Creating Infinite Possibilities For Trading SELFBY.Com Leads A New Era Of Crypto Economy

(MENAFN- TimesNewswire ) In recent years, with the continuous expansion of the encryption market, the enthusiasm of investors has continued to rise, and the digital asset encryption market has also formed a new round of industry prosperity. In this context, the competition of encrypted trading platforms has also become very fierce. During the ebb and flow, took advantage of the momentum to break through. With good market response, excellent products and growing brand influence, it quickly seized the market share. And become an excellent trading platform in the industry.

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Start a new journey of encryption

Enthusiasm across the crypto market is currently fluctuating. Especially for the spot market, in terms of encrypted asset transactions, the proportion of earnings between the long and short sides of BTC changes every day. The economic turmoil will still have some impact, but more in terms of emotional value. However, will have unlimited possibilities for global encrypted asset trading users. is the first digital currency exchange to realize the global acceptance of blockchain financial derivatives. Established in December 2022, provides global users with legal currency acceptance, blockchain financial derivatives services, and blockchain Financial investment, decentralized ecological construction, currency trading, leveraged trading, contract trading, DeFi finance, WeBb3 infrastructure and other blockchain all-round value services.

Creating Infinite Possibilities For Trading SELFBY.Com Leads A New Era Of Crypto Economy Image

Since its inception, the platform has been committed to providing every platform user with a more stable and convenient trading experience in line with the concept of“autonomous, safe, and compliant”. In the eyes of every user, it is better to go fast than to go steadily. Only under the premise of ensuring safety and reliability can long-term investment income be guaranteed.

Compared with other platforms, requires less initial margin to open contracts with the same number of contracts, and the probability of liquidation is greatly reduced compared with other platforms under the same market conditions. In addition, has a large market depth and small slippage, and the transaction price is settled according to the marked price, which reduces the user's transaction cost and further increases the user's transaction income.

The reason is that adopts advanced distributed cluster architecture and micro-service development method, which integrates bidding matching system, security and risk control system, C2C cash flow system, multi-chain wallet system, marketing system and blockchain Games, work orders and customer service systems, etc. enables ecological participants to freely and equally enjoy digital asset trading experience and services. will also provide a more open and sustainable ecosystem for more applicators and developers. For example, the platform will launch OTC over-the-counter trading system, futures contract system, decentralized trading system, etc.

The era of encrypted assets has arrived. is breaking the shackles of space, deeply empowering, and creating a new generation of decentralized financial infrastructure. Encrypted asset trading ecological builder – will surely lead the encrypted asset trading market to maturity.

Creating Infinite Possibilities For Trading SELFBY.Com Leads A New Era Of Crypto Economy Image

Deep cultivation of technology to build a“safety barrier”

Encrypted transactions in the“safety era” of the blockchain lie in the innovation of the financial system of the secure transaction system. Judging from the current market trend, the platform is in a period of rapid development. In the future, it will grow stronger with the inflow of users and funds, and gradually form a stable development track. The core advantages of the platform are as follows.

First of all, exchange adopts advanced distributed cluster architecture and micro-service development method, which has strong scalability and can support smooth and stable transactions of up to 100 million online users at the same time. The matching transaction engine independently developed by Exchange adopts a distributed architecture, so that each transaction pair can be deployed on a different server for matching, so it can achieve the ability of linear expansion, and can handle up to 5 million transactions per second concurrent transactions.

Secondly, SELFBY reflects the determination of Exchange to pursue the ultimate service experience. As a exchange carrying digital assets, security, efficiency, and stability are the most basic requirements for a qualified exchange, but service quality is an endless pursuit of differentiation, which reflects the exchange The highest strategy of“user-oriented, service-oriented”.

At the same time, the function variable name suffix of Exchange adopts the most widely used international function variable name format, which reflects the global vision and international positioning of Exchange. Exchange adopts a two-line strategy for global layout. On the one hand, Exchange conducts collaborative offices in many places around the world to expand the international market, and at the same time opens self-operated sites with different positioning for different markets; On the one hand, the exchange supports the construction of cloud exchanges around the world through the SELFBY Cloud cloud exchange strategy, especially exchanges that have obtained or are applying for legal licenses, so as to realize the layout of the global compliance exchange market.

Finally, is the first to create a three-engine-driven digital asset trading system, which realizes the complementary advantages of centralized, multi-centered, and centralized trading systems, and provides users with a perfect trading experience. Through its own development strategy and SELFBY Cloud cloud exchange strategy, the exchange has launched a two-line compliance exchange market layout on a global scale, creating a new generation of digital asset trading business territory.

In addition, Exchange cooperates with third parties to provide security protection such as DDoS defense, anti-traffic cleaning, anti-CC, and intrusion prevention. At the operational level, Exchange has a number of financial product experts and technical security experts, and is equipped with an international-level risk control team to provide due diligence, project rating, smart contract audit, risk assessment and other services for digital assets. Dimensional security and risk control guarantee.

After a brief rise in the market, the next round of bull market has just begun. If the encrypted platform is destined to lead the sluggish digital asset market out of the trough, then what is worth looking forward to is that we will see in the leading team of encrypted platforms.

The times make heroes, which cannot be separated from the strength of the heroes themselves. The vigorous vitality displayed by at this time is inseparable from its professional and adhering to the original heart. will provide users all over the world with a safe, inclusive, innovative and convenient smart contract trading platform, opening up a new situation for blockchain digital currency transactions. is gradually transitioning to a global community based on the interests of users, and is willing to provide a high-quality digital asset platform for global users.

As the value of grows, more and more investors will participate. In the future, will quickly gain a leading advantage. With the help of entry bonuses from traditional institutions, it will rapidly expand its market share and establish a solid brand influence and brand value on a global scale.



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