Over 100 Afghan Officials Performing Hajj This Year

(MENAFN- Pajhwok Afghan News)

KABUL (Pajhwok): About 107 government officials have travelled to Saudi Arabia for performing Hajj this year¸ Pajhwok Afghan News findings show.

The officials include cabinet members, governors, police chiefs, deputy police chiefs, mayors and directors from Kabul different provinces.

The Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs says quotas for pilgrims have been determined based on the populations of the provinces and districts.

Of them, 572 are nomadic Kochis, one percent refugees, one percent relatives of martyrs and disabled and a small number of government servants.

According to the MoHRA, about 13,582 people have travelled to Saudi Arabia for Hajj this year. The Hajj flight operation has been completed.

Officials in Saudi Arabia for Hajj

Bakhtar News Agency tweeted that Deputy Prime Minister Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar had arrived in Saudi Arabia for performing Hajj.

Last week, Kabul police spokesman Khalid Zadran tweeted :“We had witnessed the time when we were not allowed to go for Hajj. But today, Alhamd–o–Lillah, Khairullah Khairkha, minister of information, and Interior Minister Anas Haqqani are in Makkah — chanting Labaik laka Labaik.”

Some users of social media also shared the photos of Mullah Fazil Mazlum offering prayers at Masjid


    Amar Yasir, a member of the government's political office, also tweeted two days ago that he had left Kabul for Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj.

    Some sources confirmed to Pajhwok that 111 more officials had gone to Saudi Arabia for Hajj.

    No Name Job-specification Job category
    1 Mawlavi Mohammad Amin Umari Maidan Wardak Governor Governors
    2 Qudratullah Abu Hamza Balkh Governor
    3 Qari Hafeez Pahlawan Faryab Governor
    4 Mawlavi Abdullah Mukhtar Paktika Governor
    5 Mawlavi Abdul Rahman Kunduzi Samangan Governor
    6 Mohammad Ali Jan Mohammadi Paktia Governor
    7 Qari Zainul Abidin Laghman Governor
    8 Abdul Sammad Javid Badghis Governor
    9 Mohammad Qasim Khalid Kunar Governor
    10 Haji Rashid Daikundi Deputy Governor Deputy Governors
    11 Mullah Mohammad Nabi Usmani Nimroz Deputy Governor
    12 Mawlavi Mohibullah Hammas Paktia Deputy Governor
    13 Abdullah Haqqani Kunar Deputy Governor
    14 Mawlavi Abdul Rahman Aslami Samangan Deputy Governor
    15 Mullah Nadir Haqjo Sar-i-Pul Deputy Governor
    16 Habiburrahman Suhaib Kunduz Deputy Governor
    17 Shaikh Esmatullah Nuristan Deputy Governor
    18 Mawlavi Abdul Karim Jihadyar Farah
    19 Mawlavi Nasir Hilal Sharan City Mayor Mayors
    20 Mawlavi Abdul Ghafoor Haidari Maidan Shahr City Mayor
    21 Aminullah Sharifi Ferozkoh City Mayor
    22 Qudratullah Tariq Mazar-i-Sharif City Mayor
    23 Mohammad Sharif Elham Gardez City Mayor
    24 Mawlavi Zahir Khadem Farah City Mayor
    25 Shad Mohammad Chief of Staff MoLSMD Directors/Officers
    26 Mawlavi Abdul Qayyoum Farooqi Paktika Hajj Dept Head
    27 Zabihullah Noorani Balkh Cultural Dept Head
    28 Noor Mohammad Waseeq Balkh NISA Head
    29 Abdullah Tarin Small Mines Dept Head
    30 Hafiz Farid Smlal Mines Dept Head
    31 Mawlavi Shaheen Balkh DAB Head
    32 Mawlavi Mohibullah Jahid Panjsher Governor Chief of Staff
    33 Mawlavi Fazal Rahman Mustaghfar Nimroz Hajj Dept Head
    34 Mawlavi Mohammad Noor Khalil Dakundi Governor Chief of Staff
    35 Abdul Haleem Agha Panjsher PWD Dept Head
    36 Asadullah Erfani Dakundi Hajj Dept Head
    37 Matiullah Rohani Kunduz Cultural Dept Head
    38 Mawlavi Amanullah Hassan Kunduz Agriculture Dept Head
    39 Abdul Ghafoor Shaheedzoy Kunduz Governor Chief of Staff
    40 Mawlavi Zia ul Haq Hanafi Kunduz Haj Dept Head
    41 Shikh Azizullah Kunduz Justice Dept Head
    42 Mawlavi Asadullah Kunduz RRD Dept Head
    43 Mawlavi Bari Dad Badghis Governor Chif of Staff
    44 Mawlavi Mohammad Sabir Umar Parwan Vice Virtue Dept Head
    45 Abdul Rafuf Saeed Paktia Agriculture Dept Head
    46 Mawlavi Ameer Moh. Haqqani Faryab Governor Chief Staff
    47 Mawlavi Abdul Razzaq Marzaqi Badghis Justice Dept Head
    48 Mawlavi Ahmad Saeed Faryab Appellant Court Head
    49 Mawlavi Gul Wali Muttaqi Maidan Education Dept Head
    50 Mullah Jumma Haqyar Sar-i-Pul RRD Dept Head
    51 Mawlavi Abdul Hakeem Hamid Maidan Economy Dept Head
    52 Mawlavi Ismael Rahmani Badghis Hajj Dept Head
    53 Mufti Mohammad Mubashir Sar-i-Pul MoWSLMD Head
    54 Mawlavi Samar Gul Mazhari Maidan Transport Dept Head
    55 Mawlavi Waheedullah Rashid Maidan RRD Dept Head
    56 Mawlavi Faiz Mohammad Laghman DAB Dept Head
    57 Mohammad Edress Ghor RRD Dept Head
    58 Abdul Wakeel Motawakeel Ghor Social Affairs Dept Head
    59 Mawlavi Syed Shamsuddin Badghis Mining Dept Head
    60 Abdul Karim Abu Shoiab Ghor PWD Head
    61 Mawlavi Jamaluddin Badghis Border Dept Head
    62 Mohammad Esa Adalat Ghor Hajj Dept Head
    63 Mohammad Nabi Ahmadi Ghor Agriculture Dept Head
    64 Abdul Hafeez Panjsher Hajj Dept Head
    65 Abdul Razzeq Marzaqi Badghis Justice Dept Head
    66 Mawlavi Abdul Qadir Umari Laghman Hajj Dept Head
    67 Mawlavi Ghulam Rahman Kazeem Nangarhar Canal Dept Head
    68 Mawlavi Abdul Wakeel Naqi Uruzgan irrigation Dept Head
    69 Mawlavi Hizbullah Takhar Education Dept Head
    70 Mawlavi Shamsullah Mohammadi Bamyan Hajj Dept Head
    71 Mawlavi Abdul Qayyoum Hilal Paktika Police chief Commanders
    72 Abdul Sattar Sabir Badghis Police Chief
    73 Mohammad Yousuf Jamalzai Nuristan Police chief
    74 Mawlavi Mohammad Umar Mukhles Paktia Police chief
    75 Mawlavi Qeyyam Nangarhar Police chief
    76 Sardar Mohammad Ayubi Nimroz Police chief
    77 Mohammad Din Shah Mohabat Logar Police chief
    78 Mawlavi Abdul Baseer Mazhari Sar-i-Pul Police chief
    79 Mohammad Sharif Haleemi Maidan Wardak Police chief
    80 Mawlavi Najeebullah Emran Kunduz Ali Abad District Police chief
    81 Mawlavi Faisal Laghman Police chief
    82 Mullah Sediqullah Abid Daikundi
    83 Mawlavi Edress Provincial Brigade Commander
    84 Qari Mohibullah Umar Badakhshan Garrison Deputy head
    85 Abdul Wakeel Badkhshan Salesh Corp Commander
    86 Qari Salahuddin Ayubi MoRRD Deputy Minister Other Officials
    87 Mawlavi Syed Ahmad Sajid Commissar of Abu Nasar Port
    88 Mawlavi Feroz Nimroz NSIA Head
    89 Mawlavi Qeyamuddin Kashaf Badakhshan Governor Secretary
    90 Mawlavi Wajeehuddin Badakhshan Religious Edu Head
    91 Mawlavi Mahmood Ezam Kandahar Governor Spokesperson
    92 Qari Zahiddulah Alingar District Chief
    93 Mawlavi Abdul Razzaq Warduj District Chief
    94 Mawlavi Abdul Hai Nimroz Police Spokesperson
    95 Mawlavi Aminulhaq Panjsher Judiciary member
    96 Mawlavi Mansour Kunduz City 3rd District Police Chief
    97 Ghazanfar Sayyad District Chief
    98 Salam Aka Ali Abad District Chief
    99 Mawlavi Shah Rhman Pansher Hajj Dept Spokesperson
    100 Raz Muhammad Badghis Agriculture Dept Head
    101 Syed Hassan Bamyan Hajj Dpt Head

    Other officials

    Fazal Mohammad Hussaini, media director for MoHRA, told Pajhwok this year about 13,582 people from Afghanistan were performing Hajj and the flight operation had been completed .

    Pajhwok asked the Ministry of Hajj to share the number of pilgrims and the list of government officials from different provinces. The ministry, however, did not provide the details.

    Hussaini insisted:“The Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs provides same services to all pilgrims, whether government officials or ordinary people. I cannot say who will go and who will not but those who have gone there are known to us as pilgrims.”

    A delegation from the ministry had travelled to Makkah earlier to arrange for pilgrims teachers, accommodation, transport, food, tents and other services in Mina and Arafat.

    According to a Pajhwok report , in the solar year 1391, about 3,000 government servants had gone on Hajj without participating in any draw. Every minister, parliament member and governor had introduced two persons each for Hajj.

    In the solar year 1398, former president Ashraf Ghani had underlined the need for reducing the participation of government officials in the process.



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