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Sunday, 25 September 2022 07:30 GMT

Decentralized job – the new and powerful WorkPlace 2020

(MENAFN- Blockohooters) It is not a secret that the effects of the communication technology moving towards can be seen in the work paradigms, that are experiencing colossal changes. The age of hyper mobility and the distributed workplace is barreling towards us at an accelerated pace. Along with the Millennials, now the Gen Z has also entered the workforce defining new flexible work styles and passion economy taking over every sphere of work.

We see the emergence of a 'digiculture' as a result of a connected hub of workers, which is all about the 'Internet of everything' and demands an 'everything connected' landscape. To exploit this 'digiculture' to its fullest capacity, organizations need to form collaborations across multiple industries that will help them to leverage the 'collective intelligence' of companies. It is the time for businesses to break the silos and promote a seamless flow of information across companies, by adopting digital technologies in their everyday work and simplifying the connectivity among people.

Sensitrust is harnessing this powerful new revolutionary approach through Blockchain technology, Smart Contracts, and Artificial Intelligence. It believes that the sky is the limit when it comes to forming a network of professionals and customers, where one can find providers for the products or services of interest, or job opportunities.

The red-tapism and bureaucracy in the traditional methods cause a delay in hiring processes and in the remuneration to employees, which is further worsened by different legislations. It results in unsatisfied employees, low productivity, and stagnant work culture. Classical recruitment activities are full of risks since companies could base their decisions only on what professionals declare as their skills in a CV. There is no guaranteed way to verify any of it by comparing them with past projects done by the candidate. Sensitrust aims to simplify and solve these issues!

Another important factor that Sensitrust aims to bridge the gap of, is time to market. This is one of the most crucial factors in the success of a project as well as for the reputation of the company.

A survey reported on revealed that 85% of the workforce wants flexible and remote working options since commuting burns them out and results in low productivity. However, we need extensive rules and safety mechanisms if such a kind of work will become the standard. By fully exploiting the peculiarities of Blockchain, the dream of a safe and secure working environment, which is one of the strong points of traditional working environments, can be achieved also in the 'working nomads' culture.

By using Artificial intelligence, Sensitrust also provides multiple additional features. From the selection of opportunities to the automated revision of products and services, all are handled by their cutting-edge AI engine. Specifically:

It can estimate the quality of professionals by matching requirements with the professionals' profiles.
Past feedback on the professionals on the past projects worked by them would further allow the engine to suggest the most promising candidates.
It is capable of suggesting the design of a new project and its requirements, based on past experience of similar successful activities.
The professionals can take the help of this platform to engage with most promising opportunities for them that matches their skill set with requirements of the product or services of various customers.
Both customers and professional will benefit from the transparent way this engine will evaluate if the final product or service met the requirements and constraints defined during the design phase.

Given the current situation and the COVID-19 pandemic, people in traditional workplaces are forced to work in a smart working environment, and many people are suffering the loss of their job. Without the backing of safe and secure technologies, work from home is not yielding the kind of productivity that is required. To get the most out of enterprise collaborations, companies must invest in automating many routine tasks. It is the time organizations look at AI, robotics, and Blockchain. The HR processes need to be digitalized and working models have to be re-imagined.

The Sensitrust platform is surely what we need now for a protected and safe smart working environment.

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