Deadly separatist attack claims 2 lives in Cameroon's northwest region

(MENAFN) In Cameroon's conflict-ridden English-speaking region of Northwest, tragedy struck as two security personnel and two civilians lost their lives in a separatist attack, according to reports from security officials and local sources on Wednesday. The incident unfolded when separatist fighters launched an ambush on two members of Cameroon's security forces late Tuesday night in the Bambui locality of the region.

A senior security official provided details of the harrowing attack, revealing that the soldiers had been socializing in a local bar and were preparing to depart when the separatist insurgents, concealed nearby, unleashed a barrage of gunfire. The sudden assault resulted in a violent confrontation, ultimately claiming the lives of the two security personnel, along with the bar owner and a woman present at the scene.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the official disclosed to Xinhua News Agency that amidst the chaos, a 26-year-old woman sustained injuries in the clashes and is currently undergoing medical treatment in a hospital. The attack marks a distressing escalation in separatist violence within the English-speaking regions of Northwest and Southwest Cameroon, occurring at a time when the nation is gearing up to commemorate its national day on May 20.

The intensification of separatist attacks in these regions underscores the persistent challenges facing Cameroon's efforts to restore peace and stability amidst ongoing conflict. As the nation grapples with the tragic consequences of violence, there is a pressing need for concerted efforts to address the root causes of the conflict and facilitate dialogue aimed at achieving lasting peace and reconciliation.