Will Somaliland help push Somalia to sue UAE?

(MENAFN- Somali Land Sun) Somalilandsun - Will Somaliland make a very smart move and stride towards UEA's partial or full recognition? If I were a policy maker in Somaliland, I would by any means necessary push Somalia to file a lawsuit that angers UAE and eventually creates a rich and influential enemy for my foe. We will see how Somaliland's foreign policy attacks the problem in spite of the fact that our foreign policy lacks high level of smartness and sophistication. Frankly speaking, I personally call Somaliland's foreign policy a 'Shy policy' that gets satisfied when others compliment the peace and stability in Somaliland.

What I am suggesting here is to secretly and indirectly urge and finance the two clowns and their followers in Mogadishu to file a lawsuit against UAE for daring to invest in Berbera port and signing an ambitious military base with Somaliland . If Farmajo decides to listen to his parliament and the naïve Somalian outcry to sue UEA, Mogadishu clowns will, for sure, lose the battle and create new enemies for themselves. I strongly believe that UAE had already consulted law firms for the legality of such a deal or even secured approval from previous Somali leaders like Hassan Shiekh Mohamud. It is worth mentioning that UAE had paid twenty million dollars for Somalia to file a lawsuit against Kenya over the sea dispute. Countries do not give away millions for no reason.

I once heard there was a boy who was a troublemaker. One day, the boy messed up with an old man. While the old man was praying and prostrating for his Allah, the boy pushed his finger into the old man's butt. The man did not slap or insult the little boy but gave him a candy and told him to do the same to an unkind man praying next to him. The kid liked to get another candy and did it again to the other man. The unkind man jumped of his prostration and fiercely kicked the boy in the belly. The witty man punished the kid without pointing a finger at him. Similarly, Somaliland needs to push Somalia sue UAE in the hope that UEA will eventually punish Somalia by strengthening ties with Somaliland politically and economically.

Will Somaliland help push Somalia to sue UAE?

At times, opportunities emerge behind an ugly curtain . It takes a smart move to unveil it. Abdilahi Hinig who was a poet and renowned man in Togdheer had once succeeded to see such an ugly-faced opportunity and grabbed it. His friends asked him about how quickly he got promoted by the Somaliland Camel Corps . He responded to them and said, 'I got promoted because of being a coward' He explained it and said, 'I was in the army stationed near Berbera to defend the town from the Italians. When we heard the enemy is getting closer, the duty officer deserted us. I tried to desert myself and run for my life. In my way out, the commanding officer who has been patrolling the army met me and asked what I was doing here. I quickly changed my cowardice into an opportunity and said to the commanding officer that the duty officer deserted us. Since there is no duty officer, I decided to take the lead and started patrolling to check if there is enemy proceeding towards us. The commander got so happy and immediately demoted the duty officer and promoted me to a higher rank'

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