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Wednesday, 17 August 2022 06:52 GMT

Astro Zindagi (Weekly Horoscope)

(MENAFN- IANS) By Neeraj Dhankher

Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. This is your forecast for November 30-December 6


Despite seeing positive developments in your life in recent times, you may feel things moving rather slowly. There could be some issues within the family which will require your attention. You are advised to maintain your calm and solve things amicably. Your father may face some health issues and you are advised to keep medical help on standby if required. While your financial condition will be good, you need to pay special attention to your expenses. Use your words thoughtfully when conversing with people outside your family. Avoid boasting about yourself and stay grounded. Do not waste your energy on needless things. It is a good time to plan for the future. Do not let your morale down under any circumstances. During the later part of the week household matters could keep you busy. You can get help from your mother. Dealing in matters relating to real estate will be profitable. You could face health problems relating to stomach.

Tip of the week: Stay grounded


This will be a challenging phase for you mentally and emotionally. You could face some anxiety issues due to problems in personal life. Those married may find it difficult to maintain harmony in their married life. You are advised to avoid arguments with your spouse. Overall, it is advised to not have expectations from near and dear ones. Health issues relating to throat and eyes could be a cause for worry. Your father is likely to undergo some unpleasant changes in his life and may need your support. To improve your life, take care of your elders and seek advice from them as and when required. During this period, negligence in money matters can prove to be problematic for you. Additional expenditure is foreseen in matters relating to children and entertainment. Those in a job are likely to get favourable results in their field. The stars indicate a change of job for you, hence, you are advised to seek suitable opportunities.

Tip of the week: Manage your emotions


Students looking to study abroad will find success. You need to be careful about financial matters as sudden losses are indicated. Also keep a check on your expenses which are likely to overshoot unexpectedly. Your efficiency at work will increase which will impress your seniors. Those in a job can expect some positive developments relating to their appraisal. Those in business are advised to form new partnerships to have sustained growth. Work which was on hold for a long time will get completed and you can take some necessary decisions at this time. You will be able to express your feelings freely and your mental strength will increase. Avoid arrogance as it could cost you dearly. Choose your words wisely during a conversation else it could hurt others. You could stay worried due to lack of family support on important issues. Be careful of any injury to the middle part of your body.

Tip of the week: Look for new partnerships


This is a favourable time for your career and financial life. Your seniors will applaud you for your work and you may get an increment during this time. This is a favourable period to look for a change of job. Business professionals can enter into new deals which will enhance their growth and income. You should be extra careful about any fresh investments. Prudent investments in the stock market are likely to bring additional gains. However, if you are doing any documentation work, then ensure that you have some trustworthy people around you. Avoid any kind of confusion during this time. You will have a loving relationship with your partner. Your better half will support you in your professional life. You are likely to receive support from your elder siblings. Married couples can expect to become parents which will keep the family atmosphere jovial. You need to be careful about health issues relating to kidney and gall bladder.

Tip of the week: Look forward to a career change


This is a positive phase for your career. You will get success in your business during this time. Your income will grow substantially which will improve your financial situation. You will earn a good reputation at your work. You could hear some good news on the job front. However, you are advised to be cautious while interacting with your seniors as any kind of negative communication could affect your goodwill with them. Also, avoid any kind of negative thoughts since it will impact you mentally and physically. You may receive some genuine advice from an experienced person. You should keep a check on your temperament during this time; else you may get into futile arguments with your better half. Your mother's health may need your attention. Avoid making any investment in real estate as it can lead to losses. You should avoid any kind of travel during this time as it could impact your health.

Tip of the week: Avoid negative thoughts


This will be a favourable time for those looking to travel. Both short and long-distance travels are indicated during this period. Tasks that were stuck earlier will kick off again on a positive note. Those in a job will get respect and promotion at their work and will get desired results. Your boss will like the way you work. You can also get good results for the efforts you have made in the past. Those without a job can get employed during this time. During this time, your thoughts will improve and your concentration will increase. With regard to family life, you may spend additional time with your elder siblings and give some valuable advice to them. You can plan out a new business venture. You can also get benefit in matters related to money. Students will get good results in their field of education. However, you could face some misunderstanding with your partner. You can take interest in religious activities and charity.

Tip of the week: Traveling will keep you occupied


This will be a beneficial phase for you. You are likely to be attracted to a luxurious lifestyle and may plan to buy new items. You can get money from some unknown source. New business avenues will open up which you can explore. Your career will experience a positive phase of growth. Your position at the workplace will be strong. Your ideas will be appreciated and shared. If you are a student then this period will bring lot of success. Those awaiting results of any competitive examination are likely to taste success. Your mind will be involved in religious activities and you can engage in the act of giving. This is a favourable time for love life. If you are single, then you can expect to meet your prospective partner. There could be unwanted troubles in family life which can create stress. Avoid making an investment in any new scheme or property. Be careful of eye infections. Food-related disorders can also cause problems.

Tip of the week: Romance is on the cards


You will receive auspicious results in your married life and you will overcome misunderstandings with your spouse. You will also get the support of your life partner during this period, so you need to be in sync with each other. You are likely to benefit in a business that is run under partnership. Any ongoing obstacles in your life will be eliminated. However, you may get worried unnecessarily. To avoid this situation, you should keep yourself away from negativity, read books and stay in the company of noble people. Your competitors may hatch conspiracies against you during this period, but they will not be able to affect you in any way. You will enjoy serving and talking with the elders of the house. You can also plan to go on a religious trip with your family. At the same time, it is advised not to get involved in any illegal work and follow the government guidelines properly. Skin ailments can bother you.

Tip of the week: Personal life will improve


Your family life is likely to remain the centre of your attention during this period. Your relations with your father will improve and he will extend his whole-hearted support to you. Married people will be able to spend quality time with their spouse. You are likely to recover from any pre-existing illness. Those who are in a job will gain success over their competitors. The position of people doing business will also improve and they will get beneficial results. You can start your own business venture during this time. Those of you working in the field of counseling or consultancy are likely to see positive results in their career. You need to take special care of health issues relating to stress and anxiety. You should resort to yoga to improve your mental health. People who are studying or inclined towards learning should meditate in order to keep their mind focused. Your love relationship will also be good and you can go on a short distance journey with your partner.

Tip of the week: Meditate to improve focus


You are likely to unfold a new chapter in your life. Your attitude will transform radically and you will develop a fresh approach to life. To begin with, you will feel physically fit. If you were troubled by some disease for a long time, then you can get rid of it. In work life, you will be able to crush your opponents and emerge victorious. You can expect positive changes in your career. If you are into higher education, then you will get the support of your teachers and parents due to which you will be able to perform well. Your intellectual abilities will increase. This time will be very favourable for students looking to clear a competitive examination. Married people can get good news and welcome a new member to the family. At the same time, love will flourish among people who are in a romantic relationship. Your family life will improve and all members will be affectionate towards each other. Those desirous of moving abroad will be successful.

Tip of the week: Transform your attitude


You need to be careful about family matters. In case of any misunderstanding, you need to play a proactive role and make a reconciliation. Stay cautious when driving as an accident is indicated. Pay attention to your mother's health, if she has any disease, get her treated immediately. Overall, it may take some effort on your part to bring balance in your family life. Students may face some problems in their education. If you are preparing for some competitive examination, then it will be difficult for you to concentrate during this time. Stay away from matters of love in this period; otherwise, it may hamper your growth. Those who are in a job will get the cooperation of their colleagues, and your opponent will remain subdued. Those working in the government sector can expect a promotion. Avoid financial investment in general and look to consolidate your savings. Gains are indicated for those dealing with overseas market.

Tip of the week: Consolidate your savings


You will get auspicious results during this period. Your grasping power will increase and intellectual ability will become stronger. Your risk-taking ability will increase and you will be able to undertake tasks that you were not able to execute in the past. You can plan to go on a trip with friends. Your family atmosphere will be good, and you will be able to spend quality time with younger siblings. Health concerns are indicated for your mother and all medical help needs to be arranged if required. With regard to your financial life, there may be some expenses related to the amenities or renovation of the house. Some of you may face challenges in academic life. Students need to improve their focus and avoid diversions due to their love life. Married couples are likely to be blessed with a child. Stay cautious while signing any document else it may lead to an unpleasant situation in future.

Tip of the week: Take calculated risks

(Neeraj Dhankher is an astrologer with proficiency in Vedic, KP and Nadi Astrology. He is Founder and CEO of Astro Zindagi. The observations are made by the writer based on his own analysis)




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