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Talk To The CEO Of Canada's BNB Foundation To Explore A New Industry Map

(MENAFN- TimesNewswire ) Binance Exchange is the largest exchange in the world by trading volume, and there are hundreds of trading pairs with BNB. According to statistics, the price of BNB reached a record high of over $600 in 2021. This achievement attracted the attention of people from all walks of life around the world. More and more people are wondering what is behind BNB's spectacular rise.

The more questions, the more analysis, the more the answer, that is“ecology” - Binance gives the ecological value to BNB, thus BNB application scenario has expanded! At the same time, with the explosive growth of DeFi in recent years, the market demand for decentralization is surging. Based on this, Binance launched BSC, which also makes BNB become GAS for on-chain transaction and consumption, and one of the pledged assets of the floating pool pledge pool in various applications.

As a fuel consumption BNB on the chain, the market demand is gradually increasing. Now Binance has become the number one international platform in the field of digital assets, BNB is still actively expanding the use of scenarios.

For example, in order to create more powerful application value of BNB, Canada's BNB Ecological Foundation reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Thailand's Morgan Fund, and launched the first stablecoin USDT supercomputing platform in the world: MAGIC, a decentralized financial supercomputing platform integrating cross-chain aggregate trading, machine gun pool, lending and NFT trading.

On November 19, MAGIC North America Press Conference and Canadian BNB Foundation media meeting with the theme of“Innovation without boundaries” was successfully held in Toronto, Canada! Mr. James Harper, CEO of Canada's BNB Foundation, Mr. Willie Rainach, CFO, and Mr. Edward Adam Davis, CPO of MAGIC attended the conference and brought new ideas to the development of the crypto industry.

At the conference, the Montreal-gazette reporter was invited to conduct an in-depth interview with James Harper, CEO of Canadian BNB Foundation, to explore new trends in the development of the industry. By revealing the“tip of the iceberg” of the future development of BNB, we can get more forward-looking thinking and enlightenment of the crypto industry!

The following is the transcript of the exchange:

Montreal-gazette reporter:

First of all, I would like to ask you: Binance is in an absolute dominant position in the crypto market. Based on this height, how do you comment on the current market status?

Mr. James Harper:

Decentralized finance is changing the world with untold advantages, with many products, applications, platforms, etc. Due to the mutual influence of the ebb and flow of the crypto market, it is inevitable that the temporary turbulence of the crypto market will not disappear after the big reshuffle and reorganization, but perhaps not as chaotic as before. Perhaps we will embrace a more orderly future!

Montreal-gazette reporter:

Your words are really inspiring! So what are Binance and BNB's recent forward-looking plans or initiatives? Can you share it?

Mr. James Harper:

Of course, as you can see, the development trend of the entire market is very clear. Binance has become the No.1 international platform in the field of digital assets. And BNB is still actively expanding its usage scenarios.

Montreal-gazette reporter:

That's great news. What are some of the scenes that have been built?

Mr. James Harper:


The research and technology team of Canada's BNB Foundation is from Harvard and Meta (Facebook) core team members. The market making team has signed a contract with top investment and research institutions in Wall Street and has super profitability. BNB has been used ina number of scenarios as a Binance ecosystem and decentralized exchange fuel.

At this stage, such as authorization, token issuance, trading, transfer, and payment are very mature in BNB.

Montreal-gazette reporter:

So how will it expand further in the future?

Mr. James Harper:

Like most of the visionaries in the industry, we understand that the pace of change is not enough, and we need to break the shackles and add value to the full lifecycle and full ecosystem of applications. In this regard, the BNB team will deeply optimize the ranks of economists, programmers, designers and planners, conduct in-depth thinking and simulation of the development of the industry, and start to experiment with more development paths combining multiple paths.

Montreal-gazette reporter:

What are the prospects and considerations for Canadian BNB Foundation and multi-party giants and capital to jointly launch MAGIC?

Mr. James Harper:

In a nutshell, it can be said that in order to create more powerful application value of BNB.

It is for this purpose that our Canadian BNB Foundation reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Thailand's Morgan Fund and launched the first Stablecoin USDT supercomputing platform in the world: MAGIC.

Based on BNB's liquidity bottom pool of more than $160 million, MAGIC establishes a supercomputer center to bring value-added benefits to global stablecoin players. At the same time, it incubates tokens through the platform to enhance the value so as to attract more powerful data traffic, improve the global consensus of BNB, serve the entire Binance ecosystem, and form a positive cycle.


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