New Historical Reality For Region - One That World Needs To Reconcile With

(MENAFN- Trend News Agency) BAKU, Azerbaijan, June 14. The world is experiencing a very difficult historical stage. The borders of states in the world are changing rapidly. Not every state and politician can further strengthen statehood and establish new ties in international relations while such a difficult period is going on. Against the backdrop of all these events, we are witnessing the process of Azerbaijan and Türkiye becoming very important actors in the region as well as in the international global sphere. Joint decision-making by Baku and Ankara on various global and regional developments creates the need for further, more decisive, and strong-willed steps by both countries.

Azerbaijan and Türkiye, following the 44-day II Karabakh war, signed a declaration on 15 June 2021, taking a historic step, which will change the geopolitical landscape of the region. This declaration is also a worthy message to the foes of Azerbaijan and Türkiye. This declaration is an example of the integration of the Azerbaijani and Turkish states in all spheres. The most important thing is that this declaration means a new historical reality for the region.

Nowadays, the alliance of Türkiye and Azerbaijan, supporting each other in the struggle for the justice, is a very important issue. This importance grew especially with the Shushin Declaration, signed in the presence of the heads of state of the two countries. For the first time in our history, the Azerbaijani leader met a foreign head of state in Karabakh - Shusha. The signing of the Declaration on Allied Relations between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Türkiye in Shusha, which has an important spiritual significance for us, became an indicator of trust in each other, a blow to the foe.

Furthermore, it is of special symbolic significance that the Shusha Declaration was signed exactly on the Day of National Salvation of the Azerbaijani people - June 15, and on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the Treaty of Kars, which is considered very important for Karabakh and Zangezur. We are witnessing the repetition of history and similar events. Even now, there is an overt struggle for the region by states such as the US, Russia, Britain, France, and Iran. However, the difference this time is that the events are unfolding in favor of and in the interests of Azerbaijan. It is not by chance that while signing the declaration with the Turkish leader in Shusha, the Azerbaijani head of state recalled the Kars Treaty.

He said, "The Joint Declaration refers to the historic Kars Agreement. The historic Kars agreement was signed exactly 100 years ago. This also has a great symbolic meaning. The Joint Declaration on allied relations signed in the liberated city of Shusha after 100 years shows the direction of our future cooperation. The Declaration covers many important issues. At the international level, it dwells upon our cooperation, joint activities, political relations, economic and trade relations, culture, education, sports, youth policy and practically all other areas. It demonstrates the importance of energy security and the Southern Gas Corridor for Türkiye, Azerbaijan and Europe".

Of course, it is not by chance that President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev refers to the Kars Agreement and what happened 100 years ago. Because similar processes that took place 100 years ago are being repeated now. Just with one difference. If then the outcome of events ended for the benefit of Armenia and its patrons, today the new reality that has emerged in the South Caucasus means the direct victory of the Azerbaijani state and people. As a result of the forward-looking policy of our head of state, our people have restored historical justice exactly 100 years later.

The Shusha Declaration is a historical reality that the whole world must reconcile with. This declaration, aimed at combining capabilities in defense of the common interests of both countries as well as mutual coordination of their activities in regional and international strategic issues of common interest, is considered the beginning of building a new regional geopolitical configuration under the leadership of Baku and Ankara. This was the destruction of the geopolitical configurations that had existed in the region for almost 200 years and the beginning of a new regional order that would henceforth continue under the leadership of the Azerbaijan-Türkiye tandem. Nowadays, we are already witnessing this process. The world superpowers will no longer be able to take steps on any issue related to the processes in the region without taking into account the desires and interests of Baku and Ankara.

The importance of the Shusha Declaration in the current course of events is undeniable. The Shusha Declaration, signed by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and Erdogan is a revolutionary reality in the relationship between the two countries. It was on this date (June 15, 2021) that Baku and Ankara officially declared their alliance in the military, political, and economic spheres. Nowadays, many foreign powers and states seeking to put their paws on the region are concerned about the fact that this alliance is growing stronger day by day.

As the Declaration notes, in the event of a threat or encroachment on the territorial integrity or sovereignty of two states by a third state or states, they will defend each other. This is also a very important message for certain non-regional and neighboring states, including the revanchist forces in Armenia, who today make territorial claims against Azerbaijan and Türkiye.

The two brotherly countries also agreed on joint efforts to reform and modernize the armed forces of the two states in line with modern requirements, to implement measures aimed at strengthening their defense capability and military security, as well as to enhance the defense capabilities of the armed forces of the two countries.

The adoption in the Declaration of the decision to hold regular joint meetings of the security councils of the two countries on national security issues is another indicator of how close and principled relations between Azerbaijan and Türkiye are. It implies that thereafter, Azerbaijan and Türkiye will jointly act against threats and instantly foil any insidious attempts at interference.


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