5 Industries & Segments That Can Be Impacted By Chatgpt

(MENAFN- America News Hour) It's been just about 4 months since ChatGPT was originally launched. As some of you might already know, ChatGPT is an innovative AI chatbot developed by OpenAI. It's trained to interact with users just like a chat conversation with real human beings, responding to manual prompts in a dialogue format that allows it to have follow-up questions and answers, admit errors, and even more.

Last week its latest version, GPT-4 was made available. And compared to its previous version, GPT-3.5, GPT-4 is capable of processing various types of input, including video, audio, images, text, and such whereas the older version could process plain text input and produce text and code output. Also, it has much more improved accuracy with its responses using human feedback thus it can provide more advanced answers than its predecessor.

There have been enormous amounts of discussions about how the AI chatbot would potentially disrupt the current being of IoT or its usage in various industries. What are some of the industries and segments that can be impacted greatly by AI chatbot?

Art/Illustration/Content Creation

This may be one of the easiest predictions to make when looking at the recent buzz around AI chatbot, not just ChatGPT. When it comes to creation, AI-generated illustrations are a hot topic, but ChatGPT can also create poems, short stories, story prompts, and more.

It may have come as a surprise that AI evolved so quickly to create works of art that have long been considered the culmination of human talent and sensitivity. The quality of their works, of course, is still not as good as that of best-selling authors or artists, and it may be too early to say that their illustrations are worth any dollars. But it's certainly up to a decent level. In the future, illustrations and story plots may soon be created by AI, not by people. In that case, it is conceivable that people's job is mainly to direct and edit.

On the other hand, we must also consider that the use of AI in this kind of art will give rise to legal issues that have never been thought of before. Recently, a court ruled that ai-generated parts of graphic novels are not copyrighted . There is also the possibility that AI will be able to create works that faithfully imitate the style of a certain creator, so legislation may be necessary.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing advertises products and services on a website and leads users to purchase those services and products from the website, and receives commissions according to the results. You might have looked up on google“credit cards recommendation” or“best antivirus software” to compare products.

Affiliate marketing involves comparing products and services on your site and getting users to buy them through their own sites. Therefore, it is imperative for affiliates to first win exposure on search engines, then bring users to their site from search results, and provide detailed information about their products within that site to convince the users to purchase a product.

ChatGPD, on the other hand, is highly likely to automatically derive recommended rankings with detailed reviews, even customized for each user, for user queries such as“credit card recommendations”. In that case, users will get their answers directly on the chatbot, but not through affiliates. So therefore, there is a possibility that the affiliate marketing model will be forced to change their business model significantly in order to survive.

Three examples of industries where affiliate marketing is fierce are credit cards , hotels , as well as iGaming, like online casinos and bookmakers. The question is how much would non-English language be affected by ChatGPT. Japanese is one of the biggest languages used on the internet other than English.

We talked to Masa Sasajima, who runs an affiliate site in Japan“betinjapan.com ,” about what he thinks would be a threat with this new technology –“It's certainly threatening, especially considering that ChatGPT seem to be able to deliver quiet advanced and elaborate answer to user queries even in Japanese. Of course I haven't seen any drastic change in user's behavior as of now, but we might be required to come up with a brand new strategy to cope with a potential shift.”

Customer Support

Many entities are already using chatbots for customer support. Many of the inquiries received by customer support are inquiries that can be resolved without human intervention.

Also, you may have experienced that even if you ask the same question, the content of the answer will be different depending on the knowledge and experience of the representative. Or the representative will often have to wait a very long time looking for an answer by checking with a particular department.

By using chat GPT, you can receive a more accurate answer in a much shorter time than a human representative. In the future, if the accuracy of input and output is improved and the accuracy of answers is improved, chatbots can be expected to make a much larger contribution than they are now.


Many of the questions and questions people have are now easily answered by Google. On the other hand, until now, Google has always been limited in its ability to accurately read the intent of a question, and the questioner often cannot find the answer they are looking for.

The more niche the question, the more likely it was. It can be said that this is the limit of Google and other search engines, but ChatGPT allows users to ask more descriptive and elaborate questions about what they want to find out.

In research and teaching, it is common to struggle with papers and texts written in foreign languages. In addition, there are many fields where research and papers in a specific language are substantial, and the availability of such information determines the quality of research and education.

With chatGPT, when you search in a specific language, the answer you get is not simply extracted from the accumulated information that exists in that language and compiled, but information learned from multilingual sources. It is also said that they seem to translate and answer questions based on the language in which they are asked, and it may be possible to resolve the language imbalance in access to such information.


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