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Senator Romney's 1840's America




Salt Lake City, Jun 28, 2018 ( ) - Senator Romney's 1840's America

Like a page ripped from Fusion GPS – herein lies the fusion of Utah's missionary and executive privilege. It's a ticking cold war time bomb back to an 1840's America. It's a civil rights reminder one generally finds buried in the desert – as an unapologetic Emmett Till biopic.

America's 2018 Memorial Day arrived in Utah like every other Memorial Day. One of the vapid testimonials about respecting veterans from a crowd with the lowest service rate in the nation.

Utah's ranking GOP leadership drew attention to the chilling effect of suppressing political speech on the pages of elected officials' social media sites. A 10th district federal court summons was served after a veteran stood up to this censorship, thematic in Utah's executive and legislative branches of government.

The lawsuit, case 2:18-CV-00029 filed in the District of Utah, seeks federal accountability among Utah Executives – their ongoing defense of censorship and in some cases - exceeding six years! The irony centers on the 2018 election cycle. It's another reminder of political hyperbole represented by Mitt Romney's Utah values - values of his fellow missionaries in the nations behave state.

Reality Disconnect

Utah's Lt. Governor, Spencer Cox, is pictured with Romney on June 26th stumping during these election primaries. Cox is also an executive branch defendant in that federal lawsuit. Cox had silenced the voices of a Utah veteran while Cox live streamed on Facebook, from the USS Arizona War memorial in Hawaii! Cox had publicly censored a veteran on his forum as he openly embraced Utah's own Title 8 illegal immigration problem. Cox, like Romney, are both former missionaries. Both attended missions instead of serving the US military.

It's those like Cox and Romney coming across teary eyed when talking about veterans. And like Romney - whose five sons skipped out on service during the last two wars – Cox and Utah's Attorney General Sean Reyes made their election routines talking about veterans and the rights veterans served to protect. What a reality discontent as they censored the voices and viewpoints of that veteran filing a lawsuit.

Yes, censorship in Utah is a 'thing' now leading the nation with two separate First Amendment federal lawsuits in the District of Utah. How is that not a brand of bullshit called censorship in America's post-Knight Foundation v. Trump social media reality?

It's not hard to imagine a world where this fusion of executive and missionary privilege is still in vogue? After all, Romney is seeking to replace 86 year old Senator Hatch's in the US Senate while sidestepping two lawsuits about executive level censorship suppressing the clearly established rights of speech.

This reality disconnects messaging, despite the obvious censorship in Utah, continues to be broadcast like a gigawatt Clear Channel megaphone from the Romney camp. They are water boarded, campy, glee club values failing to mention an unsettling reality about Utah's executive censorship bandidos. Romney's campaign has been a nonstop boast about 'leading the nation' in Utah's establishment media. The same media also running a blackout campaign concerning the state's bad press while Utah favorite Romney seeks the Senate, and Senator Mike Lee was put on Trump's short list to replace Justice Kennedy in the US Supreme Court! This is how Utah rolls.

Self-Serving Missionary Privilege,

Who welcomes the exclusion of one's viewpoint? Or the suppression of one's voice? Or even a dismissive lay-pastor privilege of denied participation at one's town hall, city council or state capitol public forums? Especially when today's town hall is reachable via cyberspace described in landmark Supreme court precedents protecting one's voice from this form of censorship.

Quoting Reno v. American Civil Liberties Union, 521 U.S. 844 (1997): "The internet as a vast democratic forum". These laws invoke another message about the purported values Romney brings to DC – a leadership of indifference to others constitutional rights!

Running for office while obscuring the censorship of others and suppressing the media trail is the hubris of executive level privilege. It speaks to Utah's fake media machinery Donald Trump tweets about daily - overlooking his support of those like Senator Mike Lee, and his brother, on that Supreme Court Justice short list.

Shambolic Democracy

A political gag-order on social media arrived as Utah's insider, pop-cult suck-up culture. A gag order as a peer-reviewed mission statement of 'inclusion and equality'. It arrived as a very 'unwelcome suppression of voice'. A Pervasive censorship modeled by Utah's dynasty brands.

Dynasties like Romney and brands like Cox are A-listers here. Missionary A-listers. They exercise a wide entitlement of lay-pastor privileges including censorship and the media-establishment 'blackout' of censorship stories active in Utah!

What kind of suspended fake America is this, that Mr. fake-news Trump overlooks Utah? The American medias unaccountability here is striding hand in hand with Utah's public officials concealing the cavalier censorship of outside political voices.

In that lawsuit, Utah's has admitted to censorship and—it's epic. Look for [doc 38] pp. 12, filed by the state's 'civil rights' section defending censorship and arguing the censorship of this veteran has been in place for so long that removing it will 'upset the status quo'!

Anyone outside Utah's corporate/church organizational model should understand Utah has no separation of church and state. It's foundational to the First Amendment Establishment Clause - predating Utah's founding in 1847.

If you've spent any time in Utah listening to the daily gambit of its establishment media - there's no first amendment refuge from Romney's LDS corporate role in the everyday lives of those living in the District of Utah.

That role is reinforced by a continuously refreshed stream of returning missionaries. A base of 110,000 full time active missionaries. These potential Utah executives, like Cox, are selected and publicly elected to office because of their private service to a private army as lay-pastors and missionaries sent abroad to 'build some Joe's private kingdom'. If you thought Scientology was strange, welcome to the mother ship of corporate 'religions'.

Censorship in Utah thrives because this corporate religion favors lifetime serving general authorities; the state's endless boards and commissions; Utah's family dynasties like Huntsman and Romney. Utah's dynastic brands proliferate within public service and inside the capitol as a 'popularity-cult'. Order is maintained by suppressing another's digital social media signature because outside voices distract from the endless chatter of social media sermonizing from Statehouse officials; a never-ending chatter on social media about LDS values, missionary stories, advocating for illegal immigration and it's state-run web of support for 65,000 refugees while Utah's poorest and homeless sleep on the streets and go to bed hungry each night.

Yes, it all folds nicely back into that non-stop social media chatterbot club. This is how censorship thrives and is defended as a consensus here - specifically -- this editorial about a federal lawsuit Utah's media suffocated in the national news since January 2018.

Censorship is like the new polygamy in Utah. It reaches into public offices like Mr. Cox and Utah's entire Washington delegation who-- as a Utah delegation—had also openly defended a group of Nevada Mormons known as the Bundy's. That Bundy Klan ran a militia. It was a running remake of their Joe Smith days back in Missouri. A post-modern remake of a very virulent, anti-government campaign out of Nevada which spilled into Oregon—defended by the Utah delegation of Mormons.

About the Mormon Bundy Klan? Utah's governor and Utah's delegation chose to defend this out of state Mormon brotherhood of Klan Klampet Bundy. Yet they couldn't defend clearly established rights of speech and equal protection for that local Utah veteran who wrote about it from the District of Utah.

Utah's Media-Establishment in Blackout Mode.

The road to elected office in Utah begins for many stumping and pumping a corporate run order doubling as a world religion. These corporate A-listers seeking public office overlooked their own, known, loyalty tests as a 10 percent royalty payment separating the average members from the corporate A-lister official wannabes. A-listers under the protective wing of Utah name brands like Huntsman, Romney, and Eccles. If you follow the twitter channels for any of these executives--like Mike Mower as the governor's chief of staff--you'll witness the cross-chatter from publicly elected officials like Cox and Romney.

If you educate yourself, firsthand, about the level of twitter and Facebook sermonizing on official government pages, you'll understand how these chatty officials reinforce the roles in Utah as a daily dose of missionary-fused executive privilege even President Trump doesn't have!

So do yourself an investigative favor. Search Utah's past leadership rosters on Utah's elected officials. Try to find more than three Utah Senators, congressman or governors NOT former missionaries or bishops in office? It's unprecedented. A historical note unlike anywhere else in America--ever--ruling out any comfort on the separation of church/state rule as the values Romney will be openly parading into DC as another member of the same Utah delegation.

Today's historical horror-scope of privilege packing censorship is all-to-common here. It's a palpable hubris of indifference silencing non-members others routinely. These are the quality of 'Utah values' Mitt Romney represents as Utah's next Senator.

While executive Cox's crowd has silenced the voices of a veteran who self-paid his way into the killing fields of Afghanistan many, many times - even that veterans form of self-paid service to this country doesn't add up to an acceptable form of tribute or admission in Utah's Truman Show America these executives represent.

Yes, censorship as a hallmark of like-minded lemmings running every agency which Utah's Attorney General's office of 'civil rights' is now publicly defending in case 2:18-CV-00029. Utah's executive privilege is a Fahrenheit 451 frat-house of censorship privilege.

The endless social media tweets from Cox, Speaker Hughes, Romney about 'Utah values' and 'leading the nation'? It stands between the purported value of these A-lister's privileges now leading the nation's media blackout with Utah's play-along media establishment.

More Lame-Pastor Privilege

Former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Hugo Black, from Mills v. the State of Alabama, 384 U.S. 214 (1966), has this to say to Utah's A-list crowd:

'Whatever differences may exist about interpretations of the First Amendment, there is practically universal agreement that a major purpose of that Amendment was to protect the free discussion of governmental affairs.'

For this article's author as one American back from the killing fields of Iraq and Afghanistan, Utah's suspended Truman Show alternative reality is shambolic democracy. These Mitt Romney's values headed to Washington are already in Washington as the Utah delegation. These values are the withheld freedoms and liberties in our Constitution which this delegation and Utah executives have translated into a cheap scripture as it's suppression of voice exceeding six years at the Utah AG's office, five years at the Utah Veterans Division and two-plus years from Executive Cox standing seen standing with senate hopeful Mitt Romney. It's the missionary lame-wash of our age – a lay-pastor found privilege shitting on the Bill of Rights and protected by the Utah Attorney Generals' office of 'civil rights'.

Evidenced in that filed complaint, Utah's executive defendants were given fair warning to stop violating the first amendment rights of that mentioned veteran. Despite this, they ignored these requests with a 'so sue us' response. They'd also ignored a broader reality of nationally recognized and acclaimed First Amendment precedents protecting each of our rights to speak and be heard as citizens in America..

Speaking of recent law and that Trump administration? It was May 23rd, 2018 which Judge Buchwald in the 2nd District Court (New York) wrote a 75-page memorandum and order about blocking others on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Johnson, a veteran who talks about self-paid trips into Afghanistan, has asked the 10th circuit judiciary about these identical Buchwald precedents:

'If the standing president of the United States is not immune from viewpoint censorship— why are these defendants seeking its acceptance and this court's acquiescence of it occurring under color of Utah state law, in the 10th Circuit, Division of Utah?'

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