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COVID 19 Potential Cure To Begin Clinical Trials In Las Vegas, Nevada

(MENAFN- Emerge News) Coronavirus Treatment News - A Covid 19 cure may be available in Nevada very soon.

Las Vegas, NEVADA -- 777 International Holdings, Inc., a Nevada Corporation, is leading the race to free America from the grip of Covid 19. Brent Meikle, CEO, has put together a crack team to ramrod the testing and ultimate approval for wide spread public use. Red Rock Clinical Research, LLC., is planning to begin Phase One of clinical trials for this potential Covid 19 cure. It is planned to be made available in a non-invasive delivery system in the form of a nasal spray, time released capsule or throat spray. This potential cure can be made available to the public prior to FDA approval through the Right to Try Laws currently passed in 41 states which allows patients to obtain permission to use a non-FDA approved potential cure. Under the current administration the FDA has approved Right to Try applications 99.9% of the time. Under the Right to Try Laws full testing and FDA approval is not required to make the potential cure available to those who wish to try it.

777 International Holdings, Inc. was absorbed by Apache Mill Tailings USA, Inc. as a wholly owned subsidiary. Apache Mill Tailings USA, Inc. which is providing 2.5 Billion of its Collateral Trust Certificates made in a Reg 'S' offering (offshore purchasers only). Apache''s Collateral Trust Certificates [CTC] are being offered at $1,000.00 per CTC (bond), with a 17.5% per year, CROI for two years. In order to fund Phase One of the clinical study and to ramp up the U.S. manufacture of the potential cure commencing with U.S. Distribution and then global. Apache''s Collateral Trust Certificates are trading on the Blue Screen and are DTC qualified being offered under DTC Offering Number C1905707. Apache''s Collateral Trust Certificates are backed 5:1 by above ground assets of gold, silver, platinum and rare earths (not including below ground reserves). See more at:

After extensive communications with the CEO''s of both companies and the inventor/bio-molecular scientist of this potential cure, Red Rock Clinical Research, LLC. principals, Dr. Lawrence Madoff and Dr. Rachakonda D. Prabhu, have decided to immediately launch Phase One clinical trials. Red Rock Clinical Research, LLC is a company doing ongoing clinical studies and drug evaluations for numerous pharmaceutical companies and government entities.

The Potential Cure

The potential cure was developed over a 20 year period by a Harvard graduate with duel degrees in molecular biology and law. The potential cure is an organic anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial compound that works by depriving the COVID-19 virus of oxygen and killing it. The potential cure has already successfully completed bactericidal, viral and fungal concentration testing on a wide range of pathogenic micro-organism strains. These studies have been completed at a government certified independent laboratory. Further testing has already been performed at Columbia University validating the potential cure''s properties.

The potential cure has been born out of a topical application which has been FDA approved for that purpose, but clinical studies have been prevented because of cost. With the relaxing of FDA regulations and the urgency to find a cure, clinical phase one studies MUST be conducted in short order. The potential cure is based upon all natural organic materials and no users have had any side effects during its topical use. The potential cure''s main active ingredient is derived from a well known plant. The plant has built in natural defense properties. Its' scent repels animals and insects. In addition the underground workings of the plant repels nematodes (microscopic worms) and other threatening pests. The plants oil that is derived from the plant's fresh flowers and has long been used as a highly effective holistic treatment for many ailments.

Through extensive research and laboratory work, the bio-molecular scientist has been able to modify the molecular structure of the active ingredient of the plant to obtain maximum results. When combined with certain other natural oils and ingredients, the potential cure mitigates many forms of pain. The main ingredient in the potential cure is a safe, proven and reliable treatment modality.

In testing the potential cure has shown that out of a wide range of 18 pathogens (viral, fungal and bacterial) the potential cure far out performed the universally used antiseptic-microbicide iodine solution for disinfecting before surgery. In the scientific study this universally used iodine based antiseptic only effectively performed when used in high concentrations and only worked on two of the 18 tested pathogens, while the potential cure was 99.99% effective with all 18 pathogens, even at diluted levels.

Because of the uniquely engineered properties of the potential cure''s molecules, it has an attraction to pathogens. Once attached to the pathogen cell, it starves the cell of oxygen - killing it. Before the Covid 19 outbreak, molecular biologists have performed non-clinical studies using the potential cure to kill MRSA, SARS and other threatening pathogens. The potential cure has not yet been given a product name. In the meantime, frequent clinical updates will be made on the the potential cure''s effectiveness on Covid 19.

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