Blockchain Costa Rica Launches Decentralchain And CR Coin, A Social Cryptocurrency For Costa Rica

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Founders of DecentralChain Node Network celebrate official launch of the node network with a commemorative photo

The Crypto Hotel, also known as Villa Montana, hosted a large family event that featured on-stage promotion of CR Coin.

CR Coin used to incentivize beach cleanups in Costa Rica with the support of Radio Urbano, promoting a sustainable and eco-friendly future

Costa Rica's Crypto Hotel launched a new eco-friendly blockchain and social currency.

CR Coin is an obvious transition for Costa Rica to adapt to crypto just like they have adapted to SINPE Movil.” - Robert, Owner of Villa Montana Crypto HotelJACó, PUNTARENAS, COSTA RICA, March 17, 2023 / / -- Blockchain Costa Rica has announced the launch of their new blockchain, decentralchain , and their social currency, cr coin , from their headquarters located in Villa Montana, also known as the 'crypto hotel '. This 9-story beachfront hotel is one of the largest in the area and is owned by Robert, an avid cryptocurrency enthusiast who has been investing in the crypto markets for over 8 years.

The Crypto Hotel: A Hub for Crypto Enthusiasts

Villa Montana, also known as the 'Crypto Hotel,' is a beachfront hotel located in Costa Rica. The hotel is one of the largest in the area, with nine stories and a stunning view of the ocean.

The hotel serves as a hub for crypto enthusiasts, providing them with a space to discuss the latest trends and innovations in the world of cryptocurrency. The hotel features a conference room, rooftop pool, restaurant, bar and other amenities that are ideal for hosting events related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Robert has invested heavily in the development of the Crypto Hotel, the hotel is not only a place for crypto enthusiasts to stay but also a place for them to connect and collaborate on new projects and ideas.

CR Coin: A Social Currency for Costa Rica

CR Coin is a social currency developed by Blockchain Costa Rica to promote local economic growth and community building in Costa Rica. The currency provides an incentive for local businesses to adopt it as it can be used to purchase goods and services from businesses that accept CR Coin. The aim is to encourage Costa Ricans to support local businesses and causes while building stronger local communities.

The Crypto Hotel Villa Montana is one of the businesses that accept CR Coin as a method of payment, along with many other local businesses in Costa Rica. This makes it easier for crypto enthusiasts to travel and enjoy their stay in Costa Rica while supporting the local economy.

Overall, CR Coin is a promising initiative that can potentially revolutionize the way people think about local currencies and community building. With the support of local businesses and community members, CR Coin has the potential to create a more sustainable and resilient economy in Costa Rica.

DecentralChain: An Eco-Friendly, High-Speed, and Secure Blockchain

DecentralChain is a blockchain developed by Blockchain Costa Rica specifically for the needs of CR Coin. The blockchain is eco-friendly, featuring eco-nodes that are hosted on eco-friendly servers, making the entire blockchain and all decentralized applications on the blockchain inherently eco-friendly.

The blockchain boasts an average transaction confirmation speed of 3 seconds, making it one of the fastest blockchains on the market. Additionally, DecentralChain has a multi-layered cybersecurity protection approach, providing an additional layer of protection against DDoS attacks and other types of cyber threats.
DecentralChain is interoperable with other blockchains, and Bitcoin can be bridged to the DecentralChain blockchain, inheriting all its features, including speed, scalability, and eco-friendliness.

Educating the Community About Web3 and Blockchain

One of the main objectives of Blockchain Costa Rica is to educate the community about everything Web3 and blockchain. The team is committed to consultations and is available to speak with anyone about the project. They believe in providing an opportunity for the community to learn and understand the technology behind the currency.

Blockchain Costa Rica has a unique approach towards promoting the knowledge of blockchain by inviting anyone to their headquarters to meet the project founders. By interacting with the team and learning about the technology, the community can gain a better understanding of the benefits of using blockchain for social and economic growth.

Blockchain Costa Rica's efforts towards educating the community about the technology behind social currencies will encourage widespread adoption of blockchain technology and ultimately promote the growth of Costa Rica's economy.


The launch of DecentralChain and CR Coin is an exciting development for the crypto community in Costa Rica, and the Crypto Hotel is at the center of it all. Owned by Robert, an experienced crypto investor and enthusiast, the hotel serves as a hub for crypto enthusiasts and innovators to gather, learn, and collaborate.

Blockchain Costa Rica's commitment to promoting local economic growth and community building through the use of CR Coin is commendable, and the eco-friendly and high-speed infrastructure provided by DecentralChain is an impressive feat of blockchain engineering.

The team at Blockchain Costa Rica is dedicated to educating the community about the potential of Web3 and blockchain technology, and they welcome consultations and discussions about the project. With Robert's leadership and vision, the adoption of social currencies and blockchain technology in Costa Rica is poised to make a significant impact on the local economy and society.

As the world becomes more digitized and interconnected, the need for secure, fast, and eco-friendly blockchain infrastructure will only continue to grow. With DecentralChain and CR Coin, Blockchain Costa Rica and the Crypto Hotel are leading the way towards a brighter and more inclusive future for the people of Costa Rica.

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