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Loto Labs Breaks the Mold with Stunning Vaporizer Powered by Magnetic Induction: Loto Legend

(MENAFN - ACCESSWIRE ) Patented Technology and Design Position Legend to be the Most Talked About Cannabis Device of 2019

BELMONT, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 20, 2018 / Belmont, California-based company Loto Labs , has announced the release of their desktop vaporizer, Loto Legend. Loto Labs is thrilled to offer cannabis consumers the ultimate vaping experience. The Legend's induction core offers a faster, safer and more stylish way to vaporize concentrates.

Induction heating first became popular as a consumer application with the introduction of induction heating ovens that cook foods faster and more thoroughly than traditional ovens. Conventional ovens use conduction, which requires an extensive warm-up period and produce an uneven distribution of heat transfer. The result is that foods must be turned, rotated or flipped, in order to cook desirably throughout.

Induction heating solves this problem by heat transfer via an electromagnet and electronic oscillator that heats faster than conduction and evenly distributes heat across the entire impacted area. Loto Labs was inspired to create a similar product for the vaporizer market when designing the Loto Legend.

Loto Legend was designed for elegant form and superior function, creating a sophisticated, safe, and effortless vaporization experience. Magnetic induction heating allows for rapid heating in a precise zone, while keeping the external body of the unit cool. By eliminating the need for an open flame or exposed heat source, Loto Labs has created the safest dab rig on the market today.

Consumers have many options when it comes to vaporizer device features, but only one choice for heat generation, resistive heating. By harnessing magnetic induction, Loto Labs provides a faster and more efficient heating method. Combining contemporary industrial design and elegant functionality, Legend creates a vaporization experience unlike any other.

"Legend is the result of a global collaboration of scientists, engineers, designers, artists and entrepreneurs," says Matthew Greenfield, Director of Operations for Loto Labs. "I'm so pleased to bring this game-changing device to our customers. Enjoying the many benefits of plant extracts and concentrates should be safe and easy, not dangerous."

Loto Legend is available and shipping now, at .

About Loto Labs

Loto Labs was founded in Silicon Valley in 2014, when Dr. Andrew Bleloch, a University of Cambridge alumnus and PhD in physics, met vaping enthusiast and serial entrepreneur Neeraj Bhardwaj. This friendship resulted in them designing the world's first induction vaping circuit. The company's mission is to marry their patented induction heating technology with refined design and ease of use to create the world's most advanced, efficient and enjoyable vaping experience.

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Loto Labs Breaks the Mold with Stunning Vaporizer Powered by Magnetic Induction: Loto Legend



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