20 Agreements Ready To Sign During Turkish President's Visit To Iraq On Monday

(MENAFN- AzerNews) Preliminary work has been done on more than 20 agreementsTurkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is set to sign during hisvisit to Iraq on Monday, said the Turkish foreign minister, Azernews reports, citing foreign mediaoutlets.

“We have currently completed pre-agreements for theimplementation and signing of more than 20 agreements during ourpresident's visit,” Hakan Fidan told reporters on Sunday.“Tomorrow, hopefully, these agreements will be signed in thepresence of political leaders.”

Fidan also pointed to long-standing efforts to reach agreementsin fields such as security, energy, agriculture, water, health, andeducation.

“Our goal is to have a relationship where regional stability,prosperity, and development are possible, to institutionalize ourrelations in this way, and to do our best for the development andprosperity of the region,” he added.

Turkish-Iraqi ties

Fidan said Monday will mark the first visit since 2011 by theTurkish head of state. Erdogan visited the country that year whilehe was still prime minister.

"Both the Iraqi side and the Turkish side have attached greatimportance to this visit for a long time and have been preparingfor it. There are ongoing intensive efforts,” he said.

Fidan highlighted that Türkiye aims for Erdoğan's visit to Iraqto be as productive as possible, underscoring that his vision forbilateral relations reflects Türkiye's vision for the region.

Highlighting Ankara's support for the steps taken by Sudani'sgovernment for development and political stability, Fidan stated:"Iraq has gone through very difficult periods for many years. It'sbeen very challenging to achieve political stability. When there isno political stability, there are also significant problems indelivering the basic services that the people need."

Türkiye's readiness to support Iraq

Despite Iraq's significant potential and opportunities, Fidansaid that Iraq has faced major challenges in delivering basicservices to the population.

He said the current Iraqi government has developed a strongawareness of this issue.

The Iraqi and Turkish governments have been discussing what canbe done to address these challenges, he said.

He underlined that Türkiye is committed to providing "all kindsof support" for the development of sectors in Iraq such asirrigation, education, health, infrastructure, trade, andenergy.

Fidan also said there have been intensive contacts between thecountries' Cabinet ministers, bureaucrats, and businessmen.

At this "mature point," there is agreement on Erdogan's visit toIraq and the signing of a strategic framework agreement, hesaid.

Regional stability and prosperity

Fidan highlighted that the countries' strategic frameworkagreement will outline a strategic vision of how cooperation can beconducted in multiple areas simultaneously.

"This will constitute an important roadmap for the future of thetwo countries' relations,” he said.“We aim to advance ourrelations by institutionalizing them, moving away from successthrough coincidence, making them more systematic, and demonstratinglasting benefits in relations between the two countries,” hesaid.

Fidan stressed the desire to avoid associating the region andIraq with internal turmoil, war, or conflict, expressing hope foreconomic development and political stability to be the primaryfocus.

Pointing to Türkiye seeking cooperation in the fight againstterrorism, Fidan noted that they are in extensive discussions withBaghdad on how significant strides can be made in combatingterrorism without disturbing Iraq's existing politicalbalances.

Contacts with Iraq

Fidan recalled his visit to Iraq this March alongside NationalDefense Minister Guler, National Intelligence Organization headKalin, and Deputy Interior Minister Karaloglu, and also a visit toAnkara by Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein and representativesfrom the Iraqi Defense Ministry, intelligence, and other securityagencies.

“We extensively discussed the strategic framework of PresidentErdogan's visit to Iraq with our Iraqi counterparts. We believethat Iraqi-Turkish relations will set an important example in ourregion.

“Especially with the Development Road Project, which ourpresident attaches great importance to, we believe that it willserve as a significant example for both the people of Iraq and thepeople of the region if implemented,” he said, referring to aproject to connect the Persian Gulf from the al-Faw Grand Port byland routes to Türkiye.

Fidan expressed the need for the region to be associated withdevelopment, technology, prosperity, stability, culture, and artrather than conflicts and instability, stating that they strive forthis.

Iraq's support for Türkiye on Gaza issue

Saying that Israel's ongoing attacks on Gaza will also bediscussed during Erdogan's visit to Iraq, Fidan stressed thatAnkara and Baghdad share the same feelings on Gaza.

Fidan said Iraq supports Türkiye on Gaza within theinternational system, as it votes in coordination with Türkiye.

During Erdogan's visit to Iraq, he will travel to both Baghdad,the nation's capital, and Erbil, capital of the Kurdish RegionalGovernment (KRG) in northern Iraq.

"During President Erdogan's visit to Erbil, especially inmeetings with regional government officials, I am confident thatthey will share their vision on strengthening our relationship andreminding them of their role in ensuring internal stability andpeace in Iraq,” said Fidan.

Erdogan will hold a working meeting with Iraqi Prime MinisterMohammed Shia' al Sudani in Baghdad, followed by the signing ofagreements, said Fidan.

The Turkish president will also meet with his Iraqi counterpartAbdul Latif Rashid.



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