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India- Ds Media Groups Provide High Quality Freelance Services

(MENAFN - GetNews) DS Media Groups, categorized as some of the leading freelancers in the world, provide a wide range of freelancing services for its clients, at affordable rates. DS Media Groups, founded in 2017, are transforming the future of work, by shifting the freelance economy, online. They are considered as few of the best freelancers around the globe.

Its horizontal marketplace provides, nearly, any digital service, in just one click. Clients can choose from the world's largest catalog of pre-packaged services, ranging from graphic designing, to music/video editing, to marketing and copywriting. DS Media Groups have delivered millions of high-quality orders from more than 150 categories of services, across 196 countries, which is an indication of the best quality work that the company provides.

The owner, Deep Samaddar, is a ‘ Six Sigma Black Belt' certified professional, which indicates his strong team leadership skills, and understanding of team dynamics, responsibilities, and roles.

DS Media Groups possess a large portfolio of products and services that include:

i)Graphics and Design: Includes flyers and brochures, packaging design, illustration, business cards and stationery, web and mobile designing, presentation designing, cartoons and caricatures, 3D and 2D models, photoshop editing, social media design, invitations, marketing strategy, and logo designing.

ii)Digital Marketing: Such as: SEO, business card and stationery, social media marketing, web analytics, Email marketing, content marketing, video marketing, web traffic, mobile advertising, local listings, influencer marketing, e-commerce marketing, and domain research.

iii)Writing and Translation: Articles and blog posts, resumes and cover letters, business copywriting, translations, research and summary, Press Releases, and legal writing.

iv)Video and Animation: Live action explainers, intros and animated logos, promotional videos, short video ads, and whiteboard and animated explainers.

v)Music and Audio: Voiceover, mixing and mastering, jingles and drops, sound effects, producers and composers, and singer-songwriters.

vi)Programming and Tech: Web programming, WordPress, e-commerce, mobile apps and web, website builders and CMS, Desktop applications, data analysis and reports, support and IT, chatbots, databases, and user testing.

vii)Business: Virtual Assistant, business plans, market research, branding services, legal consulting, financial consulting, business tips, presentations, career advice, and flyer distribution.

viii)Fun and Lifestyle: Online lessons, arts and crafts, Relationship advice, astrology and readings, spiritual and healing, greeting cards and videos, getting your message out to the world, viral videos, pranks and stunts, gaming, and global culture.

Deep Samaddar possesses an upbeat and optimistic attitude, a philanthropic lifestyle, and very positive energy all of which combine to make him one of the world's most sought-after freelancers. He has significantly changed the digital marketing industry, as he continues to grow the visibility reach of his clients.

He feels that freelancing is taking over the conventional notion of ‘jobs', and that his company is contributing towards the future of freelancing economy and business. Simply put, he thinks that, 'freelancing is better than jobs, owing to the freedom, independence, and the opportunity for innovation and creation, that freelancing has to offer.

Moreover, his clients are invaluable to him, and, he is of the opinion that a freelancing company's most valuable earning is a satisfied and happy customer.

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Company Name: DS Media Groups
Contact Person: Deep Sammadar
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City: Pune
Country: India


India- Ds Media Groups Provide High Quality Freelance Services

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