Indelible Stain On History: Armenia Portrays War Criminals As Legends

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The Armenian media, which has become professional in preparinglies and disinformation, and the diaspora organizations thatfinance it thanks to certain resources, are experts in presentingcriminals to the public as heroes and legends. Armenian vandalism,which first usurped Azerbaijani culture and distorted somehistorical monuments during the 30-year occupation period, anddestroyed others, today talks about the "restoration" of historicalmonuments and religious buildings in liberated Garabagh and otherAzerbaijani territories freed from occupation.

We wonder what the mentioned restoration works are about?

It is a very ridiculous fact that a group of Armenianrevanchists and separatist elements who still are trying toforcefully keep the so-called "artsakh" topic on the agenda, claimthat Ruben Vardanyan, who defended separatism in Garabagh and wasimprisoned in Baku, is supposedly a "protector" of historicalmonuments in Azerbaijan's Garabagh. The fact that a Russianbusinessman suddenly parachuted into Garabagh and became a"guardian" of historical monuments can be considered one of thenext Armenian fictions.

Vardanyan, who appeared in Garabagh in 2020 after Azerbaijan'sglorious victory in the Patriotic War, makes an instant transferfrom the world of business to the realm of politics. His halfblooming in politics was similar to the episodic roles organized intheater scenes. Rubik could not survive on the political scene fora long time. In 2022, Vardanyan, who was found guilty of armstrafficking against Ukraine and blacklisted by the US StateDepartment, had to renounce his Russian citizenship, and his nextmission was to continue his separatist activities in Garabagh underthe umbrella of the Russian peacekeeping units. Vardanyan, who hasmillions of wealth, but failed in politics, for some reason, soonfaced the wrath of Yerevan.

This was due to his mistakenly targeting the Pashinyangovernment and his desire to gain influence in Yerevan by makingcertain maneuvers. However, Pashinyan's administration understandsthe intentions of the businessman, who was wedged into Garabagh byorder of Moscow, and paralyzes his career in the very short periodof time.

Today, the Armenian diaspora, unable to accept his deservedpunishment, tries to present the former separatist leader not as ahero, but rather as a guardian of history and monuments. It seemsthat the Armenian propanda machine has left Vardanya's unsuccessfulheroic story incomplete, and is now trying to justify him as a newhero in front of the world community. This cannot be considered asolution for the ex-separatist leader's release from Bakuprison.

(Photo: Yukhari Govhar Agha Mosque with half-destroyedminarets in Shusha during Armenian occupation, Azerbaijan. 17 June2014. Marcin Konsek / Wikimedia Commons)

As for the fake information spread about him, it is said thatRubik once had a "tremendous role" on the "restoration" of theLower and Upper Govharaga mosques in Shusha. When Shusha wasliberated from the Armenian occupation in November 2020, theminarets of both Ashaghi and Yukhari Govhar Agha Mosques, built bythe architect Karbalayi Safikhan and opened in 1875 - 1885, was notonly in a dilapidated condition, but also in a deplorable conditionfrom the interior point of view. This means that the mosque wascompletely unused during the occupation, and the destruction of themosque from time to time and erasing it from history was part ofthe plan of the Armenian occupiers.

If those who try to present Vardanyan as a philanthropist conveythese lies to the public as true, then why didn't Vardanyan help inthe restoration of mosques belonging to Azerbaijan in Yerevan?

In addition, naming the mosque built by Panahali Khan's sonIbrahim Khalil Khan in the name of the Persian authorities is anopen slander against the history of Azerbaijan. Shusha is acultural city built by the most powerful and prominent historicalfigures of Azerbaijan. As for the separatist elements like RubenVardanyan, who are stuck between the trap of business and politics,Shusha and the historical monuments on it cannot be affiliated theinitial letter of their names.


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