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Qatar- Sidra expert urges women to be aware of gynaecology, obstetrics issues

(MENAFN - The Peninsula) By Fazeena Saleem / The Peninsula

Women are encouraged to take action related to regular preventative health visits, address concerns related to gynaecology and obstetrics issues such as abnormal uterine bleeding and heaving bleeding with menses since this places them at higher risk of serious problems. Seeking the advice of a physician early is recommended to prevent the problem from worsening.

Dr. Denise Howard (pictured) , Senior Attending Physician in gynaecology and obstetrics at Sidra Medicine said that women need to play a more active role in understanding their menstrual cycles, cancer prevention, components of healthy living and preparations for getting pregnant.

'There are many factors women need to understand, for example how their menstrual cycle works, when they are fertile or signs and symptoms that might indicate a problem.

'It is also important that women get pap smears (cervical cytology), undergo mammogram screening and consider the HPV vaccine as part of early detection and cancer prevention measures.  A healthy diet and regular exercise plays a key role in remaining healthy. Women should seek out educational opportunities to learn the components of healthy eating and develop an exercise routine that can be maintained over the life span, she told The Peninsula.

'It is essential to learn about learn about your body and teach the women in your family about these measures including regular preventative health visits, especially preconception counseling, she added.

Being up to date with regular health checks can help identify risk factors which can be addressed early to prevent problems which might develop over time.

'Abnormal bleeding could lead to anaemia and the need for hospital care, an abnormal cycle could make getting pregnant difficult and cervical cancer could develop over time and this is easily prevented with simple treatments, said Dr Howard.  'Our gynaecology care services at Sidra Medicine are led by a team of qualified and highly experienced gynaecologists who can address all of the above. We continue to provide a comprehensive, multidisciplinary gynaecological women's health service in an outpatient and in-patient setting. This also includes urgent care as well as emergency gynaecology services, said Dr Howard.

She also said that young girls should learn about their bodies, incorporate regular exercise into their daily routine and develop a habit of healthy eating.  She advised about the importance of talking about gynaecology health whether it is with their mothers, a close female family member or friend or even with their General practitioners.


Qatar- Sidra expert urges women to be aware of gynaecology, obstetrics issues

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