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Aras Group arranges Dh3 bn worth of funds for 100 projects

(MENAFN Editorial) Aras Group, a Dubai-based diversified financing experts, has helped arrange Dh3 billion worth of funds for 100 projects across a diverse portfolio ranging from real estate, renewable energy, hospitality, start-ups, refineries and ships, etc.

The company, which is involved in corporate finance, alternative investment, commercial lending as well as consulting business, has also created more than 100 special-purpose vehicles (SPVs) in the UAE and Europe to provide financial lifeline to hundreds of companies and projects and helped them come to fruition.

“Many of these projects are in advanced stage of production and implementation,” said an Aras Group spokesperson. “We have not exited any of them due to their strong growth prospects. We are happy with the way we have been able to support the private sector with our resources and co-financers.”

The company, which employs 110 highly-skilled professionals, receives a good number of project finance applications from a number of project-owners every day that are been vetted by a group of specialised financing team who carry out a thorough study on the project’s commercial viability and success potentials as well as long-term sustainability.

The total value of SMEs in the GCC is tipped to more than double over the next five years, to US$920 billion, according to reports.

“There may be fertile ground for mid-market companies to thrive in. But what is often missing from the picture is the right capital solution to propel the company to its next stage, and become the leading enterprises of tomorrow,” said a spokesperson from Waha Capital.

“With banks remaining asset focused and becoming more risk-averse, mid-market firms can struggle to access traditional forms of funding. This creates a clear opportunity for private debt to fill the gap.”

Aras Group is working to support the private sector with financial solutions tailor-made for their success. The company has a global network of financers who work with Aras Group to become angel investors, private equity partner, seed investors or Tier II investors along with the founders to offer customised investment solution for the needs of companies and start-ups.

Before any project is considered for financing they will be vetted. Aras Group use proprietary research tools and media intelligence software to screen all clients to be certain of their intentions.

The company officials also conduct background checks and financial history verification with various institutions that specialise in providing such services. If they make it through the preliminary screening then Aras Group officials discuss financing options in face-to-face meetings.

“We receive an abundance of business plans on daily basis from registered mediators and on average only about 5 percent of them will be considered for evaluation,” the company said in a statement.

The client's success in being selected for financing will hinge on a realistic target, sensible valuation, effective pitch and well-executed communication/business plan to stimulate as much interest from our financing board.

Aras Group specialises in silent partnership, subordinated loans and leasing.

“If the client brings in equity then they are entitled to a lower interest rate on the other hand if the client brings in no equity then the vetting process is a lot more strict and the interest rate is higher but then again the probability of receiving financing approval reduces,” the spokesperson said.

“The client receives payment in tranches as opposed to a one-shot payment. This is to feed their business in regular intervals.”


Aras Group arranges Dh3 bn worth of funds for 100 projects

About Aras Group
Aras Group is a Dubai-based group of companies with a global presence, involved in corporate finance, commercial investment and consulting. Aras Group is constantly aiming for higher standards of service on every single project. Its mission is to be catalyst for companies to feel, see and claim their success.

Aras Group focuses on understanding client’s exact needs to align itself with their goals. Its professionals are financial experts, assisting companies to raise the necessary capital they require to facilitate future plans and growth for the company.

Aras Group has access to multiple different lenders in a range of different lending markets, enabling it to source the most competitive solutions for business. Not only will Aras Group strive to source the most competitive offers, but its team members can advise the client on the best product for business moving forward.

The workforce behind Aras Group are highly trained multi-skilled professionals whose expertise has been developed and nurtured over the years, delivering complex projects for clients, in some of the world’s most challenging markets and situations.

The Aras team brings a unique blend of financial, operational, and managerial experience. Its high degree of flexibility, intercultural communication, and professionalism enable Aras Group to provide sustainable financing solutions.

Aras Group’s network of re-financers includes banks, investment funds, partners and multiple governmental bodies. Over the course of time Aras Group has invested in multiple international projects that are now living success stories. A few companies that it has been key investors in the middle-east are Azizi Developments, Nakheel and Dubai South and it has been sharing success ever since.


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