JEE Advanced 2024 Overseas Topper AIR 101: Ascentria's Decade-Long Legacy Of Creating IIT-JEE Champions

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For decades, the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) has been the pinnacle of academic challenges for aspiring engineers in India. With millions of students vying for a coveted spot in prestigious engineering colleges like IITs and NITs, securing a top rank in the JEE is no small feat. Amidst this competitive landscape, Ascentria, UAE's leading coaching institute, has consistently emerged as a beacon of excellence, nurturing bright minds and shaping the future of engineering.

Ascentria's Pranavanand Saji has secured an outstanding 300/360 with an All India Rank of 101 in the JEE Advanced 2024, securing his position as the overseas topper.

Year after year, Ascentria has proudly witnessed its students clinch the top JEE ranks in the UAE, reaffirming its commitment to academic brilliance and holistic development. Their consistent results have led them to be appointed as the exclusive providers of JEE and NEET coaching to the Indian High Group of Schools, and to the GEMS Group of schools.

Let's embark on a journey through the annals of time, celebrating the remarkable achievements of Ascentria's JEE toppers each year.

2024: Pranavanand Saji - A testimony to perseverance

This year, Saji, an Indian High School student, stood as the JEE Advanced Overseas Topper attaining an AIR of 101 with a score of 300/360

"I got to know about JEE towards the end of 10th Grade and joined Ascentria at the beginning of 11th after hearing about them from my school. I knew it would be difficult to manage preparing seriously for JEE alongside regular school but gradually I was spending more and more time on the exam. The teachers at Ascentria were very supportive and focused on covering the syllabus, improving my scores in the mock tests, and continuously helping me improve my performance. I kept on working with the hope that my efforts wouldn't go in vain. I never expected to get such a great rank in JEE Mains and Advanced and I'm thrilled to see that my hard work and the support from my family and teachers at Ascentria has allowed me to achieve my goal."

Dr Preyusha Saji, Saji's mother says: "Pranav's determination, punctuality and discipline led to his success in JEE. Since his early school days, he has always been independent and completed his work on time. He was completely dedicated towards JEE, and also focused on many factors which would affect his performance like getting a good sleep and maintaining a good diet".

Saji Anand, his father, says: "Since his childhood, he used to always be competitive and tried to do his best in whatever he is interested in. In such a competitive environment, I found that he enjoyed not only gaining a deeper understanding of the subjects but also the competition, and gradually he was able to do better and come out with a great score and rank."

Earlier this year, Saji etched his name in the annals of JEE Main history by clinching the title of 'outside India topper,' with a remarkable score of 100 percentile. Hailing from Dubai, Saji's journey to success is marked by unwavering determination, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Despite achieving a near-perfect 99.99 per cent on his first attempt, Saji embarked on a journey of self-improvement, epitomising the spirit of continuous learning and growth. His dedication, coupled with Ascentria's unparalleled guidance and support, propelled him towards the pinnacle of success, securing an overall rank of 31 in one of the world's toughest examinations.

Saji's journey is not merely a testament to his academic prowess but also a reflection of his unwavering commitment to maintaining balance, consistency, and composure amidst challenges. His determination to excel, coupled with Ascentria's holistic approach to coaching, underscores the institute's transformative impact on shaping the destinies of aspiring engineers.

2023: Prithvik Premkumar - A Beacon of Inspiration

In the year 2023, Premkumar emerged as the JEE MAIN 2023 UAE topper, securing a coveted spot in IIT Kharagpur. A proud product of Ascentria, Prithvik attributes his success to the unparalleled guidance and support provided by the institute. Praising the faculty's dedication and the meticulously crafted study materials, Premkumar emphasises the importance of following Ascentria's modules and leveraging the teachers' expertise to excel in the JEE. His journey stands as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring engineers, showcasing the transformative impact of Ascentria's coaching on academic pursuits.

2022: Aryan Muralidharan - A Testament to Diligence

Aryan Muralidharan's journey from being a JEE Advanced top scorer in 2022 to currently pursuing his studies at the prestigious IIT Madras stands as a testament to both his remarkable abilities and the exceptional guidance he received at Ascentria Institute. Muralidharan's accolades as the Board Topper in Grade 10 and the 2nd UAE Topper in 12th boards further underscore his academic prowess and the holistic education imparted by Ascentria.

Reflecting on his formative years at Ascentria, Muralidharan attributes much of his success to the institute's unique approach to education. According to him, the hallmark of Ascentria lies in its ability to foster a genuine interest in mathematics and science among its students. Through innovative teaching methodologies and engaging curriculum, Ascentria succeeded in igniting Aryan's passion for these subjects, laying the foundation for his subsequent achievements.

One of the key aspects that Muralidharan highlights is Ascentria's emphasis on cultivating critical thinking and problem-solving skills. By encouraging students to think outside the box and explore different approaches to tackling challenges, Ascentria equips them with the tools necessary to navigate the complexities of real-world problems. Aryan's ability to approach problems from various angles and arrive at optimal solutions is a testament to the effectiveness of Ascentria's pedagogical methods.

Furthermore, Muralidharan speaks highly of the faculty at Ascentria, praising their unwavering dedication and commitment to student success. The teachers' willingness to go above and beyond in providing support, clarifying doubts, and offering guidance played a pivotal role in Aryan's academic journey. Their mentorship not only enriched his learning experience but also instilled in him a sense of confidence and self-assurance.

As Muralidharan continues to excel in his academic pursuits at IIT Madras, his words serve as a poignant reminder of the transformative impact of quality education. Through its holistic approach to learning, Ascentria has not only prepared Aryan for academic success but has also equipped him with the skills and mindset necessary to thrive in an ever-evolving world. Aryan's journey stands as a shining example of the potential that lies within every student, waiting to be unlocked through the right guidance and support.

2021: Priya Paleri & Priyanka Paleri - Twin Successes

In 2021, Priya and Priyanka Paleri made headlines by securing not just two of the highest position among girls in both JEE Mains and Advanced, but also second and third ranks in GEMS Grade 12 CBSE, as well as securing seats together at IIT Madras.

"In the beginning cracking these exams seemed like an impossible task, but the teachers at Ascentria handled the portion in such a way that we were able to understand the concepts and soon doing well in these exams seemed like an achievable goal".

2020: Srinivas Chaudhury - A Journey of Triumph

In 2020, Srinivas Chaudhury emerged as the UAE topper for JEE Mains and Advanced, solidifying his place in IIT Madras. His journey of triumph not only exemplifies academic excellence but also highlights the transformative impact of Ascentria's coaching on shaping the future leaders of tomorrow. While with Ascentria since his 11th grade, he decided to focus on the JEE only in his 12th grade. Srinivas found himself faced with the daunting task of covering the extensive syllabus of both the 11th and 12th grades within a limited timeframe. Ascentria provided continuous guidance, resources, and support to navigate through the rigorous demands of the examination.

One of the key elements of Srinivas's success story is Ascentria's structured approach to preparation. By conducting regular tests in the pattern of the JEE Advanced, Ascentria ensured that Chaudhury was well-equipped to face the final examination with confidence. Their simulated All India Test Series not only familiarized him with the exam format but also helped him gauge his progress and identify areas that required further improvement.

Moreover, Chaudhury emphasizes the significance of the resource material provided by Ascentria in his preparation process. The comprehensive study material offered by the institute not only covered the entirety of the JEE syllabus but also provided valuable insights, tips, and strategies to tackle different types of questions effectively. This rich repository of resources served as a cornerstone of Srinivas's preparation, providing him with the necessary tools and knowledge to excel in the examination.

As Chaudhury continues to pursue his academic endeavours at IIT Madras, his success story stands as a testament to the transformative impact of dedicated preparation and the invaluable support provided by institutions like Ascentria. Through its structured approach, comprehensive resources, and unwavering commitment to student success, Ascentria continues to empower students like Srinivas to realize their full potential and achieve academic excellence.

As we reflect on Ascentria's trail of brilliance in producing JEE toppers, it becomes evident that the institute has the longest legacy of sending students to leading IITs in the last decade of being operational in the UAE.

Alka Malik, founder and managing director, Ascentria speaks passionately of her commitment to providing students of the UAE with the best opportunity for the highest academic excellence and admission to leading colleges in the world, not just IIT and AIIMS, but also Ivy League universities, NUS/NTU and much more. "Students abroad need a teaching method tailored to the demands of the region. Cookie-cutting an Indian approach does not work for students here as international students are very different from students based in India. The students here need to excel in school as well and keep options open for applications internationally simultaneously. It's our goal to ensure that we help our students to achieve this seamlessly".

Ascentria continues to inspire and empower the next generation of engineers, shaping the future of the global engineering landscape. As we celebrate the achievements of Ascentria's JEE toppers, let us also acknowledge the institute's profound influence in shaping the destinies of aspiring engineers and fostering a culture of excellence that knows no bounds.

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