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A Psychologists' Reflections On 'Verily, We Created Man In Hardship'

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By Wasim Kakroo

THROUGHOUT human existence, individuals have grappled with various challenges and hardships that test their resilience and character. In the Holy Quran, Surah Al-Balad verse 4, it is stated,“Indeed, We created man in hardship” (Quran 90:4). This divine proclamation raises intriguing questions about the psychological essence of hardships in life and the profound impact they have on human development. In this article, I explore the deeper meaning of this verse and also try to discuss the psychological aspects of hardships in order to highlight the transformative potential they hold for individuals.

I. Understanding the Essence of Hardships:

The Quranic verse highlights the fundamental truth that hardship is an inseparable part of human existence. It reminds us that challenges and adversities are not exceptions but essential components of our earthly journey. Embracing this reality allows us to comprehend the purpose and value of hardships in our lives. Rather than viewing them as mere obstacles, we can see them as opportunities for growth, resilience, and self-discovery. This verse encourages us to confront difficulties with patience, determination, and faith, knowing that they serve a profound purpose in shaping our character and strengthening our souls.

II. Nurturing Resilience:

Hardships serve as transformative crucibles, testing and refining the resilience inherent in every individual. By pushing people beyond their comfort zones, these challenges compel them to confront their fears and limitations head-on. Adversity becomes the catalyst for discovering untapped inner strength and adaptability, enabling individuals to endure and overcome obstacles. In this process, resilience is nurtured, fostering a deep-rooted psychological well-being that empowers individuals to face life's trials with courage, hope, and determination.

III. Cultivating Empathy and Compassion:

Personal hardships serve as a transformative catalyst, cultivating empathy and compassion within individuals. When we face challenging circumstances, we gain a firsthand understanding of suffering, which sensitizes us to the struggles of others. This understanding deepens our capacity for connection and fosters a collective responsibility to support and uplift those in need. By acknowledging the inherent hardships of life, this verse encourages us to cultivate empathy, promote understanding, and work together to create a more compassionate and supportive world.

IV. Building Character and Virtues:

The Quranic verse highlights the profound wisdom behind life's challenges. It reminds us that hardships can be transformative, providing opportunities for personal growth and character development. By facing adversity, individuals are prompted to introspect, reevaluate their principles, and strengthen their resolve. Through this process, virtues like patience, gratitude, humility, and perseverance are cultivated, shaping a resilient and virtuous character. The verse encourages us to embrace hardships as catalysts for positive change, reminding us that from the crucible of difficulty emerges the potential for inner strength and spiritual growth.

V. Strengthening Self-Belief:

Surviving and triumphing over adversities instill a profound sense of self-belief in individuals. To conquer challenges, one needs unwavering determination and faith in their abilities. Each hurdle surmounted reinforces an individual's belief in their capacity to face future difficulties, fostering self-confidence and empowering them to pursue their goals with resolute determination. Through this verse, the Quran emphasizes the inherent strength within every human being, reminding us that navigating through hardships can shape us into resilient individuals capable of achieving greatness.

VI. Fostering Personal Transformation:

Adversity compels individuals to reflect upon their existence, beliefs, and goals. Through this process of introspection, personal growth and self-discovery emerge, reshaping their perspectives and priorities. Challenges provide opportunities for individuals to reassess their lives, find inner strength, and develop resilience. The verse reminds us that in the face of difficulties, profound transformations can occur, leading to a renewed mindset, a clearer sense of purpose, and an evolved identity. Ultimately, it is through hardship that individuals can find strength and emerge stronger, wiser, and more enlightened.

VII. Appreciating Life's Blessings:

Experiencing hardships plays a crucial role in our lives. It teaches us that going through difficult times can actually enhance our appreciation for the blessings and joys in life. By contrasting adversity with moments of ease, this verse emphasizes the inherent value of every positive experience. It cultivates gratitude within us, allowing us to relish and treasure life's blessings, whether they are grand or minute, with a deep sense of appreciation and humility. Such an outlook helps us navigate challenges with resilience and find solace in the beauty that surrounds us.

VIII. Strengthening the Relationship with the Divine:

Hardships serve as powerful reminders of our vulnerability and the importance of relying on a higher power. When confronted with overwhelming challenges, individuals often seek solace, guidance, and strength through spirituality. These moments of connection with the Divine deepen our relationship with the spiritual realm, fostering personal growth and offering a profound sense of purpose and meaning amidst adversity. The verse urges us to embrace the lessons embedded in hardships and find comfort in our spiritual journey.

  • The author is a licensed clinical psychologist (alumni of Govt. Medical College Srinagar) and works as a Child, Adolescent and Family therapist at Centre for Mental Health Services (CMHS) at Rambagh Srinagar. He can be reached at 8825067196.

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