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Sad statistics of Armenian migration

(MENAFN - AzerNews) By Abdul Kerimkhanov

Armenians continue to leave the country where there are no prospects, as well as guarantees and legality. The rates of depopulation, which slowed down a bit after the April revolution, gained momentum again.

At the meeting with the Armenian community of Strasbourg, Prime Minister of Armenia promised equal conditions for all and superioty of the rule of law. He also did not rule out the possibility of implementing a project to provide repatriated Armenians with the possibility of acquiring housing in Armenia on more favorable mortgage terms.

Speaking about this, Pashinyan, as always, did not even think about how Armenian citizens, who were suffocating from debts and credits, would react to such benefits.

These inspirational speeches before the diaspora are in discord with the real demographic and economic situation in Armenia.

In modern Armenian reality, statistical data are often disputed, interpreted differently, or taken out of context. That is, they are manipulated as they please - depending on the goals and objectives, and especially the authorities succeed in this.

As follows from the Rosstat data, Armenia ranks fourth in the number of migrants in Russia.

There is practically no reason to doubt that 14,358 people moved from Armenia to Russia for permanent residence in 2018. This is 559 more than in the previous year, which means that people preferred to leave equally from both pre-revolutionary and post-revolutionary Armenia. So, "velvet" hopes did not stop people in search of a really better life outside the country.

According to the National Statistical Service of Armenia, during 2018, the country's population declined during 2018. Thus, as of January 1, 2019, the resident population of Armenia was 2,99 million, which is 7,600 less than in 2018. This is also a clear illustration of the fact that revolutionary promises, which did not transform into a post-revolutionary improvement in the quality of life, did not at all become a factor hindering migration.

"Voice of Armenia" edition recalls that on May 2018, during a meeting with representatives of the Armenian diaspora of Russia in Sochi, Pashinyan spoke about the importance of repatriation, that the strategy of the new government is aimed at creating prerequisites for the return of Armenians to their homeland.

"We thank fraternal Russia for such conditions in which you can live and work peacefully. But at the same time we want to say that we will work to ensure that you can return to your homes, to free Armenia," said Armenian Prime Minister.

Almost a year has passed since then, and the new government of Armenia stimulates capital outflows, introducing the institution of extrajudicial confiscation of property, jeopardizing the business climate in the country, presenting legal claims to almost all large investors working in the country, making thousands of people close their jobs, cutting the state apparatus etc.

It seems that the new authorities do not seek to concentrate the human, financial, economic potential of the diaspora in Armenia. On the contrary, everything is being done so that people do not return, and those who live in Armenia leave. In search of work, in search of an attractive business atmosphere, in search of self-realization and a better quality of life, in search of protection of human rights.

All the things that are not in the 'new Armenia and, judging by the actions of the authorities, are not foreseen in the future.


Sad statistics of Armenian migration

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