Is The Algorithm In Your Favor Or Against You?

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By Ikkz Ikbal

From the standpoint of happenings in this fast paced digital world, Kashmir is marred by a growing pandemonium among the youth, caught in the clutches of shortcuts, online businesses, scams, and the allure of online gambling games. This escalating issue demands a critical examination of accountability and a concerted effort to eliminate this societal menace.


In the digital age, smartphones have seamlessly integrated into our lives, offering convenience and comfort. However, there exists a darker side – the negative impact on the youth, manifested in unbridled use of mobile phones for online gambling. Apps like Dream11, BC Game, Teen Patti, and Rummy and hundreds such Apps have become the epicenter of a disturbing trend, leading to a surge in youth engaging in online gambling activities.

Unofficial statistics paint a grim picture, suggesting that approximately 2.5 lakh Kashmiri youth are directly involved in these online gambling ventures. Shockingly, this includes both unemployed and employed individuals, reflecting the pervasive nature of the issue.

The reasons behind this youth involvement are multi-faceted. The desire to attain overnight wealth with the shortcut. The second reason is the strategic promotion by the owners of these apps. They cleverly enlist the endorsement of well-known Bollywood and Sports Stars, as well as your favorite YouTubers, creating an illusion of credibility in the minds of the youth. This calculated association with celebrities fosters a misguided belief in the fairness of these platforms, further entangling the unsuspecting in the web of online gambling.

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Additionally, a herd mentality prevails, with the current generation engaging in these activities simply because others are doing so, regardless of ethical considerations.

Compounding the problem is the lack of clear regulations from the government, leaving the majority of these games in a legal gray area. This regulatory void allows these apps to operate with impunity, ensnaring unsuspecting youth in their web of deception.

The Insidious format of these gambling games unfolds a calculated sequence, luring unsuspecting players into a relentless cycle. The allure begins with enticingly huge winning amounts and a seemingly favorable algorithm during the Initial stages. A tantalizing demo, coupled with bonus amounts, creates an illusion of easy victories, setting the stage for addiction.

As users invest their own money, the algorithm initially plays in their favor, winning them a little amount that serves as a deceptive hook. However, as time progresses, the tide turns, and the losses begin to mount. It's at this critical juncture that users find themselves ensnared, becoming permanent customers on the app.

The trap tightens further as individuals, desperate to recover their losses, pour more money into the app. The initial promise of winning is replaced by a relentless cycle of losses, leading to a cascade of financial ruin. In this harrowing descent, users find themselves trapped in a net of addiction, unable to break free.

Adding to the predatory nature, these gambling apps read user's Gambling Behaviour . When users minimize or cease their engagement, the app swiftly detects the waning interest or depleted funds. Exploiting this vulnerability, the apps shower users with attractive offers, a cunning strategy designed to keep them perpetually engaged – always to the benefit of the app creators.

The format of these games plays a pivotal role in their insidious nature. Offering tempting winnings and a gradual introduction through demos and bonus amounts, these apps employ algorithms that initially favor the player. However, as users invest their own money, the tide turns, leading to a pattern of consistent losses that solidify addiction.

The ramifications are severe, impacting not only individual finances but also mental and physical health, family dynamics, and overall societal well-being. The negative spiral has pushed many into depression and anxiety, with some even contemplating suicide as a way out of their financial ruins.

To combat this rising crisis, a multifaceted approach is imperative. Educating parents about the potential dangers of smartphones and implementing restrictions is a crucial first step. Family timings must be established, and vigilant monitoring of children's online activities is essential.

Addiction counseling sessions should be conducted for affected youth, emphasizing the importance of open communication. Policy makers, teachers, social influencers, and politicians share the responsibility of driving change. Stringent laws against online gambling apps must be implemented to deter potential users.

Religious and moral education, as advocated by Islam and Qur'an, can serve as a guiding light for the youth. Embracing halal means of earning is encouraged, steering individuals away from the pitfalls of shortcuts and gambling.

Remember , each decision we make weaves a unique thread into our story. The menace of online gambling, gripping the youth of Kashmir, serves as a stark reminder of the pitfalls that lurk in the digital shadows. As we reflect on the need for change and collective responsibility, let us remember that our actions today shape the narrative of tomorrow.

In the face of shortcuts and false promises, resilience and wisdom become our greatest allies. Embracing halal means to success not only aligns with the teachings of Islam but also steers us away from the treacherous allure of overnight riches. As we stand at the crossroads of choice, let us choose the path that leads to a brighter, more responsible future.

P.S. To those entangled in the web of online gambling, take heed. Quite Now. Learn from mistakes, delete the apps, and embrace a responsible, halal path to success – for there are no shortcuts in life.

  • Ikkz Ikbal is an Administrator at Maryam Memorial Institute


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