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Wednesday, 07 December 2022 02:22 GMT

WholesaleBackup Reveals 5 Reasons why IT Pros should be selling an Offsite Backup Solution

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WholesaleBackup has released several reasons it believes make selling an offsite backup solution a priority for IT professionals. According to the company, it doesn't matter whether the IT professional is an MSP with 20 staff or a one-man break-fix shop. Selling managed offsite backup services is a huge priority in these days of constant ransomware attacks, viruses, and natural disasters. 

The following are the reasons why WholesaleBackup believe IT pros should at least have a branded offsite backup solution to offer their clients:

1. It's never been easier. IT pros can easily spin up a white-labeled backup agent pointing to Wasabi, GCP, or AWS S3 in 5 minutes, and never have to worry about managing a data center or their back-end hardware. 

They can also deploy their own branded offsite backup software to customer endpoints and the files will be pre-programmed to compress, de-dupe, encrypt and transmit the data directly to their chosen cloud storage. In addition, they can manage and monitor all their accounts from a central web console where they can set alerts, modify selections, read logs, and troubleshoot any issues.

WholesaleBackup describes it as simple to support point-to-point, under the IT pros' complete control, enabling them to deploy free trials to all their customers with no obligation. After which they can then sign them up when they see the backups and restores in action, as well as their nightly monitoring and support.

2. It's a great source of incremental revenue. Not only does offering an offsite backup solution help customers protect their business from danger, but it's also an effective way for IT pros to add another high-margin service offering to their stack or base of service. 

Rather than refer clients to a third party, or resell some commodity product for peanuts, IT pros can instead, build out their own managed backup service and take all the profit. It also allows them to maximize the value proposition by solving a significant problem for their customers and reap the rewards with a recurring revenue stream.

WholesaleBackup reiterates that it doesn't matter what size shop is run by the IT pro, by offering an offsite backup solution, they can get all their customers to offer a fair price for the value of a managed service that makes sure they never lose vital business data. It's a win-win.

3. Customers are their own worst enemy. Whether it's the“office manager” backing up to a USB drive, shoddy cybersecurity, or small businesses who inexplicably operate with no offsite backup service in place, end-users cannot be trusted to protect themselves. 

Any manual point of failure will eventually come back to bite these folks… hard. WholesaleBackup insists that it is the job of IT pros to ensure such doesn't happen, especially if they have already been trusted to manage other aspects of their IT needs, from RMM to Networking, AV to Repair.

With minimal effort IT pros can show them how having IT experts managing their backups will greatly reduce or remove the risk of losing their critical files due to a machine crashing, accidental deletion, theft/fire, or getting hit with ransomware.

Implementing an automated offsite backup software , with a local redundant copy, will let customers focus on running their business.

4. White Label Services raise profiles. While anyone can resell an existing product or service from another vendor, the best way to increase the number of one's clients, as well as keep the ones already gotten, is to keep solving problems for them. 

Backing up vital data with a managed offsite backup service is a straightforward pitch, with a specific solution. IT pros can brand this with their own company's logo, and support it with their staff, regardless of whether they licensed the backup platform from a vendor, or leveraged affordable cloud storage from Wasabi, AWS S3, or GCP. 

WholesaleBackup insists that this has huge inherent value with regards to retaining customers, generating referrals, and the ability to sell even more managed services to their client base.

5. Others are already doing it. Every day businesses suffer data loss around the world, simply by innocent cases such as an employee accidentally opening up the wrong email, not realizing they just released a crypto-locker on the business network which is now holding all business data hostage for a hefty bitcoin ransom. The fastest way to recover from this is restoring from offsite backups. Already, many IT service providers are partnering with businesses as offsite backup resellers , and so it only makes sense for them to add the same to their service offerings. 

WholesaleBackup maintains that these are just a few of the main reasons why every IT Professional should have white-labeled offsite backup software to offer all their customers. The company adds that they are easy to spin up with individual brands, offer lucrative recurring revenue with strong profit margins, and save customers from themselves.

Interested IT pros can reach out to WholesaleBackup to start a no-obligation, all-inclusive free trial now.

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