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Afghanistan- Absolutely want to avoid civilian casualties at all costs: Gen. Miller

(MENAFN - Afghanistan Times) AT News Report

KABUL: Afghan and Coalition leadership attended a security
meeting in Herat province, in which General. Scoot Miller, Resolute Support
Commander said that they absolutely want to avoid civilian casualties at all

Major General Fazil Mohammad Jumbesh, 207th Corps Commander,
Major General Aminullah Amarkhel, Provincial Chief of Police, Dr. Yasin Zia,
Deputy Minister of Defense, Brigadier General Khoshal Sadat, Ministry of
Interior Deputy Minister for Security, Abdul Matin Bek, Chairman of the
Independent Directorate of Local Governance, and General Scott Miller, Resolute
Support Commander met with Provincial Governor Abdul Rahimi.

In the security meeting, General Miller said: 'we absolutely
want to avoid civilian casualties at all costs. We demand precision in our
operations and hold people accountable when that precision is not maintained. I
do believe the will of the Afghan people is to reduce violence and it is the
best way to reduce civilian casualties.'

He furthered; 'Afghans should be proud of their security
forces. You need to know that your police and soldiers are out there protecting
the Afghan people and sometimes at great costs to themselves.'

General Miller also congratulated the great success of the
Herat security forces and reaffirmed support to the Afghan people.

'The PCoP and his police are doing great work. The teamwork
during this operation is what defeated the enemy. Thank you to all the units
and the Corps Commander who coordinated this operation.' Rahimi discussed
several development projects that are upcoming and under way that will improve
the quality of life for Afghan people.

'Direct association between the Taliban and drug dealers,
trafficking, taxing, extorting, selling- they use drugs to fund their
operations,' Rahimi said.

MG Fazil Mohammad Jumbesh said the strength of our forces is
the coordination across the provincial government, the 'MoI and our forces.'

'We are consolidating our checkpoints into strong bases from
where we can attack the enemy.' Brigadier General Khoshal Sadat: 'the good
leadership, coordination and strong soldiers are why your operations are

'The enemy is scared, they have lost their morals, they use
lies and propaganda to deceive the people but your success exposes their lies,'
he added.

Dr. Yasin Zia said, 'I want to begin by praising the great
Afghan National Army Territorial Forces here in Herat. They are strong and an
important part of the security here.'

Rahimi continued, 'it's not about one single person, there
is no individual, but the team is what makes us strong. The success is to the
Herati people.'


Afghanistan- Absolutely want to avoid civilian casualties at all costs: Gen. Miller


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