Democratizing Finance Through Cryptocurrency: Vitalik Buterin Wants Lower Fees

(MENAFN- eTrendy Stock) Cryptocurrencies have not just emerged as an alternative financial system but as a tool for democratizing finance. In a recent interview with CNBC, Ethereum's founder, Vitalik Buterin articulated a compelling vision for the future role of cryptocurrencies.

Championing Cryptocurrency Through Accessibility

Buterin expresses concern over the dominance of centralized entities. He argues that these centralized players sideline smaller decentralized finance (DeFi ) platforms. For Buterin, these smaller DeFi platforms truly encapsulate the promise of a more equitable financial future.

A crucial component of this future is accessibility . Buterin stresses the need to introduce everyday individuals to cryptocurrency's advantages. However, to succeed, the associated costs must remain competitive, ensuring that digital assets are not exclusive to only the affluent or institutional investors.

Moreover, he highlighted the essentiality of user-friendly experiences.“For a seamless crypto experience, transaction fees should be below five cents, and systems shouldn't malfunction or confuse users unnecessarily,” Buterin emphasizes.

In line with the theme of simplifying cryptocurrency, Buterin points out frequent technical hitches that often sour a user's experience. He mentions,“A user shouldn't require a Ph.D. in Ethereum to navigate the platform, nor should they face random failures 2.3% of the time.”

Security and Privacy: A Forefront Concern

Hacking remains a considerable concern in the crypto domain. Buterin discusses the paramount importance of security, underscoring the need for foolproof wallet systems.“Users should have the confidence that losing keys doesn't equate to losing their assets,” he states.

Buterin is a staunch advocate for proof-of-stake, especially when considering user privacy. He asserts that proof-of-stake is easier to anonymize and more resistant to external threats than its counterpart, proof-of-work. Additionally, he criticizes proof-of-work for its environmental toll, citing the significant resources it demands.

The Conundrum of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)

Venturing into the topic of CBDCs , Buterin expresses skepticism. He feels CBDCs merely mirror conventional payment mechanisms, providing no true innovation.“Rather than revolutionizing payments, they often represent just another layer atop the existing banking infrastructure,” Buterin opines.

Furthermore, he warns of the potential erosion of privacy with CBDCs, as they could grant undue access to corporations and governments alike.

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