Huawei Cloud Stack: Driving The Momentum Of Middle East And Central Asia To Leap To Cloud

(MENAFN- Khaleej Times) The field of AI is currently experiencing rapid growth after more than half a century of development. Generative AI and large AI models are revolutionising applications across nearly every industry. Concurrently, cloud computing has seen remarkable expansion over the past decade, with recent years witnessing exponential increases in computing power, parameters, and data volume.

Numerous governments and enterprises have begun integrating AI into practical applications to expedite their digital transformation efforts. industry insight is recognised as pivotal for future success. In the Middle East and Central Asia, many government entities and enterprises are leading the charge in digital transformation, such as Vision 2030 by Saudi Arabia and 'Digital Nation' by Azerbaijan. They are pioneering the adoption of cloud technologies, actively seeking to foster innovation in the cloud to accelerate intelligence and are enthusiastic about deploying their own AI capabilities.

In the context of the public sector, more and more AI-powered Q&A assistants are being deployed to improve experience and increase efficiency in government services. In the energy industry, cloud computing is utilised for IoT device management to streamline IT and OT systems and utilise AI-powered analysis for smarter decision-making. In the carrier industry, many carriers are incorporating cloud strategies to upgrade essential services and create a new revenue growth curve.

Huawei Cloud Stack is designed to meet customers' requirements for cloud in each phase of transformation. Whether cloud-based or cloud-native, Huawei Cloud Stack can help customers achieve service innovation and is a trusted on-premises cloud solution. Deployed on-premises, it improves security and compliance. Synchronised with services from the public cloud, it also allows for continuous iteration of innovation. Huawei Cloud Stack currently supports more than 110 cloud services and has more than 5,500 global customers, including over 800 government clouds and more than 300 financial clouds.

Huawei Cloud Stack has created the industry's first hybrid cloud for large AI models by incorporating Pangu models. This solution helps enterprises build their own large AI models in one stop, featuring three highlights:

A solid AI-Ready Cloud Infrastructure: The Huawei Cloud Stack offers an extensive AI pipeline, encompassing computing resources, storage, networking, operators, development frameworks, development suites, and professional services. This comprehensive suite reduces barriers to constructing large AI models. With a wide array of capabilities, including software-hardware synergy, uninterrupted long-term training, cloud-edge synergy, and security and compliance services, it simplifies the process for governments and enterprises to tackle the fundamental challenges of deploying large AI models.

Numerous models and applications: Huawei Cloud Stack supports Pangu Models with a decoupled '5+N+X' three-layer architecture. It also supports over 30 mainstream open-source large AI models in the industry and provides efficient, easy-to-use tools to help customers smoothly migrate models. In addition, Huawei Cloud Stack provides an intelligent orchestration tool to standardise and visualise model and application development, accelerating rollout from months to days.

Empowering myriad industries: The Huawei Cloud Stack offers over ten comprehensive AI models tailored for various sectors, including government, mining, oil and gas, finance, and meteorology, complemented by professional services spanning planning, construction, development, training, and operations. Customers have the flexibility to conduct training, fine-tuning, and inference deployment using their own datasets and share their proprietary algorithms and applications. This facilitates the accumulation of expertise in constructing large AI models and streamlines their sharing and monetisation process.

At the Huawei Cloud TechWave Summit 2024 in Baku, Hu Yuhai, vice president of Huawei Hybrid Cloud, introduced the new Huawei Cloud Stack 8.3, which features a solid cloud foundation and five innovative capabilities covering GaussDB - a distributed cloud database, mainframe modernization, data lakes, large AI models, and industrial Internet:

GaussDB provides a distributed database with high performance and reliability: When managing high concurrency, GaussDB boasts exceptional reliability and outperforms competitors with a 30 per cent increase in performance. Moreover, it offers flexible disaster recovery and one-stop easy migration capabilities, both essential features for the core systems of government and enterprise clients.

Mainframe modernisation accelerates transformation of core systems: In various industries such as finance, energy, and manufacturing, customers are keen to transition their core systems from isolated legacy mainframes to open platforms. To meet these needs, Huawei has introduced a mainframe modernisation solution leveraging software, hardware, and services advancements. This solution offers three paths for cloud migration: re-hosting, re-platforming, and re-architecting of core systems. It delivers synergies between cloud and hardware, enhances process reliability, and offers tailored solutions for specific scenarios.

A converged data lake improves data sharing and circulation: The Huawei Cloud Stack offers three groundbreaking services: MRS for big data service, DWS for data warehousing, and DataArts Studio for comprehensive one-stop data governance. Additionally, it delivers an enterprise-grade real-time data lake that supports OLAP and HTAP workloads while standardising data formats. This empowers customers across sectors such as government and finance to efficiently collaborate on data from various sources and domains, enabling real-time analysis and sharing.

Industrial Internet is integrated with AI to enable new industrialisation: The Huawei Cloud Stack offers a blueprint for a fresh industrial Internet platform, facilitating comprehensive connectivity across industrial domains, harnessing data intelligence, and fostering application innovation. It addresses challenges encountered across various phases of industrial production and enables seamless integration with AI technologies.

A hybrid cloud for large AI models helps enterprises in every industry build custom large AI models in one stop.

Dive into Cloud and Unleash Cloud Value

While some early adopters of cloud technology have already enjoyed numerous advantages, there remain hurdles for customers venturing into cloud services. Leveraging their extensive experience serving enterprises and insights into emerging technologies, Huawei Cloud has unveiled the Visions of Diving into Cloud white paper. This document forecasts the implementation of the ten most impactful technologies or models in government and enterprise. Additionally, Huawei Cloud also introduced an initiative to dive into cloud, advocating for concerted efforts to embrace cloud-native solutions, foster innovation within the cloud sphere, and leverage deep expertise and experience. This initiative seeks to promote exemplary practices, establish new standards, facilitate robust talent development, and ultimately assist customers in accelerating their intelligent transformation journey, enabling them to flourish with digital and intelligent technologies.

Leap2Cloud Initiative

As AI becomes increasingly prevalent, depending solely on virtualisation is insufficient for sustaining business expansion. To expedite digital transformation, enterprises must adopt cloud computing and extract maximum value from it. In pursuit of this goal, Hu Yuhai introduced the 'Leap2Clou' campaign during the Huawei Cloud TechWave Summit 2024 in Baku, Azerbaijan. This campaign urges government agencies, enterprises, and partners to capitalise on strategic opportunities by transitioning away from outdated virtualisation methods and embracing cloud-native technologies, AI, and big data. Huawei Cloud is committed to driving business growth through accelerated innovation and tapping into the full potential of cloud computing.

Success Cases


Ankabut is the largest ICT service provider in the UAE's education sector. It offers a wide range of ICT services, including IaaS/PaaS cloud services, network connectivity, IT infrastructure, equipment room/cabinet hosting and leasing, management, professional services, and training to universities, research institutions, and vocational schools nationwide. Huawei Cloud is Ankabut's strategic partner. Huawei Cloud Stack's multi-cloud management, high reliability, and efficient O&M are transforming Ankabut into a reliable cloud service provider for education and research in the UAE and, arguably, the Middle East.

Uzbekistan Digital Government Project Management Center - Government Cloud

The Digital Uzbekistan 2030 Strategy approved by the Uzbekistan government emphasised the need to accelerate the development of digital infrastructure. Establishing the Uzbekistan government cloud, serving as a national data center, was a top priority for the government in developing digital infrastructure in the next two or three years. The national data center was used to run all e-government systems nationwide. In 2022, the National Data Center became the 'heart' of Uzbekistan's digitalisation. Under the on-premise deployment of Huawei Cloud Stack, which is continuously synchronised with Huawei Cloud for accelerated innovation with full control of the cloud and data in the digital government data center, the center has improved the government infrastructure and online services in the past two years. Huawei Cloud Stack has greatly enhanced the efficiency of the development of the e-government portal. Currently, 18 sectors are represented on the portal, with 524 public services providing government services for 37 million, with 56 per cent of public services provided through the portal.


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