Virtual Internet Announces Virtual 5G For Android With 5G Guaranteed Level Of Service

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SINGAPORE and SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ --
Virtual Internet announced the Virtual 5G for Android, 5G Guaranteed Level of Service. It is a new level of performance specifically designed for Users that connect by Satellite and Cellular Radio.

Virtual 5G enables:

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V5G Advanced Speed Tests
V5G Advanced Speed Tests

  • 5G Enhanced Mobile Broadband Service over any type of connection:
    Wi-Fi, Cellular Radio, and Satellite.
    Enabled home at work, or while traveling in your vehicle which is limited almost universally to 3G.
  • 5G Enhanced Mobile Broadband Service for 4G, 3G and even 2G users.

5G service has always been most challenging for Satellite and Cellular Radio users. These are the most expensive ways to connect, and they miss the mark of delivering 5G most often.

With Virtual 5G for Android, 5G Guaranteed Level of Service not only will users receive faster service with Virtual 5G than without, Virtual 5G will enable users to average 5G level speeds on any network and any connection.

Cellular and Satellite are Expensive Connections

Cellular Data is generally more costly than comparable Wi-Fi plans on a per-byte basis. Wi-Fi is typically a LAN (Local Area Connection) which is connected via a Wi-Fi Router to in ground Cable service to access the Internet.
In terms of Data Throughput, traditionally, Wi-Fi performs faster than Cellular networks and Wi-Fi typically offers a more stable Internet connection.

Satellite Internet relies on satellites in space to create an Internet network. Satellite Internet isn't as fast as fiber or cable, and it is still more expensive than most other common modes of Internet. In most cases, other options will offer better speeds with lower latency. Satellite Internet can be finicky if there isn't a clear connection with the satellites overhead, and the nature of communications to satellites makes it much harder to reliably transmit and receive data.

Most Internet Access Services illustrate the best-case scenario; the top levels of performance which are typically the exception, not the rule. Increasingly users are seeking solutions that deliver during the worst-case scenario, 5G level of service even when the 5G connection they paid for doesn't deliver as expected.

Virtual 5G for Android, has been re-engineered to deliver 5G Guaranteed Level of Service, especially important for Cellular and Satellite Internet. Virtual 5G can deliver Gigabit speeds, but users also want 5G service over performance challenged networks. In the random tests show above, Virtual 5G for Android not only delivered the 5G Enhanced Mobile Broadband, Virtual 5G for Android delivered better performance than these service providers delivered themselves on their own networks.

Virtual 5G delivers improved 5G Mobile Broadband using technologies that are additive and complimentary to infrastructure service providers, meaning that no matter how and how much these networks improve, Users will always receive better service with Virtual 5G than using these networks alone. Simply put, Virtual 5G will always be faster.

Not just about the Speeds

Satellite and Cellular Internet are valuable and important services. Faster speeds are important, but user experience is what consumers value most, cost and repeatable service. Virtual 5G delivers better user experience and is the biggest value in 5G. Virtual 5G provides Global 5G Guaranteed Level of Service annually for less than these service providers charge for an hour of service.
That's value.

Users on social media state this:

"Download speed varies wildly over short time periods. Download a big game on steam or whatever and watch the download speeds. It'll go like 50, 45, 53, 25, 12, 60, etc."

"In my experience, online speed tests should be taken with a grain of salt. Back when I used to work for a major ISP, we never accepted them as legitimate diagnostics when troubleshooting slow speeds."

"Speeds will bounce around 20-120 Mbps."

"Focus on user experience."

Virtual 5G: The World's Best 5G

Virtual 5G is not just an App –it is a Network, a Global Virtual Network that improves your service no matter where and no matter how you connect.

Virtual 5G is recognized as the premier platform for 5G Global Enhanced Mobile Broadband; for every app, at home at work, in your car, and while traveling.

Virtual 5G: Global Platform

Virtual 5G is now also recognized as the most private and most secure 5G Global Enhanced Mobile Broadband network available, increasingly critical for secure messaging, secure calling and for confidential medical and financial applications.

About Virtual Internet Pte. Ltd.

Virtual Internet is a metaverse company, incorporated in Singapore. Virtual Internet is building a new community of millions of users, connected through multiple networks. Virtual Internet has created and operates on its own Virtual 5G Global Overlay Network, which allows millions of other applications and services to be delivered over 5G Mobile Broadband Speeds using existing Cellular Radio, Wi-Fi, and SATCOM networks.

Contact: PR@adaranetworks. com

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