneer easy-to-use site builder

It also offers teaching courses to ensure that you can promote your business on Google
and social media.

And most importantly, it is 100% compatible with your business, and thus that should not
be a worry for you.

If you are looking to start or upgrade an already operational business, Saloneer can also be a
barber shop software free of charge since you are not charged to register with us.

This software can also be used as a beauty salon software which will enable you to use it
facilitate your business. It allows you to set up your payroll, schedule appointments and
confirm any engagements with customers. These are some of the features that make it one of
the best salon software in the world.

Free Salon POS Software

Saloneer will enable its users to be able to meet the needs and expectations of every
beautician and stylists looking to sign up with us. This will include accurate scheduling to
ensure that there is effective workflow. Scheduling can be further be broken down to staff
scheduling, automated communication with the client as well market your business. This is
because Saloneer is not in the business of imitating. We offer a unique product with unique
features to ensure that we stay ahead and make your business thrive through modernization,
improved operations and maximum flow of revenue.

Free Salon Booking

Saloneer offers you the ability to allow your clients to book appointments with you to ensure
that you can plan. This will ensure that you avoid double booking and disappointing your
customers whom you were not able to communicate with in advance. Saloneer has ensured
that you can accomplish this through both your phone and your phone through its app.


The software will enable you to plan your salaries according to the activities or services
rendered by your employees which will be monitored by the software. Saloneer offers both
the software and the app, and therefore you will still be able to conduct your business even if
you won't be physically present at the premises.


The software will enable you to sell client memberships with as many services as possible. So
if you are offering tanning, hair salon, massage or even a barber, you can still be able to offer
membership for all of these on the software.

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Address: 1502 Eglonton Ave west
City: North York
State: Ontario
zip: M2H1M8 Contact Information

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    SALONEER: A New Best Beauty Software Release

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