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Thursday, 30 March 2023 11:16 GMT

10 Secrets on How to Prepare for Your Interview

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It takes more than just looking up common interview questions on Google to land an interview successfully. The first impression is crucial. No running late or wearing wrinkled clothes! You must know about the company, its mission, and its products and explain why this job is a good fit.

The following list with practical tips on passing an interview will help any job seeker make a positive impression on hiring managers. Ten tips from Skillhub resume editing experts  will help job seekers get their best shot by properly strategizing how to answer the most difficult questions. 

Learn as Much as You Can About the Company Before the Interview


Interview preparation largely depends on details about the job, company, and who will interview a candidate.

Find out more about the company.


Spend time learning as much as possible about the company from all the available sources. Ask your network for information about current and former employees. Also, read the latest news releases and spend some time on Google.

Candidates often only look at the information on a company's website and social media accounts. Yet, they tend to ignore information from others. Job seekers should diversify their information sources to understand better the company that will interview them. Gathering all the opinions, including the negative ones, will make the preparation more solid.

Find out everything you can about this open position.


Before convincing your interviewer that you are a good hire, you must know what they want. Most organisations will have a job posting that outlines exactly what they are looking for in a candidate.

Go back to the job description before you apply. What are their strengths and what experiences? What are the problems this hire will need to solve? These are the points you want to stress during your interview.

Determine the type of interview you are applying for and prepare accordingly.


Different companies have different kinds of interviews. Ask what type you will be dealing with. Some companies may require you to meet with one person at a time. Other potential employers will set interviews with multiple people within the company. Others might ask you to give an interview presentation or meet with various people simultaneously.

A phone or video interview may also be available. It is a good idea to clarify the interview format with a hiring manager or recruiter. It can be a big help to learn the style and invest time to get comfortable with it.


Learn how to interview effectively. What common questions should you ask?


Next, you will want to apply what you have learned to prepare for common interview questions.

Identify your selling points for this job.


Even if your interview skills are impeccable, it is essential to think carefully about the qualities, achievements, and questions that will resonate most with interviewers for this job. Management skills? Your creativity? Look back at your research to find out what qualifies you the most.

Prepare to talk about yourself to the interviewer.


You should have a ready-to-go answer for "Tell me more about yourself" when you are interviewed. Interviewers will almost always ask the same question or something similar to it. The personal questions help start a conversation. Tailoring answers for each new interview would be wise. When you describe yourself, you should point out what unique qualities will help you fill the position in a company.

Determine why you are interested in this job at this company.


Hiring managers will ask why the company and its position have picked a candidate's interest. To ensure you can answer the question, you should identify critical aspects of the job and organisation that match your interests, strengths, and/or work style. Also, be sure to show excitement about this job position. This information can aid job seekers in answering the questions during the interview and feeling more comfortable with other questions.

Get familiar with the STAR method.


Interview questions should be answered with a story. You want the story to be well-structured and the takeaway clear.

You should give the interviewer the context necessary to understand the event while answering the question clearly. The STAR method is one way to achieve this. STAR stands as:

·         Situation: Briefly describe the situation using only enough detail to ensure that the interviewer understands the stakes.

·         Task: Discuss your role in the situation.

·         Action: Talk about what you did and why.

·         Result: Talk to your interviewer about the outcome.

This structure might need to be modified slightly for specific questions. If you are referring to a time when you demonstrated leadership skills, you might want to define what leadership is for you before you jump into the situation. The STAR method ensures that your stories have a beginning, a middle, and a satisfactory conclusion.

Practice, but don't forget your answers to common interview questions.

It is possible to find out and prepare for common interview questions. Many recruiters use typical questions to learn basic information about the candidate. Yet, job seekers should not write down answers to each possible question. Instead, they should take a few bullet points or notes and list them so you can refer back during the interview.

This approach will give all the critical information without requiring an interview script. You can practice looking in the mirror and asking questions out loud. These exercises will clarify your thoughts and help you feel more at ease during interviews.

Do mock interviews.


Do mock interviews with friends or family members if you have the time. It will make you much more confident in answering the question, "What would your contribution be to the position?" 100 times. You'll also know where you want your hands to go and how you want to sit.

Preparation for technical interviews and skill tests


Preparing and practising are critical to a successful technical interview. You can practice with a sample question book or prep book to help you get into the right mindset for problem-solving.


Bottom Line


It is impossible to be perfectly prepared for an interview. Yet, these ten tips will help you for an interview for any position and increase your chances of landing a job. 




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