Legal-Bay Lawsuit Settlement Funding Firm Remains Steadfast In Dedication To Wrongful Imprisonment, Police Brutality, And Prison Neglect Cases

(MENAFN- PR Newswire) Pre-Settlement Firm stands ready to assist plaintiffs and their loved ones in cases involving "the system" where it needs to be held accountable in more ways than one.

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Legal-Bay LLC, The Lawsuit Settlement Funding Company, an industry leader in lawsuit funding services, legal funding, civil rights cases, and excellent customer service, reaffirms today their ongoing dedication to victims of wrongful imprisonment, wrongful conviction, police brutality, wrongful death, prison injury, prison neglect, prison rape, police beatings, and systemic corruption in all fifty states. For over a decade, Legal-Bay has been assisting plaintiffs with individual yet similar horrific stories of abuse and corruption within "the system," and the lawsuit cash advance firm stands ready to assist you or your loved ones now.

Legal-Bay is not only known as "one of the best lawsuit funding companies" or "the best lawsuit funding company" out there, but they have a passion for assisting victims involved in wrongful imprisonment, wrongful incarceration, wrongful conviction, police brutality, and police misconduct cases. Legal-Bay also understands the serious societal effects when innocent people are subject to wrongful imprisonment, horrific prison conditions, prison neglect, prison beatings, or other types of injustice. It is for this reason that Legal-Bay commits its time and resources to helping victims in cases like these with getting their lives back in order-even when it feels like the rest of society has turned its back on them.

Over the years, Legal-Bay has funded countless cases for victims of various types of injustice. In effort to help as many victims as they can, Legal-Bay maintains a team of experienced underwriting attorneys to assist with claim evaluation in an expedited manner. Typically, wrongful imprisonment, wrongful death, police brutality, police injury, women or woman prison rape, prison death, prison neglect, prison accident, and police neglect cases fund within just 48 hours. In addition, they tend to fund at high settlement values in order for the victim or their loved ones to have the needed cash to get on with their lives with dignity. Legal-Bay has approved settlement funding of $1MM for individual wrongful conviction cases in the past.

Chris Janish, CEO commented on the company's dedication on civil rights case funding, "Our long history of helping wrongfully convicted prisoners get back on their feet when they are released is second to none in the industry. The reason why is our staff and underwriting team have the most experience and understanding of the corruption that goes on in police forces and in department of corrections throughout prisons nationwide.
The long list of innocent project cases and civil lawsuit settlements reaching settlement values in the millions can no longer be swept under the rug.
And individuals that need help while they fight their case, can always look to Legal-Bay."

Legal-Bay is committed to working with you, your loved ones, and/or your attorney to assist you regardless of the obstacles you've been faced with-or if you already have an existing funding with another lawsuit funding company. In most instances, other lawsuit funding companies will not assist plaintiffs who have already had a prior lawsuit cash advance; however, Legal-Bay stands ready and able to assist those plaintiffs as well. So if you think you might have a lawsuit on your hands, please don't hesitate to contact Legal-Bay today for more information, at: 877.571.0405.

Legal-Bay is an industry leader in the lawsuit pre-settlement funding industry, providing lawsuit cash advances to plaintiffs while they await payments prior to case settlements. The cash advances are on a non-recourse basis, which means the plaintiff is only required to repay the advance if they win their case. Legal-Bay does not buy the full claim but simply advances a small portion of the expected settlement amount. Any fees or expenses accrued on the cash advance will be repaid by the plaintiff's lawyer if and when the case if officially settled and paid.

If you've suffered due to wrongful imprisonment, police brutality, police beating, prison guard beating, CO beating, correctional officer beatings, corrections officer rape, police misconduct, prison injury, prison neglect, prison assault, or prison abuse, and you find yourself in need of funds now, Legal-Bay encourages you to begin their quick and efficient funding process. Agents are standing by 24 hours to assist you with your claim. To apply for the 24-hour approval process on your settlement or pre-settlement funding request, please visit:

Legal-Bay states other similar cases listed below (as well as others not listed) that Legal-Bay's underwriting team will consider for lawsuit settlement funding:

  • Violation of Civil Rights Claims and False Arrests Illegal Search and Seizure Cases
  • Illegal or Excessive Taser Cases
  • Los Angeles, California, or other State Police Brutality Cases during routine arrests
  • Prosecutorial Misconduct involving long term wrongful incarceration
  • Prison Medical Malpractice Cases involving serious neglect of injuries

Please note that all fifty states are eligible for lawsuit funding and fast approvals. However, some of the states from which Legal-Bay receives a high rate of applications for police brutality, fatal police shootings, wrongful imprisonment, or wrongful incarceration are: New York, Tennessee, Texas, Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and California. As a result, Legal-Bay swiftly prioritizes lawsuit funding and cash settlement requests in these areas, ensuring victims get their money immediately-sometimes by tomorrow.

Below are just some of the false imprisonment and police brutality cases Legal-Bay has funded recently:

  • Wrongfully imprisoned for murder for 15 Years (2 co-defendants in New York who were sentenced to Attica Upstate New York Prison)
  • Police brutality case in Detroit, Michigan where family member suspect was shot and killed
  • Inmates subject to unsafe prison conditions and outside work crews who were seriously injured in Tennessee and Indiana
  • Women prison rape cases and sexual misconduct by correction officers in Wisconsin and New York
  • Police brutality case where a New York/New Jersey Port Authority police officer senselessly beat an innocent man in Manhattan
  • Bronx and Brooklyn, New York young men who were falsely arrested on gun, knife, and weapon charges who were then detained for years on Rikers Island, New York's city/county jail

Many plaintiff and law firms refer to Legal-Bay as "the best lawsuit loan company" or "one of the best lawsuit loan companies out there." However, the cash advances the firm provides are not lawsuit loans, a lawsuit loan, or a loan on lawsuit, as if a client loses their case then there is no recourse. The funding requests are mistakenly perceived as settlement loans, pre-settlement loans, loan for settlement, lawsuit loans, loans for lawsuits, etc, but they are not loans on lawsuits, loans on settlements, or loans on pre-settlements. They are, often necessary, pre-settlement or settlement cash advances that a client only pays back if and when they win their case.

To learn more, or if you have a similar experience and need assistance with your lawsuit funding request today or find yourself wondering how you can "get a loan on your lawsuit," please call Legal-Bay's 24-hour hotline at 877.571.0405 or visit their website geared specifically for these kinds of cases, at:

Legal-Bay LLC (as well as their related companies) is not a law firm and cannot provide legal advice on your case; however, Legal-Bay works with lawyers who can provide you with a free legal consultation at the consumer's direction.


Chris Janish, CEO

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