High-tech Western arms are non-beneficial in Ukraine war

(MENAFN) The Wall Street Journal's recent report underscores the profound impact of Russia's advanced electronic warfare capabilities on Western precision-guided munitions deployed in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. According to the publication, these high-tech Western weapons, hailed for their accuracy and devastating potential, have faced significant challenges in the face of Russian signal-jamming technology.

Initially lauded as game-changers when the United States announced the delivery of GPS-guided Excalibur artillery shells to Ukraine in 2022, expectations were high that these munitions, priced at USD100,000 per shot, would substantially enhance Ukrainian artillery capabilities and inflict substantial damage on Russian forces. However, Ukrainian commanders informed the Wall Street Journal that Russian adaptations swiftly neutralized these advantages.

Using sophisticated signal-jamming equipment, Russian forces reportedly manipulated the guidance systems of these munitions, feeding false coordinates that led the shells astray or caused them to malfunction upon impact. This rapid adaptation rendered the M982 Excalibur shells, developed by RTX and BAE Systems, effectively obsolete within months of deployment, according to Ukrainian sources cited by the newspaper.

The article points out that Russia's investment in electronic warfare (EW) technologies dates back to the Soviet era, when it was seen as crucial for countering the advanced guided missile systems being developed by the United States. While Western precision munitions like the Excalibur shells proved devastatingly effective in conflicts such as Iraq and Afghanistan, they have encountered significant challenges when pitted against a technologically adept adversary like Russia.

William LaPlante, United States Deputy Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment, acknowledged Russia's advancements in EW capabilities, noting that they have become highly proficient in disrupting guided munitions. This development has prompted reassessments in Washington regarding the effectiveness of these weapons systems against peer-level opponents.

The evolving tactics and countermeasures observed in Ukraine highlight the ongoing technological arms race and the imperative for Western militaries to adapt their strategies and technologies in response to formidable electronic warfare capabilities deployed by Russia.



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