Trending Metaverse 3D Design Experience NFT Artist in the know in the post Ethereum 2.0 upgrade coming in June 2022

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Kaballah Tree of life NFT Design Experience designs for the metaverse

Seven Seafarers of the Seven Seas

3D experience designs by Claude Edwin Theriault of MBF-Lifestyle East Coast

Metaverse NFT Creator Brand Logo trends to watch after Ethereum 2.0 update June 2022.

The science of Influence and the Influence of Science” — Claude Edwin TheriaultST BERNARD, NS, CANADA, April 14, 2022 / / -- With the history-making Ethereum2.0 Serenity Merge soon to be finalized and transferred from proof of work to proof of stake Beacon chain it's all gonna shine.
Since people are now paying more to flaunt their wealth in a virtual world than they are in the real world. NFTs facilitate e-commerce between the real world and virtual worlds hence the reason they are so very much in the brokerage news.

Influencers in pursuit of experience design Brand logos possessing that elusive“Je ne Sais quoi” quality of the mystic and intrigue; with a good visual narrative has on us all. Via the emotional or spiritual value attributed to a work of art because of its beauty; and its capacity to bring pleasure to the viewer, hence it's provenance.

Like digital property rights to the artworks, Claude Edwin Theriault of MBF-Lifestyle East Coast has been doing for close to half a century.
Platinum winner of the 3D motion Graphics award in the competitive Hermes Creative Design Award competition, that introduced design with meaning
to a worldwide audience looking for BlockFi Personalized Yield-like ROI.

With an ever-growing circle of savvy minds discovering their massive transformational value.
In the shifting mainstream Art Gallery scene that is in need of a Fourth Turning Reboot.

This can be done with fractionalization where one can do an ICO Initial Coin offering and have investors buy shares or fractions of an art piece, like Initial public offerings offering a share of a company.
These Blue chip NFTs have risen to the same level of provenance and prominence as the physical art created by the most famous artist in history; in a fraction of the time.
Due to Reg CT which has been a game-changer for regular investors.Who now have a safe way to invest in early private market deals, via the lucrative equity crowdfunding deals at Wefunder; who helped write the JOBS Act.
NFT Plaza news will tell you Virtual Blockchain Worlds (VBWs) are the new social platforms they are not games. they are owned players and investors not one company.
In the past companies that created centralized virtual worlds and games owned all of the content hosted non their servers. When players paid for in-game features they could only use them there, now players can bring their own NFT property into the sphere own it, and even the virtual real estate“land” it is built on; then even resell it if they wish. It is a form of democratic freedom mainstream media does not have to offer. Hence the reason for their inevitable demise of mainstream media by this very disruptive game-changer technology.

The role of blockchain technology is managing the true ownership of the Intellectual NFT property and preventing forgeries, hence the MBF-Lifestyle interest in this sphere.
Virtual real estate land is like purchasing 3D web 3.0 space a form of website hosting in the former Web 2.0 world. Instead of overpriced yearly hosting fees, you have a one-time deploy fee that is much lower and lasts forever, in your new Decentraland, Somnium, or Cryptovoxels VR worlds to discover.

A good guide to help navigate its realm is the ancient Hermetic Axiom that states. The All is Mind; the Universe is Mental. This first principle embodies the truth that 'All is Mind. ' Meaning, the Universe itself, at an underlying and foundational level, is Mental. That all phenomena of life, matter, and energy of the material universe are thoughts of an infinite and universal, living Mind.Something to be conscious of in navigating this new VR and AR world
Also As above, so below; as below, so above. It is of prime importance to have a relevant mindset to remain stable in the evolving metaverse trends.
Due to its very immersive nature, it will swallow a lot of people alive, keep them in immersive PODs like in the matrix movie. Where we attain singularity in time with Artificial Intelligence becoming smarter than Humans Intelligence.

Resulting in an intelligence explosion, an upgradable intelligent agent will eventually enter a 'runaway reaction' of self-improvement cycles, each new and more intelligent generation appearing more and more rapidly, causing an 'explosion' in intelligence and creativity.
Leaving it up to you to change your mood or mental state—as well as change your vibration so as to prepare yourself for the meta-reality. Replacing the Take-Make-Break-Dispose model with a more circular recycle cycle to it.
So take a deep breath and prepare for visual impact with the virtual VR-AR NFT design artist in the meta-reality of the new SapientX A..I am voice savvy

This progress we are seeing can be attributed to the ever-improving NVIDIA Omniverse real-time graphic processing (GPU0 units, the stunning vistas found in 3D Photorealistic Engine 5, faster content generation through Volumetric Video tools like Arcturus enabling creative artist types to edit and stream volumetrically captured experiences with live-action performances like never before.
AI-driven Virtual Characters in are all part of the increasing prevalence of cloud computing and 5G, as well as more sophisticated and better-understood blockchain infrastructure.
VR and AR headsets are on track to surpass global gaming shipments with the mass adoption is revolutionizing the human digital experience and is the entry point of choice to the metaverse. Rendering the proverbial handheld smartphones practically obsolete

So buyers and consumers need to beware in choosing your Talisman Mojo archetypal power sources; via NFT Design artwork galleries in the know; beyond the realm of shallow Influencers falling by the wayside in the shift of the Fourth Turning Winter season cycle we are in until 2027-2030 A.D.

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Blockchain deployed Digitalized 3D Motion Graphic NFT Artworks of Claude Edwin Theriault @MBF-Lifestyle East Coast


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