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An open letter to all people that Wahhabism is not Islam and Islam is not Wahhabism: Part III

(MENAFN - NewsIn.Asia) "> By Imtiaz Thaha/DailyFT

Prediction of Prophet Muhammad (Sal) regarding the coming of the Wahhabis

If such deviation from Islam, such as Wahhabism was to arise, there should surely have been some foretelling about this event by the Prophet (Sal), as Prophets have the power to predict the future. Spot on, there is such a prediction made by the Holy Prophet (Sal) in the Hadith. The very place that Abdul Wahhab was born has been named by the Prophet (Sal) to be a cursed area in Arabia due to this fact. The name of this place is Najd (the central region of Saudi Arabia). The Hadith concerned is as follows:

According to two narrations in Sahih Bukhari, Muhammad (Sal) asks Allah to bless the areas of Bilad al-Sham (Syria) and Yemen. When his companions said, 'Our Najd as well,' he replied: 'There will appear earthquakes and afflictions, and from there will come out the side of the head (e.g. horns) of Satan.'

Today everyone quotes this Hadith and it is well understood that this Hadith refers to Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab who was born in Najd to be the 'horn of Satan'.

Nothing has harmed Islam as much as Wahhabism and surely you could call this person to be the very horn of Satan himself. So, there is now proof of Prophetic prediction too regarding Wahhabism, which has taken the world by storm today.

Havoc caused to the world by ISIS and Wahhabi-related terrorist incidents

Over 70 attacks which have killed, maimed and injured thousands in over 20 countries have been recorded below, the last of the dastardly attacks being in Sri Lanka at the time of this writing. This is leaving out the deaths and injuries in Syria and Iraq where combat actually took place. See the list of the genocide and devastation wreaked by the terrorist attacks that has shocked the world.


In Iraq and Syria, in the Isis held territories, many thousands have been killed on capture or entire villages wiped out for holding views that are different to that of the Wahhabis. This had been done mercilessly in full view of the media in order to send a message across to the world of their intentions. Gruesome killings and torture were inflicted for the world to see. People were beheaded or shot, even buried alive in full view of the cameras. The Wahhabis were revelling and enjoying depicting these executions. Their cruelty was sending shock waves throughout the world. Even infants were smashed on the ground. They even brought back slavery and sold women for sexual gratification as slaves.

If you happened to be a Muslim of the wrong type, a Sufi or Shiite Muslim, and you happened to live in their territory, you may not be amongst the living for too long. They would first harass you, torture you and finally kill you. If you claimed innocence by doing taqia or lied about your belief, they would still stalk you and finally send you to the other world.

Even those young boys and girls who came to fight for the cause of these terrorists from Europe and all over the world were shocked by the cruelty of these terrorists and did subsequently try to escape and run away to their homes. Many of them paid with their lives for they had been deceived into thinking that it was for Islam they were fighting. Too late, far too late as it dawned on them that this was certainly not the Islam that they had come to fight for and defend. This was Wahhabism and not Islam. Cold, cruel and calculating Wahhabism, merciless to its very core. A terror and horror ideology that killed all those who do not subscribe to their religious beliefs.

Banning of Wahhabism in many countries

Wahhabism has been accused of being a terrorist organisation and ideology. Many countries have been quick to ban the teachings of Wahhabism in their countries. Wahhabism being the hotbed of terrorists and terrorism has been demarcated to be eradicated. Saudi Arabia has been identified as the greatest exporter of Wahhabism. Saudi Arabia, (mostly the Najd), and the rest coming overwhelmingly from the Emirates and Qatar. Qataris are Wahhabis. Many countries in the world have today, built up a sizeable population of Wahhabis due to the tireless efforts of those in the Middle East who had the wealth earned through oil.

At present, the counties that have, by law, banned Wahhabism are as follows:

(1) Wahhabism/Salafism is banned in Malaysia.

(2) Tunisia has closed down all Salafi Mosques.

(3) Egypt has ordered to remove all books written by Salafi scholars, like Ibn Abdul Wahhab, Ibn Taymiyyah, Ibn Baz, Uthaymin and others.

(4) Jordan banned all Salafi books from their country.

(5) Wahhabis/Salafis banned in Tajikistan in 2010.

(6) Chechania to eliminate all Salafi Terrorists from their land.

(7) Bosnia/Herzegovina say Salafis are root cause of terror in Europe.

Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsmJWUXgqUY

(8) Pakistan bans Tabligh Jamaat, a sub Group of Deobandis/Wahhabis because it is allied with Taliban in their terror activities. Read more: http://en.dailypakistan.com.pk/…/punjab-govt-bans-tablighi…/

(9) ISIS, Al-Nusra, Taliban, Al-Qaeda and all other terror outfits in the world are reported by world media to be funded and supported by Saudi Salafists who are responsible for killing of hundreds of thousands of people in Muslim countries.

(10) European Parliament identifies Wahhabi/Salafis roots of global terrorism.

(11) New York Times reported Saudis must stop exporting terrorism in the world.

(12) Salafists and Muslim Brotherhood, both are terror groups.

Read more at http://www.meforum.org/3541/Salafis-Muslim-brotherhood

(13) Saudis fund Deobandi terror groups, Taliban and others in Pakistan/Afghanistan and other countries.

Wahhabism should be banned in all other peace-loving countries too. It should be cut off from the very grassroots by closing all Madrassas and schools which have the Wahhabi agenda as seen above. In Sri Lanka too, after the bloody Easter Sunday bomb blasts in which nearly 300 people died due to the ISIS bombs, this should be taken into account and all Wahhabi oriented schools and mosques should be shut down or the teachings of mainstream Islam should be brought back to these institutions.

The majority community and the BBS were quick to identify that the problem was with the Wahhabis and not with the traditional Muslims. Even as I write this article, they are working with the true Muslims to eradicate this global menace. The Intelligence Units were quick to grasp the situation and arrested almost all of the terrorists with the help of the traditional Muslims. The Wahhabi schools and mosques should be monitored. This would stop the spread of Wahhabism in this country.

The spread of Wahhabism in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, the doors were opened in the Middle East in the mid '70s for jobs and employment. Thousands upon thousands of Sri Lankan citizens took off for better pastures and went for employment to Saudi Arabia and the other Arab states. The Muslims too left the shores of this Island in their thousands looking for a better future. They and their children begun to absorb Wahhabism as their religion, thinking erroneously that it was Islam.

They came back with their children and became the generation of Muslims who became Wahhabi oriented and without their knowledge, practiced this alien ideology. They were the victims that fell to the wile teachings of Wahhabism and wrongly understood Wahhabism to be Islam in its pure form. This is what they have been told by the Wahhabis.

They looked down upon the Saints of Islam and visiting the Shrines of the Saints which was part and parcel of traditional Sufi Islam in Sri Lanka. They went against their elders and started to practice the Wahhabi ideas. They should now look into the glorious history of Islam and educate themselves as to what true Islam is.

These Muslims, or do we now call them Wahhabis do not know about Wahhabism and how it came about. They do not know about the great Islamic civilisations. The Umayyad, Abbasid and Ottoman Empires were cultured and glorious. They did not read their history. They were caught in the gloom of their new founded Wahhabi religion. All they knew was to hate and segregate themselves from the main population and the majority community.

They began to Arabise themselves and their females started wearing the black abaya which was unheard of before. The females walked around with their faces covered, creating mistrust and suspicion with the other communities. They believed in strict division and acted as a community that did not integrate with the majority.

In comparison to earlier days, in Sri Lanka, where everyone was united this was the very opposite of what it had been. The love and affinity that the majority community and the Tamil community had for the Muslims began to erode as they realised that they wanted to be aloof. This brought about suspicion and mistrust and created the problems that racism brings. They shouted about halal and haram (permissible and forbidden food), and totally upset the food and beverage market in Sri Lanka.

All this led to the situation that the majority community began to suspect and despise them. Suddenly the Easter Sunday bombings happened and even the Sufi Muslims were all treated as Wahhabis by the Sinhalese people, as the Wahhabis with their brand of Islam had already earned the hatred of the majority communities. It took a while for the majority community to realise the difference between the Sufi Muslim and the Wahhabi.

The Sufi Muslim community in Sri Lanka was not as strong as before. They had become the minority among the Muslims, and the Wahhabi community were the dominant force. They had their funding and resources which preached their brand of Islam, Wahhabism.

The mosques were taken over one by one, and schools and Madrassas were infiltrated. There was more Wahhabism to be seen than Sufism. The Sufi Muslims were harassed, and many were the incidents of violence perpetrated against them in many areas in Sri Lanka and especially in Kattankudy. The Sufi Muslims were killed, and their mosques and houses burnt, they even desecrated their graves. It was Wahhabi dominance now in Sri Lanka. The Sufi Muslims were afraid to even talk openly as their meetings were often disrupted and violence was used against them.

Things turned around, when the majority community found out that it was not the Sufi Muslims who were to blame for the Easter Sunder carnage but these new Wahhabi Muslims with their Arabisation and Wahhabi doctrines. Suddenly everybody knew that it was the Saudi funded Wahhabis who were hell bent on killing and causing destruction to all others who were not Muslims.

They also began to understand that during the past few years, the Sufi Muslims had also been victimised by these Wahhabis.

As the world had educated themselves and begun to differentiate between the Wahhabi and Muslims, Sri Lanka too has begun to realise and understand this. We find today that the Sinhalese and Tamil people know that it was the Wahhabi infiltration into this country that created the Easter Sunday killings.

It is high time that these Wahhabis are made to understand that during the early days there was no suicide bombers or divisions amongst Sri Lankans. Everyone followed their religion peacefully. They also respected and attended each other's religious festivals. They partook in their different cultural games and were as one family of Sri Lankans. We are telling the new Wahhabis to look into themselves and show some interest in finding out whether what they are following now is Islam or Wahhabism.

They should read the history of Islam and the history of Wahhabism and find out the basic differences between the two. They should realise that spirituality is of the essence of Islam. Wahhabism throws away spirituality and without spirituality darkness and mercilessness enters the heart.

The Wahhabi doctrine emphasises that all others, but them, should be looked down upon and hated. They believe that they would establish a state of Wahhabism which they call the Islamic state. They do not hide this. Islam is the very opposite of all this. Look into your hearts and change your belief from Wahhabism into Islam so that we can live in peace with all these citizens of Sri Lanka without differentiating and hating and without causing harm to humanity and killing innocent people as they did on that bloody Sunday.


I have tried my best to describe how Wahhabism came to be and how Islam is diametrically opposed to Wahhabism. In this article of mine I have endeavoured to reach out to those who mistake Islam to be Wahhabism. Islam is glorious in its past and present. Islam is peaceful. Islam gives the highest ideals for man to live by. Islam teaches man to attain to the highest stage of spiritual development in becoming the Vice Regent of Allah Himself on Earth.

Wahhabism, on the other hand, brings out the evil in man. It is blood thirsty and corrupt. It is intolerant, cruel and harsh. It does not believe in beauty and art or the culture of refinement. It is ugly and pathetic. It is the bane of humanity bringing man to the lowest levels of conduct. May Allah Almighty protect us all from this despicable terrorist ideology.

It should be the duty of every Muslim to show to the world that Islam is not Wahhabism. Today we have been given the order, to bring out to the world the facts concerning Wahhabism, and to fight the Wahhabis is as meritorious as fighting was with the Prophet (Sal) and the Sahaba, to spread Islam. This is because the Wahhabis are perverting Islam and tarnishing its glorious name. Such is the responsibility cast upon us, as the Islamic world today is being looked at as 'Extremist Terrorist'. This view should be regarding Wahhabism and not Islam. We should also actively fight the Wahhabis.

The Muslims may walk the streets with their heads held high as they are not extremists, nor are they terrorists. They do not have blood on their hands. The Wahhabis are the ones that should be referred to as terrorists and not the Muslims. It is the duty of every Muslim to show to the world that these extremist terrorists are Wahhabis and that they have nothing whatsoever to do with Islam.

Islam is still glorious, cultured, peaceful, tolerant and supreme and it is free from all that Wahhabism is and Wahhabism will ever be. Islam is not of Wahhabism and Wahhabism is not of Islam. Give this message to the world and walk proudly identifying yourselves as Muslims belonging to the great religion of Islam!




An open letter to all people that Wahhabism is not Islam and Islam is not Wahhabism: Part III


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