Editorial: Daesh defeated, but not in Afghanistan

(MENAFN- Afghanistan Times) After the demise of Islamic State (IS) in Syria and Iraq—a terrorist group that in Afghanistan is more famous as Daesh militants, there is question on everyone's mind that when this terrorist is completely demolishing from the surface of this planet. Terrorists and their activity of terrorism must be eliminated in everywhere. It is truly moment of celebration to see no more Daesh kill innocent people in Iraq and Syria. It already generated hopes among the nations of the two countries for a peaceful and stable future far-off from violence. Undoubtedly, the defeat of terrorist IS group marks the beginning of peace with simply the ending of one stage of the greater Middle Eastern war. Daesh terrorist was formed and funded in order to have supremacy in the Middle East, which is dashed to the ground—great news for the world. It is also a fact that in this struggle, Daesh was never a key player; it was at best a distraction, a convenient opportunity for various players keen on securing and advancing their strategic interests. Ground situation had given us such evidence at several occasions. Big wings had several oral clashes with each other over Iraq, and especially to Syria as one accused of supporting the government another opposition party (Daesh). Several news were doing round in media outlets in this particular issue, but eventfully Daesh insurgents removed—an unprecedented progress in making this world more peaceful. There is no denying that Afghanistan despite other terrorist groups like Taliban and Haqqani terrorist network, it has been now for more than two years that Daesh emerged in a very brutal manner. In their efforts to destabilize and fuel discrimination tensions among Afghan ethic group, fighters loyal to the Daesh insurgents carried out several deadly attacks, targeting particular ethnic group, even killed worshipper in holy places like mosques in Kabul and provinces. But we are mature enough to deal with such conspiracies as our unity has never been shaken due to such attacks, knowing the fact that by united we stand, and will fall if lose it. However, terrorists are terrorists. All of them (militants) are dancing at tones of their masters, sitting outside the country. At real scenes Taliban, Daesh and other 20 terrorist outfits are slaves, having no agenda of their own and have taken up arms to preserve others interests. They (militants) are not fighting for religious purpose, because religion always emphasizes on peace and reconciliation. Daesh in eastern part of Afghanistan torched houses of civilians, killed women, children and elder. All the terrorists including Taliban and Daesh conducted several suicide attacks which are totally against Islamic teachings and inhuman acts. They (militants) claimed to be adherent of Islam, but preventing girls from going to schools and women from workplaces, even put in ablaze schools, clinics, thus, it is the indication that militants are just an evil groups and don't represent Islam. The militant outfits are vicious groups and their objective is to spread fear and nothing else. But we are happy that Daesh defeated, but not in Afghanistan. Moreover, it is also annoying news that our Afghans were participated in this fight. One thing is for must that it is absolutely not good to see Afghans fighting in Syria. According to reports, second deputy CEO, Mohammad Mohaqiq praised at a meeting in Tehran Gen. Qasem Sulaimani—commander of Qods force of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps—and Afghans fighting in that country. Sulaimani is one of the founders of Fatimiyun Brigade, a militia body with mostly Afghan warriors fighting Daesh terrorist group Syria. But, CEO, Abdullah Abdullah boldly said that national unity government's policy on Afghans fighting in foreign countries is clear, 'we don't support Afghans fighting in any corner of the world.' Moreover, a number of Wolesi Jirga members while condemning the recent remarks by Mohaqiq about Afghans partaking in Syria war, they said this act was against Afghanistan's national interests. This is very true that the Afghans already suffered a lot during four decades of war. There has been 17 years now since the US conducted the war on terror, yet civilians still are bearing the brunt of the bloodshed. The war-embattled nation each day amid the insurgency is losing their dearest and nearest one. Beside military, civilians are the worst victim of this war. We don't want our Afghans to fight in other countries, rather we desperately waiting to see Daesh terrorist to be eliminated in Afghanistan as well. There is no room and space to live with Daesh, Taliban and other terrorist outfits, thus comprehensive strategy is need of the hour to purge militants amid at clearing Afghanistan from presence of evil force once for all.


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